MinuteStock Review – 8 Entirely Ready-To-Go Stock Asset Enterprises

MinuteStock Review

Sell 8 World-Class Software Websites That Have Been Professionally Set Up And Are Ready To Go!

Cindy is almost ready to deliver her long-awaited done-for-you product bundle.

She'll walk you through creating eight websites, complete with lead magnets, bridge pages, sales pages, upsells, downsells, cross sells, and promotional emails that are written, queued, and ready to send.

In less than a minute, you'll have everything hosted, written, designed, and with your links.

These websites are jam-packed with 19 JVZoo products that pay out 100% commissions and have fully automatic sales.

She'll show you five traffic strategies built into the system that you can use to get people signing up and buying from you once your sites are live, including a special deal she's running to drive paid traffic to your websites.

You'll get to see the entire system in action, as well as a full commercial license to use the membership site systems' over 7 million assets. This is incredible.

It works by paying you 100% commissions on all of the products in all of the funnels, so no technical knowledge is required.

Even better, if you've ever been denied permission to promote something on JVZoo, you'll appreciate this… On these 100% commission products, they're providing you GUARANTEED approval.

You only need to send one request to earn 100% of everything in all funnels that begin capturing leads for you (managed by them, or you can add them to your own AR too).

Minute Stock is ready for you to turn on and start seeing leads and sales pour in like clockwork to numerous affiliate network accounts.

When you need something quickly, having something ready is excellent, but what if you're a more skilled marketer with your own items, a store, or the want to track, retarget, fully customize, and develop.

Minute Stock is fortunate for you because it is highly adaptable for both novice and advanced marketers. Here are a few examples of how people are using bundles to expand their audiences and earnings.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my MinuteStock Review for more details.

MinuteStock Review


Overview – MinuteStock Review

  • Product: MinuteStock
  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan
  • Launch Date: 2022-Apr-01
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is MinuteStock? – MinuteStock Review

Following the success of 2021's MinuteKit, they're making the deal even better by providing individuals 8 entirely ready-to-go stock asset enterprises in under one minute.

MinuteStock is a collection of eight entire websites, each with lead magnets, automatic sales systems, and funnels (upsells, downsells) that are ready to go and earning you 100% commissions in under one minute.

Not just one, but all eight are entirely branded for them, with all of their links included to a total of 40 sales, upsell, downsell, and cross sell sites, as well as over 100 followup emails prepared, queued, and set up for them.

Each of the eight items is a high-end stock asset business with over 6 million pictures, movies, gifs, logos, sound fx, music files, vector drawings, and more, all offered through a top-notch membership website.

You'll also get a complete commercial license to all 8 asset businesses, as well as access to their own dedicated members area with searchable members dashboards for MinuteFX, MinuteVizuals, MinuteVids, MinuteAudios, MinuteLogos, MinuteQuotes, MinuteBranding, and MinuteVectors.

This gives you the ultimate business in a highly sought-after niche, where you can use these resources for yourself or have them on hand as high-quality gifts to share for sales of your inbuilt products (pocketing $9.97, $27, $47, and $67 sales) while also earning affiliate commissions on multiple networks.

Their one-minute setup activates fully automated enterprises that cross-sell amongst the eight firms, upsell, and finish sales.

Read more in my MinuteStock Reviews.

What are the great features of MinuteStock? – MinuteStock Review

Gift as a lead magnet and a landing page

They can give away bundles of music tracks, logos, royalty free movies, and more as a custom gift for each of their product funnels.

Automated Emails & Delivery

Their free gifts will be delivered automatically. You may either connect your autoresponder to capture leads or simply delegate the task to them.

Sales Process Developed in-House

You'll be given the option to upgrade and access all assets ($9.97) or the whole MinuteStock asset suite ($47.00).

Funnel for Upsells and Downsells

They'll have the option to upgrade to the advanced asset boost ($67) or unlock their own business version ($47) for an additional fee. You will receive 100% of all sales.

Segmentation and cross-selling

Extra rewards will be given to encourage your leads to join numerous lists, view different offers, and be segmented depending on their preferences.

Managed Email Promotions with No Limits

Their system sends 30 days of engaging emails to sell your products, then follows up with hand-tailored marketing to your leads for the rest of their lives, always including your affiliate links in every email.

This Entire Funnel Collection Is

In less than a minute, you'll have a fully branded product that's ready to sell.

How does it work?

