Micro Service Empire Review – Best Easy-To-Fulfill Service

Micro Service Empire Review

How Would You Like the Keys to a Million Dollar Agency?

The keys to building an online empire without all the nonsense that sucks the life out of you.

Dr. Ben Adkins and Jeanne Kolenda have both done this, and now they’ve teamed up to bring you the best of both of their years of experience and knowlege.

Tired of struggling and trying to keep up with all the tools, tricks and strategies of an offline digital agency? They’ve been there…and they escaped!

How would you like to learn how to spend TWO HOURS setting up a client and then FORGET IT! That’s right – NEVER touch it again. It will run on auto-pilot forever, and to date, neither Jeanne nor Ben have ever had a client to canel.

It’s a dream come true…

SO excited to have you join us for Micro Service Empire, Social Posting for Chiropractors.

  • NO SEO
  • NO Experience Needed
  • Newbie Friendly
  • NO Ongoing Fulfillment
  • NO Employees Needed

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Micro Service Empire Review for more details.

Micro Service Empire Review



  • Product: Micro Service Empire
  • Vendor: Jeanne Kolenda
  • Launch Date: 2019-Oct-22
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Micro Service Empire?

Micro Service Empire is a complete package of high-quality PLR social media images with training in the Chiropractic niche.

Micro Service Empire will give you EVERYTHING you need to get set up and running.

  • The Content to post
  • The secret to automation
  • The training on how to best find clients
  • Private Facebook group for support

Read more in my Micro Service Empire Review.

What are the great features of Micro Service Empire?

There are 3 Powerful Ways to Use this Micro Service Social Posting – Take your pick, but PLEASE just get started!

  • ​It’s a GREAT Foot-In-The-Door strategy that closes high-paying SEO/GMB (Google My Business) Clients.
  • It’s an AWESOME addition if you’re already serving Chiropractors.
  • OR, just use this strategy ALL BY ITSELF. Set and forget it – then collect monthly payments for NO extra work. Hey – do this enough times, and you’ll have a recurring income that rivals highly-paid professionals.

You can build an entire business on this micro service social content service…OR, you can use this as a Foot-In-The-Door to land high ticket clients. Either way, it’s a HUGE WIN!

I know some folks are natural born salespeople and don’t struggle at all with closing clients, in their sleep, or so it seems.

Others have learned to get along in a world of sales even though it doesn’t come so naturally.

THEN…there are most of us who would rather get a root canal than to try to sell a big ticket package to a local business.

What You're Getting Today (By Instant Download)

60 Beautiful images with relevant content for Chiropractors

(These can be shuffled and arranged any way you like – and then RECYCLED on auto-pilot. You never have to touch it again!)

Jeanne’s Full Training Includes:

  • How to Watermark with a Client’s Logo – FAST and EASY! (optional)
  • And How to Set Up the Automation
  • ​How to FIND the Perfect Clients
  • ​How to Prospect Like PRO!
  • ​Customized PowerPoint Sales Presentation
Why should you buy Micro Service Empire?

Tired of SEO, the Google Dance and trying to keep up with fulfillment that changes like the wind? NO MORE! Very few things you’ll ever see will have you as excited as what I’ve seen Dr. Ben and Jeanne do for their own agencies and their families.

They both decided they’d rather find something that could take a couple hours to set up, then FORGET IT (put it on auto-pilot with some special software), and then collect little payments forever. Neither of them have EVER had a client cancel.

The bottom line is – if you get started now, 2020 could be your BEST YEAR ever!

In the end, the result is the same – a BIG income! But the best thing about this program is that not only will you have a big income, you’ll have your time and freedom because there’s NO ongoing fulfillment, NO Life-Sucking SEO Grind, and no anxious clients calling you because rankings are tanking and they’re not getting enough leads from your efforts. (Doesn’t this sound familiar? UGH)

So, if you decide to use this as a foot-in-the-door and a road to big ticket sales, OR (like Jeanne), you decide to just focus on the Micro Service Stacking, it’s a WIN-WIN!


To be honest, thank you for reading my Micro Service Empire Review! See you later.