Local Video Kit Vol.1 Review – 16 Stunning DFY Offline Business Videos

Local Video Kit Vol.1 Review

Hello friend!

Do you want to profits hundreds of dollars in the next 2.5 hours?

Making money online isn’t a tale. But in fact, you have to find the right thing, and the right place to sell. And this is why 95% people failed to make money online.

Great news! There’s a chance for you to actually turn a turn a $1.7 investment into $97, $197 or even $297.

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I. Local Video Kit Vol.1 Review – Overview

  • Product: Local Video Kit Vol.1
  • Vendor: Dawn Vu
  • Niche: Video
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jul-07
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $12
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Local Video Kit Vol.1?

It’s a package of 16 done-for-you local whiteboard videos. It contains 8 fully-colored whiteboard videos and 8 black&white videos in 8 offline niches.

Along with 16 videos, you will get additional videos to use as your video marketing service promotion. Each video is customized to suit its targeted prospects. Plus there is a small course that teaches how to find, approach and sell to offline businesses.

Read more in my Local Video Kit Vol.1 Review.

III. What are the great features of Local Video Kit Vol.1?

It’s a package of 16 done-for-you local business video (8 fully-colored whiteboard videos and 8 black&white videos). That you can easily sell to local businesses for HUGE profits.

The videos were done in profitable, high-converting offline niches:

  • Car Dealer
  • Accountant
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Car Insurance Agent
  • Chiropractor
  • Chimney Replacement
  • Electrician
  • Dog Grooming

Each video comes with well-copywriten script, stunning artworks, professional voiceovers and awesome animations.

A typical whiteboard video company cost thousands of dollars to create one video, however right now you’ll not get one however 20 videos for lower than $2 each.

It’s CRAZY, nevertheless it’s REAL!

You learn to discover, strategy and sell to local business. And You’ll get your first consumer within the next few hours.

IV. How does it work?

You will get:

  • 8 fullly-colored whiteboard videos in 8 hot, profitable offline niches,
  • Plus you will also get 8 black & white videos with the same content.
  • Bonus whiteboard GIFs
  • Separate scripts and voiceover files
  • A PDF course on how to make money selling videos to local businesses
  • Aside of these assets, you will get a video to use as promotion materials for your video marketing service.

What makes it different from other pre-made whiteboard video products?

Well, there are many PLR video packages out there. But they are created with much higher quality artworks and animations. Local businesses will love them!

Moreover, you will get customized service promotion videos and the course on how to find offline clients. They has covered everything you need to start selling and profiting, right from today!

V. Why should you buy it?
  • 16 Stunning Local Whiteboard Videos Worth: $2,352
  • 8 Service Promotion Videos Worth: $1,176
  • Local Video Kit Marketing Course Worth: $147

Total Real Worth $3,675

It’s simply simple to see the potential. Assume every month, in every niche, you promote ONE video for $97, you’ll gross $970.

It’s the bottom objective it is best to set and the bottom value it is best to supply.

You are able to do it if:

  • You’re struggling to make money online
  • You’re a complete newbie
  • And you’re a full time marketer and need a simple system to increase your revenue
  • You’re considering of selling to local businesses, however don’t know what to sell

Even if you’re a successful offline marketer, your current customers will recognize that you just discovered a brand new technique to generate extra leads for them!

VI. Conclusion

I’ve been telling you in regards to the unique done-for-you offline video bundle that I’ve ever seen earlier than. It brings you an excellent income opportunity of providing whiteboard video service to native companies and earn additional thousands a month.

What I like in regards to the product is that it not only supplies you the videos to sell but in addition supplying you with the video to market your service, plus the course on easy methods to do it right.

To be honest, so thank you for reading my Local Video Kit Vol.1 Review! See you later