In three simple steps, you can unlock the boundless potential of a collection of really ready-to-go SaaS platforms that are live, automated, and highly monetized.

Step#1 – Connect

Add your JVZoo ID to your “Settings” page to connect your JVZoo account.

It's fine if you've never heard of JVZoo; they'll show you how to create and set up your free account!

Step#2 – Make a request

Send ONE product request to JVZoo. Because they hold the account, you may rest assured that you'll be approved.

They'll authorize you for 100% commissions on ALL 19 products in your 8-website bundle within 12-24 hours.

Step#3 – Traffic

To boost your traffic, use our pre-designed one-click traffic toolkit, which includes banners, social media posts, email swipes, and more.

After that, the automated emails will send traffic to your buy buttons and products on your behalf.

Demo Video

Funnel Detail

Frontend MinuteStock – Starting at $26.47 & rising throughout launch

8 Software Product Funnels featuring 8 comprehensive lead magnet and sales funnel systems with done-for-you upsells, downsells, and cross promotions for all 8 sales systems, netting $9.97, $27, $47, and $67 in sales. For ALL product funnels, all pages, emails, promotional materials, and traffic tools are instantaneously embedded with your sales links in under 1 minute.

MinuteStock Membership includes access to all eight royalty-free asset collections (7 million+ photos, videos, logos, vector graphics, and more) that can be searched. They can use it for personal use, but it also comes with a commercial license.)

Bonus SaaS Access (which includes their choice of two extra “business in a box” style, done-for-you funnels each month, as well as access to the funnel builder to design their own)

Many newbies saw their first sign ups and sales in under 24 hours thanks to the Training Zone, which provided step-by-step guidance on how to start up their royalty-free asset businesses.

OTO#1 – MinuteStock Advanced – $27.00

Unlock an additional 5 million assets that can be searched.

Advanced Training Series (Video) teaches people how to get more out of their MinuteStock access in a ten-part video training series.

Bonus: When the 10-part series is over, I'll send a solo blast to my lists.

Bonus: Checklist for Advanced Training

30 Day Fast Start Planner as a Bonus (5-10 min a day tasks)

OTO#2 – MinuteStock DFY Traffic – $147 for 1 month or $127 per month if you subscribe.

They'll send sponsored traffic to their 8 pages to start the lead generation process and encourage consumers to notice (and maybe buy) the offerings in their funnel. They've teamed up with top-tier traffic managers to provide low-cost services to help our members get their MinuteStock sites up and operating.

You'll get 20% commissions on this product because they're using paid traffic to drive traffic to their pages, so they're virtually breaking even on it.

OTO#3 – MinuteStock Resellers – $167-$197

100 or 250 accounts are available as alternatives.

Members can sell and create MinuteStock accounts through the MinuteStock agency dashboard.

Members can sell and create FunnelMates accounts using the FunnelMates agency dashboard.

OTO#4 – MinuteStock TTS – $46-$67

Personal and commercial licenses are available.

Additional SaaS platform for premium Text to Speech software is available.


Bundle Offer (Skip The OTO/Funnels) For $297

MinuteStock Bundle is a bundle offer (ONLY available during launch) – The cost is $297.


MinuteStock SaaS (6 million+ royalty-free assets searchable)

And MinuteStock Agency (eight product funnels selling MS plus incentives)

MinuteStock Advanced (plus training series + more assets/upgrades)

Traffic MinuteStock (one month of paid traffic for all 8 product funnels)

MinuteStock Reseller is a company that sells MinuteStock products (100 MinuteStock Reseller Accts & 100 FunnelMates Accounts)

Text To Speech by MinuteStock (TTS Software Platform in MinuteStock site)

Why should you buy it?

With eight TURNKEY SaaS businesses live, automated, and ready for sales in under one minute (for all eight!) breakthrough technology simplifies software ownership.

Are you ready to be the one who SELLS the things rather than the one who ALWAYS BUYS them?

Are you ready to put an end to the STRESS of doing work that may or may not pay off?

Today is your lucky day if you responded yes to any of those questions.

Without lifting a finger, Minute Stock allows you get your hands on 8 entirely ready-to-sell products with high-converting lead magnets, download & delivery pages, upsell & downsell offers, and more.

With Minute Stock, their goal was to make it the most user-friendly, quick, and simple approach to start seeing results online.

So, whether you're just getting started (or in a hurry), when you've done your one-minute activation, everything is ready to go.

To be honest, thank you for reading my MinuteStock Review! See you later.