Offline Email Gold Mine Review – $300 to $500 Per Client Per Month!

Offline Email Gold Mine Review


I’m going to make this really easy for you.

How many clients would you need at $500 per client per month to quit your job and live the life of your dreams?

Even better…What if you only had to work a few hours per week to build and manage this business.

A real “4-Hour Work Week” type of business!

Sounds too good to be true…but it’s not!

I just got access to Lee Cole’s new training, Offline Email Gold Mine.

Talk about simple!

Offline Email is a very newbie friendly, 3-step system that anyone…and I do mean anyone…can follow to create a real, recurring income in a short amount of time.

Clients will be paying you for a simple email management service. Nothing hard. Nothing too techy.

Not only that, but the instructions are clear. Nothing is left out!

PS: There are two otos. Normally, I tell people they could skip the otos if they want to. And, frankly, you can…but with this product, you’d be crazy to!

OTO 1 is a completely done for you marketing package, including Lee’s awesome new software Email Genie…it virtually writes promotional emails for you.

OTO 2 is Lee’s “Affordable” webinar based coaching. You can read all about this on the check out page, but when Lee says “affordable”, he really means it!

Take it from me…get as much of this as you can afford as soon as you can. Start making real money by this weekend!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Offline Email Gold Mine Review for more details.


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I. Offline Email Gold Mine Review Overview

  • Product: Offline Email Gold Mine
  • Vendor: Lee Cole
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing
  • Launch Date: 2017-Aug-02
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Offline Email Gold Mine?

Offline Email Gold Mine: is brand new training that you will absolutely love…and buy! In Offline Email Gold Mine, he teaches you a simple, 3-step system for finding and landing high-value, high-ticket clients for an email management service. This is exactly the kind of training that sells like gang busters! Simple, Easy, Newbie Friendly…REAL

And Offline Email Gold Mine shows you exactly how to implement my proven, very simple, very powerful 3-step system that anyone can use to land recurring income local business clients using cold email. No cold calling! No direct mail! Nothing that requires any experience at all! Just plug-n-play! If you can follow a simple series of three step instructions, you can do this!

Read more in my Offline Email Gold Mine Review.

III. What are the great features of Offline Email Gold Mine?

Right now, today, without buying a thing from him, he is going to show you a simple system you can start using to find hungry clients for your offline business. Clients who will pay you $200, $300, $400, even $500 per month to manage their email marketing for them. When he say “manage”, he doesn't really mean doing much work, either! We’re talking about a simple sales process and an even simpler fulfillment process.

How does that sound? Easy to get clients, and a super easy to fulfill service! You work only a few hours per week while you let easy to use Internet technology build your clients’ businesses for them!

IV. How does it work?

His Simple, 3-Step Offline Email Gold Mine System!

Getting recurring income offline clients for his simple to fulfill service is actually quite easy to do…when you know how.

Here’s how in just three steps!

  • Step#1: Gather the right leads (emails) and send them a high converting cold email that offers them a proven and valuable giveaway using a high converting squeeze page
  • Step#2: For the businesses who optin to your list, use a 30-day, proven email sequence to sell them on his easy to fulfill email management service
  • Step#3: Manage the client’s email marketing for them using techniques that have been proven over and over again to get results

V. Why should you buy it? – Offline Email Gold Mine Review

Over 90% of businesses aren’t leveraging their email list as they should for maximum sales. Heck, easily half of them never, ever send out an email! Business owners know they need to do this, they just don’t know how! He sells them a very simple to execute email management service. And he works with the business owners to create promotional emails and then he uses their autoresponder to send them out of their list. He also helps businesses gather more emails through their websites and social media.

That’s exactly the issue his training is designed to address. In Offline Email Gold Mine, he teaches you everything you need to know in order to intelligently manage a business’s email list.

Honestly, this product sells itself! Business owners and managers know they have a big issue with their email marketing. They just don’t have the expertise nor do they have the time to do anything about it. That’s where you come in!

You’ll need some way to send out bulk emails. In the training, he goes over two of his favorite solutions. One is mid-priced. The other is dirt cheap! That’s all you need to get started.

Offline Email Gold Mine is for anyone who wants to learn a very simple, 3-step system for getting recurring income clients for an easy to fulfill email marketing service. Virtually every business owner you’ll contact knows they are failing at this big time! They’re looking for a solution, and that solution can be you! The sales process is very easy. You can start this part-time and move into more of a full-time business. (Part-time work, full-time income!) This is perfect for newbies and more experienced marketers alike!

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Offline Email Gold Mine Review! See you later.