Passive Consulting Profits Review – Honest Review

Passive Consulting Profits Review


Want a fast way to land $2,500+ consulting clients before the end of the month?

You see a small, ‘rag-tag group’ of internet marketers have spent the last 3 years milking government websites that list new businesses the day they start their corporation (sometimes before they have even opened).

Sure, all it takes is a few post cards sent to new business owners with the right sales message. Don’t be fooled by how simple this system looks.

Yet there are so many ways to get this wrong and ruin your chances of turning these business owners into paying clients.

There are hundreds of free lead sources that have the wrong information and are outdated.

There are mailing services that don’t actually deliver all the mail you order (in fact most bulk mail gets dumped).

The Passive Consulting Profits System is your short cut… Most direct mail is expensive, flashy, and completely botches the sale with the wrong message.

Why spend thousands of dollars in wasted ‘test mailers’, years of trial and error, and the embarrassment of rejection figuring this our on your own when all of the work is already done for you. It took Jessica 3 years to perfect this system.

Learn this system while you earn money putting it into action. Just follow along, use the proven sales templates included with this program and start seeing results immediately.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Passive Consulting Profits Review for more details.


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I. Passive Consulting Profits Review  – Overview

  • Product: Passive Consulting Profits
  • Vendor:  Luther Landro
  • Launch Date: 2017-Oct-17
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Passive Consulting Profits?

The Passive Consulting Profits system is the only done-for-you system using a cheap online direct mail service that lands $2,500 website deals with new businesses.

With this system you are getting everything you need to turn $80 in postcards into $2,500 consulting deals:

  • ALL of the new business ‘government’ lead sources…
  • ALL of the post card designs and sales copy in a done-for-you, copy-paste format…
  • The names of every outsourcer Jessica uses to service her clients.

Read more in my Passive Consulting Profits Review.

III. How does it work?

Step#1: ONLY target new businesses.

We use little-known government websites to find new businesses even before they open.

Step#2: Use postcards to do the selling for you

Use a point-and-click online service to send these businesses a carefully crafted post card selling them a discounted website.

Step#3: Outsource all the real work.

It costs on average $500 to hire a web designer to build a professional looking website when you use a pre-built WordPress theme.

We've been charging $2,500 for the websites, which is a sweet spot price that business owners are saying yes too with few objections, and still provides you with a healthy profit:

  • $2,500 payment from the client
  • $80 in advertising costs (200 post cards at $0.40 each)
  • $500 in outsourcing fees (paid after you collect your fee)

IV. Why should you buy it? – Passive Consulting Profits Review

The Passive Consulting profits system works for rookies and veterans alike…

If you are new to consulting local businesses…

I've included a 30-day challenge course designed to take you from raw rookie, to first paying client in under 30 days.

Just follow along for 20 minutes a day to the instructions you are given:

Days 1-10 will walk you through setting up your consulting business, as well as giving you the confidence building exercises to make you a productive machine.

Days 11-20 You'll start sending out your first post card campaigns by coping and pasting the done-for-you templates into the online mailer service. It's as easy as sending an email.

Days 21-30 You'll start getting calls and emails from the business owners. I'll walk you through the process of handling customer orders with tested sales scripts, copy-paste email replies, and fast payment set up with PayPal.

After just 20 minutes a day for 30 days, I promise you a new consulting client… guaranteed.

V. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Passive Consulting Profits Review! See you later.