PinnaKle Review – The Hottest Marketing Tool of 2021

PinnaKle Review

Brand New FREE Traffic Source (Never Monetized Before)

Through the end of 2022, one shadowy tech company is secretly spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a weird “Traffic Experiment”.

​And if their theory is right, they’ll make tens of billions of dollars… Which is why they don’t mind “giving away the farm” for the next 16 months to prove their concept.

BILLIONS of views, clicks and visitors will be handed out as part of this experiment. Completely and utterly Free.

​And their groundbreaking app lets you siphon this traffic and re-direct it to ANY link, website or offer.

  • Without needing your own website, products, email list or social media following
  • And Without creating a single piece of your own content
  • Without having to learn confusing new platforms or technology

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my PinnaKle Review for more details.

PinnaKle Review


Overview – PinnaKle Review

  • Product: PinnaKle
  • Vendor: Mosh Bari
  • Launch Date: 2021-Sep-03
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $19
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is PinnaKle?

PinnaKle Is The World's First and Only Application for Siphoning Fresh Buyer Traffic From The 2021 “Big Tech Experimen”.

  • Skim Traffic Off Other People’s Videos
  • Brand New FREE Traffic Source (Never Monetized Before)
  • Zero Competition or Saturation
  • Millions of Daily Visitors Up For Grabs
  • Stunningly Simple to Get Started
  • Insane Organic Reach and Engagement (No Paid Traffic)
  • Build a Consistent Biz – Even If You’re Brand New to Marketing
  • No Email List, Website or Social Media Following Needed

Most “Traffic Apps” are really just hyped-up posting tools that spam your social media accounts. The only “traffic” you get is from your friends and followers. And roughly 95% of them never even see your posts because organic reach is dead.

PinnaKle targets a specific type of traffic source that’s currently in its “Experimental Phase”.

This means that their algorithm is designed to give out massive amounts of free traffic to encourage user growth and content posting.

They provide you with ready-to-post content that’s tailor-made for this traffic source so you can quickly get results and start driving traffic.

Read more in my PinnaKle Reviews.

What are the great features of PinnaKle?

  • So instead of buying yet another garbage “DFY” traffic app that spams your friends and family on social media.
  • They’ve spent months developing PinnaKle into what they believe is the most impressive marketing tool of 2021.
  • Where Big Tech hands out no-strings-attached traffic to ANYONE who gives them the secret sauce.
  • ​You’re now taking advantage of a unique “moment in time”.
  • This is your chance to cut to the front of the line with the Early Adopters who can already see the next big thing.
  • If you’re tired of showing up late to every new traffic breakthrough.
What you will get?
  • Get New Videos Uploaded Fast – (without ever getting in front of the camera (Worth $47/Month Or $764/Year)
  • Quick Start Set-Up Wizard – Get up to speed and have your account ready-to-go in minutes. (Worth $997)
  • 24*7 Priority Support – Real people with real answers to any issues you run into. They’re not happy until you’re drowning in Free traffic! (Worth $597/Month)
  • ​Facebook Mastermind Access – Join their secret group of high-level marketers and learn new cutting-edge strategies for making even more from the 2021 “Big Tech Traffic Experiment”. (Worth $997)
How does it work?

Step#1: Find

Grab a hot piece of already-created content from right within their app. New viral-ready video content uploaded daily for you to use.

Step#2: Enhance

Attach The Special Link. Use Your own or Grab one inside the App

Step#3: Scatter

Repost this “recycled” Content and let the “Experimental Traffic” algorithm funnel Free Traffic to your links.

Why should you buy it?

This is built for you if:

  • You value simplicity in work and in life
  • And You don’t have an email list or social media following
  • You’re of chasing yesterday’s hot topic
  • And You’d rather swim in an icy lake than get in front of the camera
  • You’re not tech-savvy (and don’t want to learn)
  • And You want to be really efficient with the time spent on your biz
  • You want to quick boost to get momentum in your biz

In other words, even if you’re just coming out from 30 years of hibernation and seeing a computer for the first time, you could follow the simple instructions and start bringing in traffic as soon as tomorrow.

Now TikTok has almost a billion users and it’s maturing into a pay-to-play platform where big brands rule with their big budgets.

So if you’re thinking about TikTok today, you’re already too late.

So here is what you can REALISTICALLY expect when you start using PinnaKle:

  • NOT “Push-Button Done-For-You”. You WILL have to do a little bit of work a few days a week if you want this to work (gasp!).
  • And NOT Unlimited Lifetime Traffic. But a heck of a lot of free traffic for the next 16 months.
  • NOT Overnight Millions. But you can build a solid online income if you follow the plan.
  • NOT “17-Second” Traffic. It usually takes 24-48 hours for the visitors to start rolling in.

To be honest, thank you for reading my PinnaKle Review! See you later.