MailZilo Review – Smart, Cloud Based Email Marketing Software

MailZilo Review

A TECH like your buddy who write your mail and send less then 60 second

Every business has a chance to engage with their existing customers and grow as a result. Email marketing is the key to getting new customers and creating deeper relationships with your existing customers at a fraction of the cost of social media or other marketing tools.

Email is the most effective, powerful and low cost marketing tool. Email marketing saves you time and money by delivering the right message at the right time to the right people.

Do you know how much you will spent on Getresponse, Aweber etc every month? You don't need to pay that much even not every month. Even you don't need any freelancer to write your mail as there are built in swipes including and built in smtp. You can also send bulk mail without hiring any Freelancer. You can use built-in smtp and swipes which are completely free and you don’t need to pay any money.

MailZilo is an award winning email marketing software that lets you send unlimited emails with better delivery and more opens. Furthermore, with no monthly fee ever, you can control your email marketing budget.

No need to worry about spending money to get your email lists.

Get maximum open rates for your mails and make more profits. But not anymore as MailZilo is a proven formula & works round the clock in the background and automates email marketing and takes care of your business even while you’re busy with other tasks

If you are newbie to marketing & don’t have any or little knowledge about it, MailZilo’s Email Marketing Software will help you automate your campaigns and get maximum open rates for your mails. MailZilo ensures that even while you are too busy with other tasks, our software will take care of your business.

This is a perfect solution for any business owner dealing with constant sales. You can delegate your marketing & activities as we do the work for you and you get maximum open rates from your mails, without worrying about anything else.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to make money on your every day business. MailZilo follows a proven formula & works round the clock in the background and automates email marketing and takes care of your business even while you’re busy with other tasks.

The most difficult thing to do when you are a newbie in the world of marketing is to get your mails opened. But not anymore since MailZilo has a proven formula that works round the clock and takes care of your business even when you’re busy with other tasks. 

Are you new in the market of email marketing? If yes, then it's time to convert your online business into a profitable one. MailZilo empowers you to send personalized and professional email with the click of a mouse. It's all about knowing how & what to send while sending automated email marketing through our platform. MailZilo Review

Powerful Email Marketing automation tool for your business. It offers high open rates, extremely targeted audience and improved conversion rate among others and lets you build long lists of highly qualified subscribers.

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MailZilo Review


Overview – MailZilo Review

  • Product: MailZilo
  • Vendor: Ayush Jain
  • Launch Date: 2022-Sep-22
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is MailZilo? – MailZilo Review

MailZilo offers unlimited email marketing features with a no-monthly fee, 100% deliverability and access to advanced tools to track your email opens and clicks. Get ready to become an internet marketing master by using this powerful tool!

This is everything you need to start making money, regardless of where you are in life. And with zero headaches, you can start making money without putting in any additional effort. It will serve as a guide on how to set up your business, managing your finances and make money while doing something you love.

Mailzingo is the best software for creating and managing emails. They have worked hard to make the system easy to work with, easy to find content in and very customer friendly.

Mailzingo is a very simple yet functional email marketing software package, which enables you to create, manage and send targeted automatic mails to your subscribers.

It's time to take your campaign to the next level. Industry-leading features, professionally designed and tested email templates and advanced campaign customization are made possible by our well-equipped software platform.

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What are the great features of MailZilo? – MailZilo Review

Unlimited Subscribers can be imported without losing a single email ID

You may import an unlimited number of subscribers using MailZilo, and the best thing is that you won't lose a single ID in the process. You can therefore send emails to your subscribers without any limits. Stop paying a large monthly rental fee only to keep your list even if you don't send any emails because the majority of email marketing service providers charge a substantial premium for importing your lists. Additionally, they require double opt-in before permitting import, costing you anywhere between 20 and 30% of your subscribers. But thanks to MailZilo, all of that will be a thing of the past.

Send as many emails as you want right away or schedule them for later

The possibilities for sending with MailZilo are almost endless. You can send an unlimited number of emails or newsletters and do away with all the hassles associated with email marketing. You have the option of sending emails now or at a later time.

Unlimited Monthly Email Sending using Built-In SMTP

MailZilo has an integrated SMTP that allows you to send an infinite number of emails each month, or you can quickly set up your own SMTP.

Utilize their appealing built-in lead form to attract more potential subscribers

The best way to acquire high-quality leads and establish a sizable clientele of people who will pay you in cash is through lead forms. With this in mind, MailZilo provides you with a visually appealing lead generating form that you can use on your blog, e-commerce website, or WordPress website to attract more and more subscribers. Simply copy one line of code and paste it on your website.

Increase email delivery, clickthrough, and open rates.

