MarketPresso 2.0 Review – Breaking The Norms of Freelancing

MarketPresso 2.0 Review

World’s first & only freelance & local business marketplace builder

Struggling to sell your products & services to clients the way you want?

Are you exhausted with biased MarketPlaces?

The time has come to show your potential and sell like a pro using your own branded MarketPlace!

Freelancing is a 1 Trillion dollar industry! Surprisingly Bigger than even construction and transportation in the US.

You, Me & Everybody else would love to grab a share from this huge pie!

MarketPresso 2.0 is the most essential product right now. That’s because of the current Covid-19 circumstances, people need this platform to start earning from their homes.

Worried about Traffic?

MarketPresso 2.0 covers that too!

  • 1. Blog feature with automatic Google Indexing
  • 2. Smart LinkedIn features Training to get Big Ticket clients
  • 3. Local Business Scraper (Bonus Tool) to get you buying clients
  • 4. FB Ads Training by Forbes recognized co-founder of MarketPresso
  • 5. Revenue Rolodex Training to get Free Traffic from online sites!

It is time for some action!

MarketPresso 2.0 solves every problem that a service provider faces being a seller on any existing Freelancing Platforms!

MarketPresso 2.0 transforms you from being only a Freelancer to giving you an authority of a Business owner!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my MarketPresso 2.0 Review for more details.

MarketPresso 2.0 Review



  • Product: MarketPresso 2.0
  • Vendor: Karthik Ramani
  • Launch Date: 2020-May-10
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is MarketPresso 2.0?

MarketPresso 2.0 is the World’s FIRST & ONLY builder on the planet that helps you build your “Own Marketplace”.

Earn more money than ever before by selling your digital products, physical products or services.

Do freelance work or build your agency – everything is now a possibility with your own custom white-labeled marketplace.

Read more in my MarketPresso 2.0 Reviews.

What are the great features of MarketPresso 2.0?

MarketPresso 2.0 is a DFY system which helps you build your own branded MarketPlace to list your services, get clients, get paid & repeat getting paid!

It is not like any other Freelancing sites that make you rot in the competition, take a huge chunk of your profits and never shares the list!

MarketPresso 2.0 lets you build your business, create an authority & become a brand that people trust!

Freelancers & service providers love MarketPresso!

MarketPresso 2.0 is a must-have technology to build an independent Business & see success in 2020!

Here is the opportunities you have with MarketPresso 2.0!

1. Struggling Local Business Agency?

Are you one of those agencies struggling to close clients?

MarketPresso lets you list multiple services in various categories, helps you offer a different pricing strategy for each service, enables you to highlight your offers, helps you offer custom codes, in-built payment gateway integration, cart features, testimonials to create authority, and much more!

The entire system is designed to influence buyers to make the buying decision just like in e-com stores. But with MarketPresso you own the MarketPlace, sell with zero competition and retain all profits to start with.

2. Freelancer struggling to bag an order on Fiverr or Upwork?

MarketPresso is a dream come true for you!

With MarketPresso 2.0,

  • 1. Create your Authority
  • 2. Sell without competition
  • 3. No profit-sharing to start with
  • 4. Get your buyer details
  • 5. Tons of options to generate traffic

Become the market leader and local businesses will no more look at you as just another Freelancer. You will be a Business owner offering services to them.

3. You are not a freelancer or an Agency!

MarketPresso is where you should start your 2020!

If you have a few products with commercial licenses you bought earlier in the view of selling services, this is your opportunity to have a complete system to do everything effortlessly.

You should get started right away!

4. No commercial license products too? Be a Middleman!

Choose a Niche & list all those services from Fiverr on your MarketPlace. Follow the strategies given inside MarketPresso to drive Traffic. Get orders. Now offer the same job to a service provider on Fiverr and deliver it to your client.

5. Offer MarketPlace as a Service

You can also set up marketplaces for other freelancers. Offer setting up Marketplace as a service and charge a fee. With MarketPresso Front end you will have to manage the Marketplace for your clients. With the Agency upgrade They can manage it themselves!

