KuickList Review – A New Way To Build Lead Magnets

KuickList Review

Interactive Digital List Opt-In Tool

I just glimpsed a brand new tool that lets you build AMAZING interactive checklists that you can use as lead magnets.

And I gotta say…it’s DYNO-MITE!

This is an absolute game changer for anyone who wants to build a responsive list from their traffic right out the gate.

Kuicklist has just gone live and you can get access for a huge discount.

So if you want a way to boost your opt in rates and build responsive lists, KuickList is perfect for you.

Kuicklist has just hit the market and it’s going to change the way you create lead magnets.

See, Kuicklist doesn’t just put up an ebook from some plr site that’s been handed out and ‘rebranded’ a thousand times.

Nope. You’ll have people signing up for your list left and right because Kuicklist lets you create interactive checklists that actually help people.

These lists are so attractive that getting on your list will be a no brainer.

Plus, these lists don’t take any time to create inside your Kuicklist account. And since it’s interactive, you’ll have your web traffic fully engaged which will increase the responsiveness of your promotions!

There hasn’t been a tool yet that has combined all the elements that Kuicklist has and right now it’s available for an EXTREME discount.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my KuickList Review for more details.

KuickList Review



  • Product: KuickList
  • Vendor: Karl The Shark
  • Launch Date: 2020-May-19
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is KuickList? – KuickList Review

Kuicklist is the bees knees when it comes to creating awesome interactive checklists that you can use as incredible lead magnets.

See, the only reason that some of those same people are saying that email is dead is that THEY aren’t getting the results they desire from their email promotions.

And why should they when they don’t offer any real value?

But that’s where Kuicklist can help you pivot in a big way.

You will be able to offer lead magnets that people love and rave over while providing immense value at the same time.

Oh, and the best part is that it doesn’t take a long time to put one of these interactive checklists together.

Read more in my KuickList Reviews.

What are the great features of KuickList?

But before you hop over and get your account today, let me share the 40,000ft view of what’s included:

  • All Your Checklists Are Mobile Responsive
  • Fully customizable Checklist Design
  • Self Hosting For All Your Checklists Are Included
  • Quickstart Checklists To Remove The Guesswork
  • Integrates With Your Favorite Email Autoresponder
  • The Kuicklist WP Plugin So You Can Use With WordPress
  • The Kuicklist Landing Page Builder
  • Integrates With SegMate™ for Facebook™ Messenger Marketing
  • Fully Customizable Opt-in Form Settings
  • Stunning High Converting Landing Page Templates
  • Save Your Checklists and Download In HTML
  • Download Your Leads To A CSV File
  • Add Video To Your Checklists For a Conversions Boost
  • Progress Tracking To Keep Users Engaged Tracking, Data, And Analytics
  • SegMate Messenger Lead gate with Checkboxes and Send to Messenger Buttons…

And that’s just a snippet. There are more features and not to mention some pretty snazzy bonuses as well.

Demo Video – KuickList Review

Funnel Detail

Front end

Comes With Self-Hosting, iFrame Embedding and WP Plugin

Integrates With Your Favorite Email Autoresponder And SegMate For Messenger Marketing

  • Fully customizable Checklist Design
  • Mobile Responsive Checklists
  • Pre-defined Checklists templates for a quick start
  • Landing Page builder with customization options
  • Landing Pages with eye-catching designs
  • Multiple landing Page Templates with Fully customizable Options
  • Customizable Opt-in Form settings
  • Downloadable Leads in CSV format
  • Optin-form / lead capture / Smart login once someone opts-in
  • Clone Checklist option

Multiple Publishing Options: With Kuicklist

  • Your Landing Page
  • Download HTML
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Embedded Checklist

Progress Trackable Checklists for your users to track their progress across the channels

Option to give FREE Access to your Checklist as a giveaway without opt-in

Autoresponder Integrations:

  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConstantContact
  • GetResponse
  • iContact
  • Mailchimp
  • Sendlane
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Mailerlite
  • Pixel Code Supported
  • Facebook Pixel
  • GTM Pixel
  • 3rd Party Pixel
  • Adding Webinar Integrations as well
  • Demio
  • Others Coming Soon

Video on the landing page. Video on the checklist YouTube Vimeo and Video Code.

SegMate Messenger Lead gate with Checkboxes and Send to Messenger Buttons…

OTO#1 – PRO Power-Pack – $77 or 2-Pay $47

Adds VA Sub-Users and Removes Branding + Unlimited Sections + Webhooks + Public Checklists, Cloning/Duplicating an available checklist to your account. Great for reselling these as a service for profits. Webhooks (Giving you more integrations like with Zapier and intergrowmat) + Public Checklists for embedding to your membership sites or inside of your website.

OTO#2 – Templates Club – $19.97/mo or annual for $197/year

Template Club with your first 25 D4U Checklists to get started and Access to our Digital Checklist Template Club Get Immediate access to 25 of the Hottest Niches along with every month we will release 5-10 new Interactive Digital List Building Checklist. This is the ultimate done 4 your Checklist.

Downsell#1 – Light Power-Pack

$47 Remove Branding + Unlimited Sections + Webhooks (Giving you more integrations like with Zapier and intergrowmat) + Public Checklists

Downsell#2 – Just The Templates

Get The 25 D4U Checklist $47

Why should you buy KuickList? – KuickList Review

What’s the one thing that seperates a thriving online business from an average one?

The answer is CONTENT, more specifically – content that engages your viewers and keeps them returning again and again.

In today's blogging and social media driven world, this is especially true.

If you have content that people like, then it doesn’t matter about the size of your business or your experience – you will beat the competition.

So how do you go about finding and creating all this amazing content?

Well you could hire a content writer

Or do it all yourself…but this will take a lot of time

Start creating videos on YouTube maybe? Maybe not

And even when you have the content how do you go about getting it seen? How do you get ranked in the search engines?

How do you make money from all this content?

Well what if I told you that the app I told you about earlier solves ALL these problems.

KuickList is a brand new app that not only creates you unlimited content – it also lets you create as many blogs as you want in any niche.

All whilst building backlinks to ensure your sites get the traffic you deserve.

Did I say it does all this on auto-pilot?

In fact you can build 100’s of blogs if you wish and DOMINATE any niche.

Imagine this, you log into KuickList – but before you start creating content you need to pick which niche you are going to focus on. You let KuickList know and in just a few clicks you all the content you will ever need.

In just one more click you can fire this out to your website and social media – or build 100’s of blogs and point them to your money site for that extra ranking juice.

I don’t need to tell you what to do with all that traffic now do I?

Simply put KuickList will turn you into a CONTENT MASTER, even as a total beginner.

To be honest, thank you for reading my KuickList Review! See you later.