Novelty Site Builder Review – Build Profitable Amazon Sites

Novelty Site Builder Review

Create And Run Money-Making Affiliate Sites With Unique Viral Products

If you want to find out how you can profit with your own Amazon affiliate sites promoting WEIRD products that nobody seems to buy,

Novelty Site Builder is a WordPress software that allows you to build money-making Amazon affiliate sites with unusual and sometimes funny or even ridiculous products.

This is a type of viral products that makes people stop scrolling their Facebook newsfeed when they see it.

And it either makes them laugh or they feel curious and they click on it or share with their friends.

It’s very easy to get these stores started because the products get viral traffic on their own and you don’t have to create any content.

  • Perfect For Beginners: No Amazon API
  • Create Multiple Profitable Affiliate Sites
  • Choose Any Niche You Like
  • No Boring Tasks & No Content Writing
  • See Results In As Little As 24 Hours
  • Self-Growing Site With FREE Daily Traffic

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Novelty Site Builder Review for more details.

Novelty Site Builder Review



  • Product: Novelty Site Builder
  • Vendor: Igor Burban
  • Launch Date: 2019-Dec-09
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $22-$27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Novelty Site Builder?

Novelty Site Builder is a WordPress plugin and a theme combo that lets you build Amazon stores with cool novelty stuff. There's also a browser extension that allows you to automatically import Amazon products without API.

  • create money-making Amazon affiliate sites
  • no API is needed (products are imported via included Chrome extension)
  • viral traffic from social media sites
  • never write any content
  • use in any niche
  • build unlimited sites

So, How Do You Profit If Nobody Is Buying The Products You Promote?

Thanks to Amazon's generous 24 affiliate cooking window, you get paid commission on all purchases people make after they click your link. Not just the products that you promote.

That means you can use the funny/unusual products to achieve viral traffic to your site and profit from everything they buy after clicking your link.

Everything including product name, description, images, etc. is auto-added to your site so you don't have to manually copy and paste any text or download & upload images.

Inside you'll find: WordPress theme, WP plugin and a Chrome browser extension that allows you to import any Amazon product with a single click of a button.

Also, in the members area you'll find a ton of videos showing you how to build sites using unusual viral products.

Read more in my Novelty Site Builder Reviews.

What are the great features of Novelty Site Builder?

Profitable Viral Sites

Enjoy free daily traffic from social media sites because people share these weird & unusual products like wildfire.

Packed With Money-Making Features

Novelty Site Builder comes with everything you may need for building profitable affiliate sites

No Amazon API Needed

Great news for beginners! They include a Chrome extension that handles product import and no API is needed.

WordPress Plugin + Theme

Build flexible sites on the most popular content management software. Add new features with thousands of plugins.

Build a Community & Email List

Your sites allow users to register their accounts. You can use this feature to build a list and have on-demand traffic.

No Content Required

Writing content sucks! Luckily, you don't have to write anything because the sites don't rely on Google for traffic.

Earn Amazon Commission

Drive profits from the world's largest online retailer. Earn up to 12% on your referred sales within 24 hour window.

All 16 Amazon Countries

Novelty Site Builder supports importing products from all 16 Amazon countries. Profit from world-wide traffic.

Easy-to-Follow Tutorials

Inside the members area you'll find videos that cover everything from the setup to finding products.

Import Products In 1 Click

All product's data including title, description and images is automatically imported via their built-in browser extension.

Save Products To Favorite

Novelty sites let people build a list of favorite products that they can come back to and share with others.

Free Viral Traffic

People can't resist sharing cool things they find online. This is why Novelty sites are so successful.

Fast & Reliable Support

Need help with something? Just send a quick message and we'll do their best to solve your issue within 24 hours.

Demo Video

Demo Video


How does it work?

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps. It's Your Fast Lane To Money-Making VIRAL Sites

STEP#1 – Choose What Your Novelty Site Is About

Simply select what kind of novelty products you want from hundreds of suitable niches or just mix and match items without any particular category. It's all up to you.

A detailed behind-the-shoulder tutorial is included.

STEP#2 – Auto-Import Amazon Products

Using their custom-made Chrome extension, automatically import as many products as you wish.

You can get the ball rolling with as little as 6 products. You can always add more later.

STEP#3 – Monetize With Amazon Affiliate Program

Add your Amazon Associate Tag (affilaite ID) and the plugin will automatically turn all product links into your affiliate links.

Earn up to 10% commission on all purchases your visitors make within 24 hours.

Funnel Detail

FE – Novelty Site Builder

WordPress plugin + theme combo that allows you to build profitable Amazon affiliate sites with unique viral products. No API needed. Chrome browser extension for importing Amazon products is included.

OTO1 – Novelty Site Builder Plus+

Plus+ version comes with Browser Push Notificatoin integration, logo maker and Developers rights.

OTO2 – DFY Service

They'll setup entire affiliate website for you.

OTO3 Novelty Site Builder Reseller

Reseller license allows you to sell Novelty Site Builder plugin + theme to your customers (starting on December 31st) and keep 100% of the profits.

Why should you buy Novelty Site Builder? – Novelty Site Builder Review

There are thousands of items on Amazon that are new, original, or have something unusual about them.

When people see a novelty product like that, it makes them laugh or they feel curious and they click on it.

And because you don’t see such things every day, people love to share them with their friends and family. Which means a word about these products spreads like a wildfire.

Here's how you can build a profitable affiliate site with this type of products:

Novelty Site Builder is a WordPress software that allows you to quickly build Amazon affiliate sites promoting fun/weird/quirky products.

There's even a Chrome browser extension included that lets you automatically add products to your site so you don't have to manually copy anything or upload images.

It’s very easy to get these stores started because the products get viral traffic on their own and you don’t have to create any content.


To be honest, thank you for reading my Novelty Site Builder Review! See you later.