How to make money from an affiliate with eBay Affiliate

I. Introduction

EBay does not seem to be strange with most of the people. It is one of the leading online retailers in the world today with all kinds of goods. If provides services only in the US, eBay sells products to almost corners of the globe. EBay also has many affiliate programs as Amazon. In fact, many Affiliates have made money, even hundreds to thousands of dollars every month thanks to being a member for

II. How to get started with eBay Affiliate?

Of course, as with Clickbank, all you need to start is signing up an eBay Affiliate account called the EPN (eBay Partner Network). After successful registration, you will have a member ID to start picking products in the eBay product catalog and promoting through the affiliate link.

How to make money from EPN?

  • Step#1: Once you have an EPN account, you will need to create a code called Campain ID number.
  • Step#2: The next thing you have to do is to build a website in which you sell products on eBay. However, you can also buy a software package named ezAffiliateWebsiteBuilder in eBay, and they will help you to make your e-commerce website.
  • Step#3: After you complete your site, what you need is related to the product selection, website optimization, and writing reviews from the core information about the item. This information is listed in detail by the buyer, you just need to rewrite in your own way, and remember not to “copy & paste” from other sources).

Note: Although many people have used the method of building sales website to attract traffic and users to buy from it. With eBay Affiliate as well as other Affiliate Network, you can use social networks, email, and even YouTube to promote products and earn the commission. How effective these methods may depend on your effort.

ebay affiliate

III. How much money will you earn from eBay Affiliate?

This question is quite hard to answer because the money you make from eBay Affiliate is not fixed and affected by the number of buyers who buy products from your link. Besides, the amount of commission you receive also depend on the type of product you want to sell (often eBay will set the commission level according to the category hierarchy plus the bonus that the author set up). However, in summary, the more visitors to your eBay page, the more chances of earning money from this world's leading online retailer.

EBay usually pays to their partners based on two things:

  • When a visitor signs up for an eBay account and purchases from your affiliate link.
  • And when a person already has eBay account but purchases directly from your eBay affiliate link via Bid or “Buy it now.”

This article is mainly to introduce you to what eBay affiliate is, and now many people can make an affiliate for eBay with no small income. Hope that you can find the more interesting way to earn money!