Overnight Freedom Review – Affiliate Marketing Business From Paid Traffic

Overnight Freedom Review


Affiliate marketing is a growing industry. But to be successful, you must know inside tips and tricks which can fuel your success because affiliate marketing is also a crowded section. So most businesses are looking at different ways to reach a larger online audience with internet marketing aspiring to new levels of successfullness.

The Overnight Freedom course of Mark Ling is a brand new that offers people the opportunity to study affiliate marketing and then get into the business.

It dive deeper into affiliate marketing through paid traffic like Facebook Ads and Google Ads to help you run a highly-profitable business on affiliate marketing.

Overnight Freedom course is for anyone who wants to earn money by taking advantage of the growing affiliate marketing.

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I. Overview – Overnight Freedom Review

  • Product: Overnight Freedom
  • Vendor: Mark Ling
  • Launch Date: 2019-Sep-03
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $500-$2500
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Overnight Freedom?

Overnight Freedom is an amazing course that shows you the power of internet marketing and how you can make money easily through affiliate marketing.

  • Module#1 – It is an introduction to affiliate marketing. This module is very useful for beginners that teaches you the basics of the online marketing strategies along with how to start off with your own money funnel.
  • Module#2 – This module is focused on Facebook Ads that covers the basics of Facebook advertising. You will learn about Facebook Pixel, choosing the content for your ads, creating a campaign structure and how to make money through your ads.
  • Module#3 – Dive deeper into reporting and Facebook Analytics. You will learn about the importance of various parameters and how to manage these for profitability. Ensure that your ads are working as you are supposed to.
  • Module#4 – This module sets the pace for scaling that deals with identifying potential ads and how you can be scaled up to provide better results. This module covers the dos and don’ts of scaling to help you make the right decisions.
  • Module#5 – You will discover about the advanced level of affiliate marketing. It teaches you more about growing your audience, messenger automation and retargeting your audience.
  • Module#6 – This module shows you manual bidding and strategies used in manual bidding. All you need to know about manual bidding strategies and scaling tips.

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III. What are the great features of Overnight Freedom?

You will learn how to build and scale a 6 to 7 figure affiliate marketing business from Paid Traffic like Youtube Ads and Facebook Ads. The 4 main methods of monetization are:

  • Earning recurring commissions from monthly recurring products.
  • And Earning high percentage commissions on low ticket digital products
  • Earning high commissions from high ticket offers
  • And Earning high CPA commissions on digital and physical products

IV. Why should you buy it? – Overnight Freedom Review

This is game changing because of these SIX BIG TWISTS that make his product unique to anything ANYONE has done before:

  • Higher Commissions – They've negotiated deals with vendors to offer higher commissions than the standard rates, in some cases 90%+ commissions. PLUS they have some offers that you will be able to earn a cut on the ‘backend’ sequence that goes out to members also. And This is unseen anywhere else, in some of these offers that gives you the ability to earn 50% on a $500-$2500 product!
  • TWO powerful and scalable PAID traffic sources are taught to students in detail: Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.
  • The Ad Generator – This cutting edge software practically writes the students ads for you! And it’s based on analysis of hundreds of high performing ads on Facebook and YouTube, and makes it easy to get that high converting ad copy created quickly.
  • They have cutting-edge software that practically builds a high converting, Facebook & YouTube compliant site for you! And this is important because the days of scaling paid ads direct to an affiliate offer are over, yet this gives you the ability to create your own high converting affiliate site SUPER easy. And allows you the freedom to make changes easily.
  • Weekly Cash Prizes – Every week for the next YEAR, there will be cash prizes given away in order to encourage students to take action with the material in the program.
  • And you only need to make as little as 4 sales a week in order to make 100k a year PROFIT from this method.

V. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Overnight Freedom Review! See you later.