Isn't that simple? So many ways to benefit out of MarketPresso!

You should be on your way to creating your MarketPlace!

Demo Video

What differentiates MarketPresso from the rest of the Freelancing platforms?

1. Competition

Fiverr has close to a million freelancers competing in various categories!

The chances of getting an order are too slim!

In MarketPresso, you own the MarketPlace! You are the boss, and you have zero competition.

2. Whose List are you Building?

We all know money is in the list!

In Freelancing platforms there is no provision for sellers to have buyer details. You try to get them, and you will be banned from the platform. You are literally growing these platforms with your sweat!

With MarketPresso, you grow your list. You own your customers!

3. Distressed sale due to heavy competition!

Because of stiff competition, sellers are in a position to undervalue their offering and sell for an extremely low-price.

With NIL Competition on MarketPresso, you fix any price you think is right!

4. Profit-Sharing

There is not a single platform that charges less than 20% on a sale.

With MarketPresso you get started with Zero Commissions. You keep every penny you earn!

5. Limitation on Services

Other Platforms allow you to sell a maximum of 7 services.

With MarketPresso, create multiple categories and sub-categories and sell as many products or services as you want.

There is so much more you can control in MarketPresso in comparison with other platforms!

Funnel Detail – MarketPresso 2.0 Review

FE – MarketPresso $47

  • Create online marketplace for anything you want to sell online
  • Creating categories
  • Messaging & Texting
  • Payment Gateway Connect to collect payment
  • Creating sub-menu
  • Custom Domain Setup
  • Unlimited Hosted on our servers
  • Ability to add custom code (for retargeting users)
  • Put your own logo & branding
  • Offer categorisation
  • Profile page for branding
  • Inbuilt Checkout System
  • Badges on offer
  • Order Notification & Message Notification via Email
  • Languages Translation
  • User login
  • Notification system like FB on the main interface
  • Customise your order processing form
  • Testomonials/Reviews
  • Panel to show product details
  • Order Info
  • SMS Integration
  • Service Info
  • FAQ Addition
  • Email Integration
  • User Management
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Add To Cart
  • Customers Profile
  • Ability to create basic/standard/premium package
  • Calendar
  • Adding Blog/Content for Traffic


  • Recommended for you
  • Multiple Upselling ability for users
  • Cashback reward method (Wallet)
  • Immediate Order upsell
  • Ability to give coupons
  • Upsell feature
  • Ability to give 1+1, 2+1 giveaway deals
  • Ability to give bundle deals
  • Upselling based on delivery time & number of words
  • Loyalty Points
  • Ability to send special offer via chat
  • Customisable Pop Ups for showing offers/etc
  • Unlimited Marketplaces


  • Template club for a ONE TIME PRICE
  • Freelancing Theme
  • No Recurring
  • Local Business Theme
  • Agency Theme
  • 50 DFY Services Description in Internet’s Most Popular Niches
  • 10 DFY Marketplaces
  • DFY Marketplaces Crafted by 7-Figure Copywriters


Allow others to create their own marketplace using the agency login

Allow others to sell in your marketplace & take commission on every sale (just like Fiverr)


Mobile App Version of the website

Why should you buy MarketPresso 2.0? – MarketPresso 2.0 Review

During the current sad circumstances because of Covid-19, half of the world is in lockdown & this is where MarketPresso will serve you the most.

MarketPresso 2.0 will help you make more money than ever before by providing them your own personalized platform where you can sell your services to your clients.

People will be able to sell your services using MarketPresso from the comfort of your homes.

MarketPresso 2.0 is a one stop platform for selling all your services. You don’t need anything else other than MarketPresso to scale your business & revenue.

MarketPresso 2.0 is exactly what you want right now.

People have realized the importance of being able to earn income from your homes & MarketPresso will help them achieve exactly that.

MarketPresso 2.0 is the exact product that you need right now!!


To be honest, thank you for reading my MarketPresso 2.0 Review! See you later.