You can accurately gauge the effectiveness of your campaign by tracking opens and clicks. Today, every marketer wants their emails to arrive in the inbox, be clicked, and be opened promptly. MailZilo was created to meet this need. 

Send special emails and segment your subscriber list with clever tags.

This is their finest work. You can assign tags to your subscribers and easily segment them using this New & VERY Powerful tool. You can now send emails only to subscribers associated with a smart Tag or group.

Reduce bounce rate

A higher bounce degrades your image and makes each bounce blurry. You can get rid of all the spam and returned mail using MailZilo. Without any manual labor, MailZilo automatically removes emails that were marked as bounces and cleans up your list.

Create the best emails with the built-in text and inline editors.

With their LIVE Inline editor function, you can design straightforward text or html emails to send the best emails for the greatest amount of engagement. Everything here is designed to draw in, seize, develop, and convert your potential lead.

MailZilo is CAN SPAM compliant

It offers a simple, one-click unsubscribe function that substantially reduces spam complaints and helps you establish a better send reputation.

Manage your subscribers hassle-free

You may discover, filter, or clean up your subscribers in an endless list with MailZilo. With only one click, you may identify a subscriber from a list of thousands. With MailZilo, you can quickly backup your list, track duplicate entries, and track duplicate entries.

All-in-one cloud based email marketing software

The foundation of MailZilo is to provide the highest levels of quality, simplicity, and effectiveness. We also turned it into a cloud-based platform to make things easier. Guys, you're going to love the variety of options we're giving you to make email marketing easy and enjoyable.

Boost sales and increase revenue

Email marketing is sweeping the globe, and if you're looking for the finest approach to send emails that will draw in more clients, MailZilo is the best option out there. To entice your consumers to take action, you may send them a free whitepaper, more details about your items, a “subscriber-only” discount, or even personalized emails. You have countless opportunities to succeed, and your only real limitations are those of your imagination and inventiveness.

Personalize your mails to get high opening rates

Now, this will undoubtedly show to be quite valuable for your marketing efforts. Email personalization is the finest and simplest approach to capture users' attention. With MailZilo, you can customize every email to

Beautiful newsletters can help you establish lasting relationships with your subscribers.

To build a solid relationship with your subscribers, always make an effort to stay in touch. To keep them informed about your products or impending launches, you can send newsletters. To help people remember your brand, you might send them to your blog or website.

90,000+ DFY Email Swipes

Yes, you will also receive more than 90,000 professionally created, high-converting email swipes to help you market your brand in a manner that is similar to that of big marketers.

100% newbie friendly and fully automated

Sending the correct emails to the right recipients at the right time is the key to effective email marketing, and their software team has thought of everything and created a software that is completely hands-free. You have the freedom to automate your email marketing using the powerful features of MailZilo. With the help of the software, all of your marketing channels receive automatic, personalized messages, and even a complete novice can easily run an email marketing campaign.

No monthly fees or additional charges

Sending emails might be expensive if you are just starting out with email marketing. To contact your email list, you must pay a steep monthly cost, which they charge you like wildfire. However, MailZilo is without a doubt the best email marketing program on the market right now. It has no ongoing fees and lets you send an unlimited number of emails with a single click.

Brand new system- Absolutely NO rehashes

They consistently adhere to the principle of providing you with a product that is jam-packed with the newest features and is not merely an addition to an already existing product. Therefore, MailZilo is brimming with outstanding features and represents the pinnacle of email marketing technology.

Designed by Marketers for Marketers

Since MailZilo was designed from the ground up with A-Z marketers in mind, you can upload your subscriber list directly into the program with no technical difficulties and receive the greatest results with no hassles.

Step-By-Step Training to Make Everything Easy For You

They are aware that software can become sophisticated. Even though MailZilo is ridiculously simple to use, the developers wanted to guarantee that anyone may use it and earn money from it. Due to this, they took two actions: MailZilo Review

#1 They've added comprehensive video training for every function so you can always see how to do things the RIGHT way.

#2 They also provide ongoing assistance that is available around-the-clock, so you can always get your issue resolved by sending them a message.

Demo Video

How does it work?

Replace your outdated email marketing strategies with this innovative approach that will propel your company forward in just three simple steps. MailZilo Review

Step#1 – Upload

All you have to do to get started is upload your subscriber list or start generating leads using MailZilo opt-in forms.

Step#2 – Select or Create

Create your own email template or choose from a selection of elegantly designed email templates.

Step#3 – Send & Profit

Send as many emails as you like to your subscribers, or schedule them for later.

Funnel Detail – MailZilo Review


Option 1 – MailZilo Elite Monthly ($37/M)
Option 2 – MailZilo Elite One Time ($57)

To increase lead generation, get 10 MORE eye-catching web forms with an editor.

