Notifio Review – 8X Higher Open Rates Than Email?

Notifio Review

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Bussineses are able reach their entire audience, with the power of push notifications.

Emails typically get a 10% open rate, while push notifications get a 80% open rate on average.

This creates a BIG opportunity for local marketers, where you can help businesses grow with push notifications.

It's a unique service proven to expand revenue that'll separate you from the other marketers hounding them down with calls.

Say goodbye to reaching only 10-20% of your audience with email. Just imagine how much more clicks you could be sending to offers. You're about to put your business on steroids.

Notifio is the best web push notifications tool made for local consultants. You can use it to subscribers-getting widgets and then send web push notifications, all from within a single app and with ease.

This also allows them to offer it as a service and lock in recurring clients by sending web push notifications on clients’ behalf.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Notifio Review for more details.

Notifio Review


Overview – Notifio Review

  • Product: Notifio
  • Vendor: Taqi Askari
  • Launch Date: 2021-Jun-01
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Notifio? – Notifio Review

Notifio is an app that lets you use push notifications for yourself and your clients, to obtain new customers and expand revenue with ease.

It's like email on steroids.

Did you know that it takes over 6 hours for an email to be read and only 2 hours for push notifications to be read?

And that web push notifications have an opening rate of 90%, that is 50% higher than that of email marketing!

The same is the case with click rates that are 7 times higher than email marketing.

Considering the benefits push notifications have over other communication channels, a solution like Notifio would be readily taken up by local businesses.

While many marketers are focused on email, push notifications are completely overlooked and you could start cashing in by helping business owners grow your customer base with them.

Most importantly, unlike other platforms out there, Notifio costs just a one-time low price so this is going to sell like hot cakes.

And to sweeten the pot and to help you get started immediately, you also get DFY pre-vetted business leads that aren't using push notifications so it is a complete package on the front end.

You can easily charge $250 monthly for such a service.

Read more in my Notifio Reviews.

What are the great features of Notifio? – Notifio Review

  • Enjoy open rates so high you'll think you're dreaming (this beats email by light years)
  • Offer a truly unique, effective service to businesses with ZERO competition
  • A truly all in one app, there's no need to buy other expensive services
  • Create a recurring income stream by charging a monthly fee to local businesses
  • Commercial rights included for free
  • Notifio can be installed on any website out there, it's copy and paste simple
  • Maximize the profits from your audience to the fullest extent
  • Web based software, works with PC & Mac
What you will get? – Notifio Review

Here's What's Included In Your Notifio Account

Notifio Web App

The beauty of Notifio is that it works on ANY device of your choice.

So whether you're using a Windows laptop, a Mac, an Android, or an iPhone, it doesn't matter.

As long as your device has an internet browser, you'll be able to use Notifio with no problems.

Notifio Training Videos

In addition to the quickstart guide, you're getting even more value.

You'll also receive a variety of in-depth videos that cover all the topics you need to know to be successful with Notifio.

Nothing is left out and they cover EVERYTHING.

Notifio Quickstart Guide

He wants to make things as easy as possible for you when you pick up Notifio.

In this straight to the point guide, you'll quickly discover all the ins and outs of Notifio.

This will ensure that you'll know how to make the most out of purchase, in the shortest amount of time possible.

DFY Consultant Website

Another thing you'll need to sell Notifio is a professional website.

This is cruical, and you must make it look like you're an established marketer.

Which is why his team has put together a state of the art, DFY consultant website for you at no addtional charge.

1,000 FREE Red Hot Leads

If you want to start selling Notifio as a service to business owners, you'll likely face one problem.

Who do you sell it to?

That's why he has included 1,000 free, red hot qualified leads for you to start offering Notifio to for a recurring charge.

How does it work?

Step#1 – Create A New Campaign

They recommend offering your audience an attractive incentive to subscribe such as a freebie or discount.

Step#2 – Copy & Paste To Install Notifio

Copy the snippet of code they give you and paste it into the header section of your website.

*Note: Notifio is compatible with ANY website.

Step#3 – Send A Notification

Reach out to your push notification subscribers with a message. You can use any link along with text. And watch as the clicks roll in like a tsunami.

