Nicheology Membership Review – Where PLR Officially Got Started!

Nicheology Membership Review


Let’s hop in the time machine and go back to 2003. Private label rights content did not exist in the Internet marketing scene as we know.

A brilliant man by the name of Jimmy D. Brown had a light bulb idea to create content that people could take and use as their own. The idea? Products in the rough and a year later he coined the term Private Label Rights.

In 2004 he and Ryan Deiss opened Nicheology which became the first website to sell PLR. Nicheology is the reason you see private label rights today.

Fast forward to today and Paul Evans and Paul Counts are continuing the legacy of Nicheology and are relaunching it to the public with a super special deal!

As we see now 13 years later PLR is killing it. It’s still the #1 shortcut when it comes to content you can use as your own.

In fact, Nicheology just celebrated their 13 year anniversary and they’ve put together an amazing offer for brand new members!

Inside Nicheology you get a LOT more than just access to some killer content with PLR in hot niches including Internet marketing. You will get access to training, lessons, coaching, live Q&A, and more from two marketing experts with 40 years of business experience!

You won’t find a more thorough membership backed by quality experts in the business!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Nicheology Membership Review for more details.


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I. Nicheology Membership Review  – Overview

  • Product: Nicheology Membership
  • Vendor: Paul Counts
  • Launch Date: 2017-Aug-10
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27/Month
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Nicheology Membership?

About Author:

These two guys Paul Evans and Paul Counts have a combined 40 years of business experience, and they are doing something amazing! They are letting you gain access to them, their top online business training, their top products with licensing rights, a monthly live Q&A session, and a HUGE library of other assets for just starting at $1!

Paul Evans has been online since the early 90’s and released his first digital product in 1997 – which still sells great today!

He has helped more than 10,000 speakers, bloggers, coaches, consultants, and information marketers release their own products. And he has created hundreds of personal info products. He is a 23 year veteran of business!

Paul Counts has been earning money online for 17 years now. He knows how to sell online, and he has sold millions of dollars in info products, physical products, coaching, and services online! And he is also a movie producer and has created products for professional athletes, authors, and celebrities! He is also an internationally recognized speaker!

So what is Nicheology?

Essentially, Nicheology is an exclusive site that provides a brand new or established Internet entrepreneur with everything they need to start and grow their business(es) inside and out.

Thousands of members have been helped by Nicheology, and they have been online serving their members since 2004! The two guys who are behind it now have a combined 40 years of business experience, and millions of dollars worth of online sales under their respective belts!

Read more in my Nicheology Membership Review.

III. What are the great features of Nicheology Membership?

The solution is to actually give someone EVERYTHING they need:

1) A completed product 2

2) A professionally written sales letter

3) Live training

4) A library of the best online training in one space

5) Archives to years of past content!

Then you can start making money IMMEDIATELY, while at the same time continuing to learn so you can repeat it time and time again.

IV. Why should you buy it? – Nicheology Membership Review

Two successful entrepreneurs with a combined 40 years in business are offering an amazing deal on a PLR and online training membership site called Nicheology!

In fact Nicheology is where the private label rights industry as you know it really got started!

Here are 10 reasons you should really consider all the value they are offering for $1 right here:

Reason#1: The Original PLR Membership Site

In 2004 Nicheology opened it’s doors after it’s original founder Jimmy D. Brown coined the phrase PLR the year prior with his “Products In The Rough”! Nicheology has helped thousands of members start, grow, and build their online businesses!

Reason#2: One New Video Product With PLR Each Month

One of the hottest niches online is Internet business market, and you get a new video product in this niche every single month! Product is created by an expert!

Reason#3: Unique Product Profiles With Each Video PLR

Every month a unique product profile is released which coincides perfectly with each new monthly video PLR. These product profiles were a popular feature of the original Nicheology so they are bringing them back!

Reason#4: Massive Internet Marketing Training Library

Gain access to a tremendous IM training library covering everything you need to run a successful online business!

Reason#5: Access The COMPLETE Products In The Rough (P.I.T.R) Library

You are going to get access to the COMPLETE archive of Nicheology’s exclusive Products In The Rough! Each Product In The Rough cost $500 to create, and you will find EXTREMELY high quality content ready to help you profit in multiple niche markets online!

Reason#6: Find, Build, and Launch

Nicheology helps you find your niche, build your list, and launch your product! All the training, resources, and templates you need to make it are waiting you inside Nicheology!

Reason#7: In Depth Online Tutorials

At Nicheology they aim to provide tutorials for almost any Internet business related topic regarding starting and launching a digital marketing business!

Reason#8: Their 40 Years of Business Experience Await You

As mentioned previously Paul Evans and Paul Counts from Nicheology have a combined 40 years of online business experience under their belt! They have a tremendous track record of success in business!

Reason#9: Tech Academy Simplifies The Complex

With Nicheology’s Tech Academy we simplify the complex! With on demand tutorials for many online business topics like hosting, cpanel, tech tools, WordPress, Clickbank, and more!

Reason#10: People Love Nicheology

The testimonials over the years received by Nicheology speak for themselves!

“I am very happy with Nicheology, Paul. I made an extra $10K this summer with a couple of your products and will probably package a couple more this month that should do about the same.”

— Ron M. Hot Springs, AR

Now you have 10 good reasons to start Nicheology today, and it only will cost you $1 to get 30 days of access!

V. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Nicheology Membership Review! See you later.