Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition Review – Honest Review

Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition Review

Real Estate Agents Are Actively Looking To Employ This Service… They're Going To Show You Exactly How To Easily Cash In On It!

Would you like to make 2020 your best year ever? I know you might be discouraged because of this current global situation with the COVID19 pandemic and all the associated downturn in the economy. But take heart! I’m going to show you how to get ready to generate profits – in short order.

Are you tired of trying to juggle closing sales and fulfilling?

Today, my friend Jeanne Kolenda is unveiling her strategy for adding HUNDREDS of dollars to your monthly revenue and she’s done almost all the work for you. This is her third year doing this with steady growth and success. It’s the best Set-And-Forget system I’ve ever seen!

Even during the recent lockdown and economic downturn, she hasn’t lost even one single client!

It’s called Micro Service Empire and you’ll see just how simple this system is.

It’s not pie-in-the-sky or untested theory Jeanne has been doing this since 2018, and she’s the real deal!

She has an agency in Myrtle Beach, SC but serves clients all over the US.

It takes about 2 hours to set up, and she never touches it again just collects from $100 – $200 monthly on autopilot.

They're going to reveal their entire strategy, which includes complete “How-To” training that will walk you through every step. Best of all, you don't need to have any prior experience with SEO or technical skills. All you need to do is follow our simple instructions.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition Review for more details.

Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition Review



  • Product: Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition
  • Vendor: Ben Adkins
  • Launch Date: 2020-Apr-15
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition?

Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition is a complete package of high-quality PLR social media images, including complete training in the Real Estate niche.

You are going to LOVE this. With this package, you’ll be fully equipped to take on clients of your own and build a wildly successful agency business.

It’s a process of “stacking” some smaller services, leading up to the BIG sale (nor not).

And she’s gone one step further – she cracked the code for the Real Estate Market, and she’s tested this process for more than 2 years, and finally decided to package up what she’s learned and offer it to others.

Now, you may be asking how targeting Realtors is even a smart idea, given the current situation with the coronavirus. But actually, when Jeanne did her research, she discovered that the opportunity is golden right now. She has a short video on the sales page explaining her findings.

She calls it “Micro Service Empire” and I’ve never seen anything so dead simple to put together and start using. It takes almost no time to set up (and she gives you FULL training), and then – she shows you how to put it on an Auto-Posting service, and literally FORGET IT! On the sales page, you’ll see proof of how she collects payments month after month, with NO further efforts at fulfillment.

Now, some of these Realtors just continue to pay for the Social Posting and don’t become clients on a larger scale. Fine! Little payments add up!

Other companies, after seeing the quality of work Jeanne does, have contacted her to give them proposals for other services.

Either way, it’s a WIN-WIN!

On the sales page, there is a video Jeanne made, kind of like a “fireside chat” where she tells you all about it.

Read more in my Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition Reviews.

What are the great features of Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition?

The Real Estate market is swarming with agents looking to pay someone to provide this exact service. It's an incredibly lucrative niche with tons of potential for financial growth. And I'm guessing you'd love to grow your monthly income or else why would you be here?

Fact: Real Estate Agents know that if they stand any chance of surviving in their industry, they need a quality social media presence. However, most struggle to keep up because they simply don't have the time creating the perfect opportunity for you to cash in BIG!

With Micro Service Empire, they're going to equip you with everything you need to take care of their needs and charge a premium! These Real Estate Agents are going to love working with you.

Well Jeanne wanted a way to fulfill Facebook posting for her own clients AND she wanted to find a really good way to use something simple and easy for a Foot-In-The-Door to establish trust with Realtors who might eventually become higher-paying clients.

So Jeanne has killed several birds with one stone, so to speak.

  • She’s had 180 graphics (“memes”) made for Realtors and she uses them for her own clients.
  • She offers this service as a “foot-in-the-door” service to gain the trust of a potential client.
  • OR, (her favorite thing)… She just sells the service to any Realtor whether or not they are or will become a client.

The service takes almost no time to set up (full training is given) and after that, with the auto-posting service she reveals, it’s truly SET AND FORGET!

Jeanne has been doing this same service for over two years, and collects between $99-$199/monthly on autopilot without EVER touching it! That is NO exaggeration.

You really ought to go pick this up! It’s simply brilliant and from a very trusted marketer.

One last thought here… The Real Estate market has been treading water right now (The ugly VIRUS thing) BUT, the industry experts predict that in mid-late summer there will be a FLOOD of homebuyers. This is the perfect way to help a Realtor stay top-of-mind with potential buyers by keeping his Facebook page current with tips and suggestions for those buyers. This particular pack of images is geared around THOSE BUYERS! Realtors will love it!

Demo Video

Demo Video

Funnel Detail
  • Front End: You will receive a collection of high-quality PLR social media images in the Real Estate Niche. This includes 60 images for $27.
  • Up-sell#1: You will be invited to add an additional 60 animations for $47.
  • Down-sell#1: This is for 30 animations at a discounted price at $27.
  • Up-sell#2: This is for an additional 120 images at $47.
  • Down-sell#2: This is for an additional 60 images for a discounted price at $27.
  • Up-sell#3a: This is for the original layered Photoshop files (180) for a discounted price at $67.
  • Down-sell#3b: This is for the original layered Photoshop files (120) for a discounted price at $47.
  • Down-sell#3c: This is for the original layered Photoshop files (60) for a discounted price at $27.
Why should you buy Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition? – Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition Review

Very few things in your marketing experience will be this easy and produce recurring income so regularly.

My friend, Jeanne Kolenda, owns an agency in South Carolina and is in the trenches with her clients every day. This Edition is serving the Real Estate market, which is one of the niches who will NEED your help in recovering from the pandemic situation, and she’s the absolute Queen of Micro Services.

But hey even she knows you can’t land the big ones all the time. So, she went to work to design a system that would allow her to cash in with ANY Realtor, no matter how large or small, and even if they’re paying someone else for SEO and other marketing services.

  • It had to be something that was a low cost for the client.
  • And It had to be something that once set up, would require NO time each month to fulfill.
  • It had to be something that could be set on autopilot (including the payments!)

BINGO! She hit it out of the park. It’s called Social Posting.

Now, the problem with this is having the content to post, and then knowing how to automate it, right?


Jeanne is offering you 180 beautiful, professionally designed Facebook memes that can be branded to a client (or not) and she’s offering you FULL training on how to set this up so you never have to touch it again. These graphics can also be set up for posting to LinkedIn, and even the red-hot GMB listings! (Google My Business).

Without my rambling further – please click on the link below and let Jeanne tell you herself what she’s put together. You won’t be sorry! This gets my highest recommendation.

Here's Why You'll LOVE Micro Service Empire:

  • You'll get complete, over-the-shoulder training that breaks down the process and makes it super easy for you to get started. You just need to follow their simple instructions!
  • They'll equip you with 60 brand new, high-quality Social Media images. Each Image is Perfectly Formatted for Facebook, GMB, Twitter, and Pinterest in 940×788 .PNG.
  • You don't require Design Skills or PhotoShop Experience to get started. It's really that easy! You'll be able to simply add your client's logo (optional) and provide them with the professional social media presence they crave.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Micro Service Empire Real Estate Edition Review! See you later.