Local Audio Profits Review – Completely New, Hot, and Profitable

Local Audio Profits Review

Everything you need to start selling “audiograms” to local businesses

Want to get in on the hottest new trend in social media marketing for local businesses?

You may, or may not, have heard of the term “audiogram.” In the digital marketing world, these are audio-based advertisements, and they're taking the marketing world by storm!

I just got off Skype with Lee Cole. He's teamed up with a lady named Shirley Hayes, who's a 20-year radio industry veteran. Shirley owns a marketing agency, and she's been using audiograms with her clients.

The results have been astounding!

Audiograms cut through all the noise online. They're disruptive. They're fresh. They're new. And, best of all, people love them!

Together Lee and Shirley have created an incredible new product called Local Audio Profits. This product gives you everything you need to hit the ground running, selling audiograms to local businesses.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Local Audio Profits Review for more details.

Local Audio Profits Review



  • Product: Local Audio Profits
  • Vendor: Lee Cole
  • Launch Date: 2020-Sep-14
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Local Audio Profits?

Local Audio Profits gives you everything you need to start selling “audiograms” to local businesses. They’ve been doing this themselves for the past year, and they’re killing it! Businesses nowadays need a lot of help with your online marketing, especially with getting people back in the door after the lockdowns.

Local Audio Profits has everything you needs to hit the ground running selling their proven audio marketing assets to local businesses. This is a new, proven marketing method that no one else is teaching. The product includes everything, the product to sell, complete sales training, and more!

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What are the great features of Local Audio Profits?

In addition to a variety of DFY audiograms for businesses, you also get their world-class, proven training on how to sell these. No one else has anything close to this.

Local Audio Profits is their new DFY system that gives you everything you need to hit the ground running, solving local businesses’ #1 problem–getting people back in the door, buying again!

Their new training and DFY product gives you everything you need to create a massive income, FAST.

You get 99 DFY professionally-made audiograms in ten specific niches, plus a generic set of audiograms to use for any business. Each niche has three COVID safety-related messages done in three voices, a US voice, a UK voice, (and they’re throwing in Spanish as a bonus).

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, their COVID-ready audiograms will be the easiest thing you’ve ever tried to sell to a local business. Businesses love them. They need them. And, with Local Audio Profits, you’ll have all the training and all the materials you need to finally build that business of your dreams, today!

You get 99 audiograms in 10 proven niches, plus a generic set, which you can use for any business. And, you get trained in our proven, 3-step easy sales system!

In Addition to the 99 audiograms, of course, they have phenomenal training!

Shirley and her business partner have been using audiograms with their own clients for over a year now. Audiograms sell like hotcakes. Businesses love them. And, they’re more than willing to pay you top dollar for them!

In addition to the 99 done-for-you marketing audiograms, you’re also going to get access to Shirley’s amazing training.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this training:

  • How to brand the audiograms for your client
  • How to target the right businesses
  • Shirley’s amazing 3-step sales process—so simple a child could do this, really!
  • Shirley’s low-stress method for closing the deal and getting paid

In addition, as one of the cool bonuses, you’re also going to get Shirley’s unique system for upselling businesses into a recurring income model. Again, this is a proven system. And, it’s so easy to do!

What you will get?

When you purchase Local Audio Profits, today, you’re going to get a complete collection of 99 audiograms in 10 hot niches, and an extra set which you can use for any business.

Each of these audiograms is 1080 x 1080 HD.

And Each of these ten niches plus the generic audiograms comes in three voiceovers, US, UK, and as a bonus, Spanish (US Spanish).

Each niche contains three audiograms, a social distancing audiogram, a “they wear masks” audiogram, and a “they follow all rules and guidelines” audiogram.

How does it work?

Businesses need help letting people know that they’re open and that it’s safe to do business with them. In Local Audio Profits, you’re going to get 99, dfy audiogram online marketing ads, which you can use on your client’s website and social media. These audiograms let people know that the business is following all COVID related safety precautions and that it’s safe to do business with them.

Funnel Detail

Front End: Local Audio Profits – $27 – $47

A complete collection of DFY “audiograms” aimed at different business niches, including a generic niche. These are designed as public service type announcements to help businesses get their customers and clients back in the door after COVID.

They've been selling these themselves for big bucks. So, they're also including their proven sales training in video format.

FAQ webinar with Lee Cole and radio industry mega-professional Shirley Hayes. (She's the real deal. Google her!)

OTO1: Instant Influence – $47 – $67

Amazing collection of static, DFY social media posts. These are the perfect compliment to the audiograms in Local Audio Profits!

OTO2: Instant Audiogram Agency Pro – $67 – $97

Their complete course on how to create an entire business selling audiograms to local businesses.

Instruction is done by an industry insider who sells products day in and say out for four-plus figures.

Get a complete agency up and running in record time.

Students start making real money faster and easier than they ever thought possible, even if they're complete newbies.

Why should you buy it?

Shirley's been using audiograms with her own clients to help position them more positively during the COVID outbreak. And, in Local Audio Profits, Shirley's going to show you what's working so well in her own business.

In addition, you're going to get 99 done-for-you, professionally made audiograms, which you can go out and sell right now.

These things are super easy to sell, too! Businesses not only love them, but they need them!

Here's what you do next. Right now, Local Audio Profits is on sales for a fraction of the retail price.

Get Shirley and Lee's done-for-you product and training and start selling audiograms to businesses today!

To be honest, thank you for reading my Local Audio Profits Review! See you later.