Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR Review – Honest Review

Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR Review

Brand New Intermittent Fasting Formula Blueprint + Complete Sales Funnel and Promotional Materials with Private Label Rights

Did You Know That The Total Weight Loss Market grew at an estimated 4.1% in 2018, from $69.8 Billion to $72.7 Billion in 2019?

And the total market is forecast to grow 2.6% annually through 2023!

The weight loss niche is a booming multi-billion dollar industry. And it’s EVERGREEN and highly profitable for many years to come.

So if you’re still not invested in the Weight Loss niche, you’re actually leaving A LOT of money on the table, and I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.

Today, you will learn how to build a Mega Health & Fitness Empire with raving customers WITHOUT paying through your nose or working your butt off to build your business from the ground up… while helping others experience “next level” transformation at the same time!

Intermittent Fasting is not only the “trendiest” weight loss search term in 2019, it was also prominently featured in a review article in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Instead of having to prepare your meals every 3-4 hours with a lot of food restrictions like most of the “old school” diet plans available out there…

Intermittent Fasting is a much easier alternative to stick to!

Everything is completely done for you and you’re all set to brand yourself as an authority in this niche without much effort!

I hope you see the market opportunity in this PLR Masterpiece… And guess what? This is also your chance to be your customers’ ‘superhero’ and they’ll love you for it!

Also, don’t forget that this excellent PLR can be an additional income stream for you!

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Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR Review



  • Product: Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR
  • Vendor: Yu Shaun
  • Launch Date: 2020-Apr-13
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $10
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR?

“INTERMITTENT FASTING FORMULA” is the ultimate blueprint to show you how to get ripped fast, burn stubborn belly fat and reap all the amazing health benefits.

This transformational blueprint contains everything you need to know about “Intermittent Fasting” – How to get started with Intermittent Fasting, learn how Intermittent Fasting works, the amazing mental and physical health benefits, diet protocols… and all the tips & tricks to get the best results out of this diet!

Information shared in this powerful system WORKS as long as there are massive execution and consistency. This system is created with 100% passion and uniqueness that is both Comprehensive & Effective!

This PLR package is also packed with a full-blown sales funnel plus all the necessary sales material to make your marketing effort to profit close to ZERO.

They’ve condensed all valuable information into a 10,000+ words, 70 pages value-packed book written in a way that is relatable, educational and easy to digest by our readers of any gender or age!

Simply said, Intermittent Fasting Formula is an extreme Diet Tool that your people will love!

Ultimately, this is your go-to fat loss blueprint to learn the fastest way to achieve your dream physique by following simple, step-by-step diet protocols.

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What are the great features of Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR?


  • The core benefits of intermittent fasting.
  • What is intermittent fasting – Why is it so popular and how is it different from other ways of dieting?
  • Safety protocols of intermittent fasting.
  • The intermittent fasting formula for rapid weight loss.
  • How to use the 24-hour “Eat-Stop-Eat” diet protocol.
  • And How to use the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet protocol.
  • How to maximize the results of your intermittent fasting regime.
  • And How to use some of the other popular intermittent fasting methods like alternate day, 20:4 and 5:2 methods.
  • How to introduce intermittent fasting into your life and how to get started successfully.
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
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Why should you buy Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR? – Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR Review

In fact, Intermittent Fasting is known as the most effective weight loss diet for top athletes!

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who have NO IDEA how it work!

So for anyone who is looking for the Best Diet Plan to lose weight, boost athletic performance and be in their BEST SHAPE ever… THIS IS THE SOLUTION they have been looking for!

A business package that enables you to be an authority figure in the online marketplace with just a few clicks!

All you need to do is grab your copy, edit, upload, and SELL! That simple!

You don’t have to go through the hassles to outsource graphic design or write tedious sales copy & You get a Complete Package!

It’s pretty simple to get started.

This Package is IN-DEMAND and something that marketers will gladly spend their money on.

All you have to do is to grab full private label rights to rebrand and resell the entire course as your own!

You don’t have to worry about any type of product creation or dealing with setting up a sales letter. This is completely plug and play!

You can get everything you need to profit right away!


To be honest, thank you for reading my Intermittent Fasting Formula PLR Review! See you later.