Step#4 – Charge Business Owners To Use Push Notifications

Their students have been getting away with charging local clients $250 monthly to have your push notifications managed. Notifio makes everything a breeze.

Demo Video – Notifio Review

Funnel Detail – Notifio Review

FE: Notifio + Commercial Rights – $37

Notifio is an app that allows anyone to collect leads and send notification and messages to these leads via web push notifications

The best push notification tool made for local consultants that allows them to offer a unique service to local businesses to help them get responsive leads as well as generate more sales and revenue from these leads pretty much on-demand. Easily create lead generating widgets to collect highly interested leads then send notifications on behalf of your clients anytime you want to generate some easy sales. Not only that, to help you get started right away, you also get access to 1000 pre-qualified business leads that aren’t using web push notifications so this is a complete package on the front end.

  • Easy notification sender
  • Fully customizable widget creator
  • Foreign language support
  • Major browsers support
  • Depending on the version, personal and commercial license included

OTO#1: Notifio Pro – $27

The Pro version of Notifio unlocks advanced features like scheduling of push notifications so users could schedule the notifications in advance, reminder feature that sends a daily reminder notification without any manual intervention, tab alert feature that brings the visitors back, as well as access to detailed reporting center and the ability to export subscribers or send the export directly to clients via email.

  • Ability to set daily reminder push notifications
  • Schedule web push notifications in advance with built-in scheduler
  • Detailed reporting centre
  • Tab alert feature to bring back the distracted visitors
  • Export all the subscribers and the associated data

OTO#2: Notifio Deluxe – $37

The most logical upgrade for the buyers of Notifio. This upgrade gives them access to a push leads finder that will find them hundreds of leads and businesses that aren’t using push notifications on their websites. Not only that, users can also use the built-in dynamic and automatic client-closing 1-click landing page complete with a DFY prospecting video, to build a persuasive landing page that closes clients fast.

  • Get access to hundreds of business websites that are not using web push notifications
  • Find hundreds of leads with a dedicated lead finder
  • DFY prospecting video also included to speed up client closing
  • Built-in client-closing 1-click landing page included
  • Reach out and close clients from within the app

OTO#3 : Notifio Diamond Version – $37

This is the most powerful upgrade for Notifio that would allow you to create sub-admin access for your clients, create self-expiring trial links and remote widget disabling features. Diamond edition also includes a DFY agency pack that gives everything to help you quickly be up and running with their agency. This pack includes ready-made logos, business cards, flyers, social media posts and a lot of other DFY goodies. All these are made just to sell Notifio as a service so users can just print them out and get to work right away without any waiting.

  • 1-click remote disabling of subscribers collecting widgets
  • Create self-expiring trial links for your clients
  • Comprehensive agency quick start DFY package also included
  • Sub-admin access for the clients so they could send notifications and view reports themselves
  • Consultant site
  • Agency pack 100% ready to go and made just for the app
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • and a lot more
Why should you buy it – Notifio Review

Notifio is the world’s first app that lets you EASILY enjoy open rates north of 80%. Unfortunately, most emails will never reach your audience. Spam filters are getting more sophisticated, with millions poured into development. That’s exactly where Notifio comes in. It’s a solution of reaching your audience that’s light years ahead of email marketing.

Notifio Is Jam Packed Full Of Powerful Features That'll Let You Scale Your Business To Unimaginable Heights.

Notifio's widget builder gives you full control and customability. Change images, buttons, and more to make the widget blend in with the website.

Put together a push notification optin for your website in less than 60 seconds with the built in widget builder. After that, you'll be able to start collecting subscribers.

Notifio is compitable with all major browsers, so you won't be missing out on any subscribers.

Send push notifications to your subscribers with ease using the message sender inside the Notifio dashboard.

For a limited time only, they are offering a commercial license to Notifio users for free. You'll be able to sell Notifio to local clients and potentially create a serious income for yourself.

There's nothing to install, and you can manage Notifio from any device you want as it's a web based app.

Notifio is compatible with all international languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, and more.

When you act today, you'll receive 1,000 unique, pre-vetted business leads that aren't using push notifications. This is one of the easiest services to sell, as most local marketers are focused on just ranking and ads.

During the launch period only, you can lock in Notifio at a low one time price. Other push notification apps can charge over $300 monthly.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Notifio Review! See you later.