Create And Manage Unlimited Lists

10 MORE READY-TO-USE, PROVEN To Convert Email Templates

Integrate Webinars to Increase ROI From Your Leads

Suppression Lists For Advanced Subscriber Management

Feature for Advanced Message Management

Create and save your own templates for a customized experience and the best possible outcomes.

Adding images from your media library will make your emails look better.

Gain Access To Untapped Power To Email File Attachments

Unparallel Price


Option 1 – MailZilo Lite ($37)

To increase lead generation, get 5 MORE Eye-Catching Web Forms with Editor.

Up to 1000 lists can be created and managed.

5 MORE READY-TO-USE, PROVEN To Convert Email Templates

Integrate Webinars to Increase ROI From Your Leads

Suppression Lists For Advanced Subscriber Management

Feature for Advanced Message Management

Create and save your own templates for a customized experience and the best possible outcomes.

Adding images from your media library will make your emails look better.

Gain Access To Untapped Power To Email File Attachments

Unparallel Price


Option 1 – MailZilo Enterprise Personal ($47)
Option 2 – MailZilo Enterprise Commercial ($67)

Get Detailed Reports That Are Precise And Accurate For Your Campaigns

Automatically send many emails whenever someone joins any campaign

How to Increase Lead ROI Through CRM Integration

Management of Bounces Effectively

Receive ten premium and expert email templates.

8 More Lead Forms Specifically Created To Gather The Most Leads For Your Business

Share Dashboard Control With Up To 5 Team Members

Commercial Rights Included


Option 1 – MailZilo Agency 100 Client License ($67)
Option 2 – MailZilo Agency Unlimited Client License ($97)

Create Your Own Marketing Agency and Begin Offering Email Marketing Services to Customers

Add up to 100 / Unlimited Business

Add up to 100 / Unlimited Team Members

100 License-$67

Unlimited License- $97


Option 1 – MailZilo Reseller 100 License ($47)
Option 2 – MailZilo Reseller Unlimited License ($67)

You can sell it to anyone and keep all of the profits from the sale of the primary product.

No Product, Sales Page, Marketing Material Creation

Quickstart – Software Biz. 3 Steps. Keep 100%

100 License-$47

Unlimited License- $67


Option 1 – OPPYO Premium Membership Monthly Deal ($77/M)
Option 2 – OPPYO Premium Membership (3 Instalments) ($247/M*3 Installment)
Option 3 – OPPYO Premium Membership One-Time-Deal ($497)

Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses 

Create as many stunning, mobile-friendly, and quick-loading landing pages as you like.

Create Unlimited Sales Funnels and Customer Journeys for Any Marketing Objective from Scratch

Host & Play HD Videos with NO Delays & Buffering

With 5 potent engagement apps in 1 solution, you can create an unlimited number of personalized notification campaigns.

Completely Modifiable, Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor Needs No Technical or Design Knowledge

Build High Converting Landing Pages, Funnels, & Popups Fast & Easy with 300+ Battle-Tested, Done-For-You Templates.

Securely store and distribute business files across team members and clients.

Manage Leads, Track Lead Information, and Use Current Behavior Data to Understand Your Audience and Get Better Results

Why should you buy it? – MailZilo Review

Have you ever gotten your hands on a ton of uncertain traffic tools that make big promises but rarely keep them? They attract you, hook you in, and make deceptive promises that they will drive massive amounts of traffic to your offers.

But in the end, you get something that makes your heart hurt. Now, honestly respond to this.

How would you react if someone informed you that everything from that time is history? And just like the experts, you will be able to deliver genuine traffic to your website or blog.

Few people use email marketing to its full capacity despite its huge potential. And the reason is because they are missing a key tool. but not anymore because Mailzilo eliminates that requirement.

MailZilo is a new lightweight piece of technology that makes it possible to complete all of these tasks with just one click while still being very complex and user-friendly.

That’s exactly what they’ve designed MailZilo to do for you.

Therefore, MailZiloo is designed for you if you want to build your own totally customizable email marketing system to increase leads and email traffic to any offer without paying a significant monthly charge forever.

Finally, you now have the ability to generate the kind of results you’ve seen in the screenshots above.

Since you want to create multiple channels with tons of valuable content, doing all that manually is actually expensive, time-consuming, and simply annoying.

That's precisely why so many people are afraid to even begin video marketing, and it's also why, of those who DO begin, only a select handful actually “succeed.”

They have taken care of all the tedious job. As a result, you shouldn't worry at all.

To be honest, thank you for reading my MailZilo Review! See you later.