MageOmegaX Review – Growing And Adapting To The Changing Market

MageOmegaX Review


Everybody knows Greg Jacobs or has at least heard of him , he is the guy that lives up in the jungle of Thailand doing “MAGE”.

In the meantime if you want a sneak peak get over to the page and get Greg's Blueprint on how he doubled his eCom conversions in 6 minutes- I know hard to believe – but the click is worth it for this blueprint

This launch is looking to be amazing- Over the years as a Educator and Marketer. MageOmegaX is good. It's not just good it is incredible.

This is not just the “course” of the week – but rather it is an ongoing training and community that has already sold over 1m in private sales and has “retired” more people than he can count with it's success.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my MageOmegaX Review for more details.


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I. MageOmegaX Review  – Overview

  • Product: MageOmegaX
  • Vendor: Greg Jacobs
  • Launch Date: 2017-Sep-12
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price:
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is MageOmegaX?

The product is Awesome – they are giving you v2 of MageOmega – the Conversion Monster. This is a system the teaches you how to implement RDSPF’s as an everyday Cash Cow. And yes it works.

RDSPF stands for “rapid deployment single product funnels” which means in plain English they are teaching you how to do “single product + upsell ecom funnels”

They teach you how to research, they give you the templates to deploy the products, how to fulfil and how to scale it into a fully automated and salable business. This stuff works – it seriously works.

Read more in my MageOmegaX Review.

III. What are the great features of MageOmegaX?

Most people considering MageOmega fall into one of three categories of which they will go over how to promote this properly…

“Already does eCom” – These guys are quite easy to sell to as they have “done ecom” ourselves Shopify, WooCom, Amazon and POD – and have extensive testing results that they share in their sales process on how they can continue doing whatever else they are doing, but by implementing RDSPF’s they can get multiple “quick win” passive cash streams (He has many students doing a few K a day passively) while they continue to work on the long term core eCom Business.

Part of the “magic” of MageOmega is that literally they can be setup and earning within 3 hours. No waiting for inventory from China or complicated store setup. Literally they give you the DFY and they click and few times and game on.

“Biz Opp Seeker” – He loves customers with no experience because they can really start with a “blank slate”. MageOmega doesn't follow just “some method that can find on YouTube” but rather a very specific 1-2-3 system in which the customer needs to do exactly as instructed and magic can happen. So sometimes their best results have come from customers with no experience as they are nor repeating the “same old bad habits” that are constantly being passed around the industry.

IV. How does it work?

You know people that have existing businesses will join MageOmega and use their Funnels to drive traffic and boost to their existing setups, get a quick profit. Typically when people move their products over from Shopify to a MageOmega funnel they will see 2x-4x return on the same traffic. REAL PROOF, REAL RESULTS.

You will need a domain name ($10) about $20 per product to test to scale/dump (let’s assume you need to test at least 5 to find a winner), and you will need a shopping cart that they recommend to process your orders. This has a 14-day free trial and the ongoing cost is moot if you are already making money. He is about full disclosure so it is important that they go into this knowing what they need to invest to get to where they want to arrive.

How Fast Will you earn Money? Everything depends on YOU implementing the Done For You that they provide with MageOmega. If you don't implement it, then nothing will happen. That being said, they have had students that have joined and FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS and been earning within as little as 3 days. How is that for REAL RESULTS!?

Demo Video


V. Why should you buy it? – MageOmegaX Review

I have just heard that Greg Jacobs is back and is going to show us something spectacular next week – and as a “preview” for it has just released the “6 minute blueprint” on how he almost doubled his eCom conversions in 6 mintues

Even if you are not “into eCOm” there is trick in there that can help you with your other stuff.

It works and it is a blue ocean.

The AMAZING thing is that still most of the market has not seen this and even ones that have can be considered “prime” to buy.

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my MageOmegaX Review! See you later.