My Super Affiliate Builder Review – Honest Review

My Super Affiliate Builder Review

The #1 Secret Mega Affiliates Use To Bank Huge Commissions

Imagine seeing behind the curtains of a super Affiliate who did over $100,000 with 1 simple affiliate page + one ad?

I'll even tell you how to do it. My Super Affiliate Builder is one of the only softwares out there that builds pages like this to specifically to turn YOU into a Super Affiliate.

(It’s mind-blowing how it works). You provide choices… those choices lead to solution your customer wants

This allows you to offer a personalized SALES experience. Quizzes provide a way for you to get that data in a way that people like. That is why a quiz drives engagement and conversions through the roof.

Whether you:

  • Sell e-com products?
  • Build campaigns for local clients?
  • Selling your own product?
  • Promote affiliate offers?

My Super Affiliate Builder crafts these Interactive quiz funnels in minutes and brings the engagement and fun of a quiz into a marketing machine…

Check out some of the insane niches these quizzes work in, if you aren't using this in your marketing then you are about to be a MAJOR disadvantage.

My Super Affiliate Builder has blown up the door on the secret all the top guns have been using to generate huge commissions on a daily basis.

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My Super Affiliate Builder Review



  • Product: My Super Affiliate Builder
  • Vendor: Andrew Fox
  • Launch Date: 2020-Aug-25
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is My Super Affiliate Builder?

My Super Affiliate Builder – a tool created by super affiliates to help turn YOU into a super affiliate.

“My Super Affiliate Builder” builds interactive, ‘intelli’ style quizzes which means that depending on how the visitor answers the questions, it allows you to send them to the offer best suited to their needs based on the responses given AND also adds your user to a specific email list.

  • The Secret Weapon Super Affiliates Use For Mega Conversions
  • Avoid Ad Account Shut Downs
  • Targeted $0.01 Clicks
  • Builds Segmented Mailing Lists On AutoPilot
  • Use ‘Intelli Funnels” To Give Your Visitor Exactly What They Want

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Why should you buy it? – My Super Affiliate Builder Review

Here the simple 3 step process.

  • Step#1: We use a SIMPLE ad targeting our ideal audience (We don't need to use super fancy targeting because step 2 does that for us and qualifies the prospect)
  • Step#2: We use an engaging Quiz based Landing page. Because it provides an interactive value based experience to the customer, FB™ rewards us with super cheap (as low as $0.02 cents) qualified traffic and keeps our accounts active.

Now that's the “mile high” overview but here are the bits you don't know and that are crucial to you succeeding and hitting the numbers shown.

To be honest, thank you for reading my My Super Affiliate Builder Review! See you later.