HyperQuizLists Review – More Leads Sales with 30-Sec Quizzes

HyperQuizLists Review

Smartest, Fastest & Most Fun Way To Build Huge Email Lists

In today's era, building an email list is super expensive and time consuming. Just forget about Facebook Ads, Google ads and opt-in pages.

You've got your List and Mailing is a great way to keep in touch with your audience. However, in 2022 you have to get creative because people are just too skeptical of all the spam and scam out there.

In this era of AI-powered marketing, you don't have to be a content marketer & have a complicated strategy. You can just focus on your product, provide amazing customer support that's fast & efficient.

Alternately, you may spend all of eternity producing articles, podcasts, and films in the hopes that someone will stumble across you and join your list. But what's this? In 99.9% of cases, they don't.

People constantly seek approval in many areas of their lives, including relationships, occupations, and lifestyles.

And they don't hesitate to divulge their email address in order to receive that certification. They go above and beyond to share it on social media with their friends and family as well.

What if you could use this ability to expand your email list? a test that, in a matter of days or weeks, may net you 10,000, 1000, or even 100,000 new email subscribers?

The Smartest, Fastest, and Most Enjoyable Way To Quickly Generate 10,000s Of Buyer Leads That Love You, Buy From You, and Share Your Stuff is using Hyperquizlists!

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HyperQuizLists Review


Overview – HyperQuizLists Review

  • Product: HyperQuizLists
  • Vendor: Ram Rawat
  • Launch Date: 2022-Oct-07
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $20
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is HyperQuizLists?

Hyperquizlists is the easiest way to generate buyer leads, engage customers and keep buyers on your website for longer. This online quizzes are simple, yet fun and hugely effective. Hyperquizlists is the secret sauce to a successful lead generation strategy.

This is an unique and ground-breaking app that generates 10,000's of buyer leads fast just by posting lame 30 second quizzes without any tech skills, copy or paid traffic.

You were considered when creating HyperQuizLists. It is intended to be the final quiz maker you will ever require. They are convinced that it will alter your course in the same way that it did for them.

A viral method that is rarely employed and is shunned by most marketers for unknown reasons is 10 times more effective than anything else.

You can rule any market or sector and amass a sizable email list of devoted followers that adore you, support you financially, and spread the word about you!

You may effortlessly generate 1000s of targeted leads on autopilot while others struggle to get just a handful each day!

You don't require copywriting experience, dazzling funnels, tech abilities, or squeeze pages. You don't have to spend any money on advertisements.

In fact, you may begin right away for nothing!

Without using paid advertisements, computer expertise, or any prior experience, you can now produce tens of thousands of leads for any offer, good, or service!

It makes no difference what industry you're in or what kind of goods or services you offer. With the aid of Hyperquizlists, you may increase leads, traffic, and purchases automatically!

Read more in my HyperQuizLists Reviews.

What are the great features of HyperQuizLists? – HyperQuizLists Review

Completely Cloud-Based Software

Nothing needs to be installed on your end. As long as there is an internet connection, all you need to do is sign up to access their software from anywhere on the planet!

5 Effective Templates for Viral Quizzes That Sell for You

They have developed five effective quiz templates that have a huge conversion rate. These templates have been put to the test and shown to automatically create leads, sales, and traffic!

The Engagement Quiz – The question in this quiz is a Yes/No choice to pique the prospect's interest and divide them.

Create polls with The Poll Quizz to get feedback from potential customers. They can also enter responses to questions.

The Score Quizz – Create a quiz and provide the answers. The score is automatically determined and shown when the prospect completes the test.

The “Review Rater” is the surveyor in this quiz. Add rating-based quiz questions. The prospect may rate each question and then proceed to the following one.

The Response Pumper: This one produces a crazy amount of response! This is a straightforward multiple-choice quiz with questions and answers. HyperQuizLists Review

Gather Highly Entertaining Leads Throughout The Quiz!

You can collect leads with this effective tool at any point during the quiz. So, regardless of how they respond to the first or last question, you can be certain that you will never again lose a lead!

Even before they begin the quiz, encourage individuals to join your list! Alternatively, ask them to choose to see their test results after the quiz. Alternatively, when they are very interested in the quiz, ask them to opt in.

Add pictures, videos, and create questions that you like.

You can add pictures and videos with their simple drag-and-drop editor to your quiz. The questions and responses can also be altered to suit your preferences. Just

1-Click Embed Quizzes To Any Site Or Page

With only a few mouse clicks and their built-in 1-click embed tool, you can easily add your quiz to any website or web page. You only need to copy and paste one line of code to finish!

Their program will function for you whether you use WordPress, Clickfunnels, Shopify, basic HTML sites, or any other platform!

Include Your Own Unique Logo and Branding

Imagine growing YOUR brand while generating leads, traffic, and revenues automatically. Thanks to HyperQuizLists, this is now achievable. All you need to do to get started is brand your quiz with your unique logo.

Create A Custom Thank You Page Or Offer To Earn Commissions Right Away!

You can direct people who take your quiz to a personalized thank you page where you can promote a product, service, or anything else you like. You may quickly generate sales and commissions while simultaneously growing your list!

100% Mobile Responsive & Fully Customizable

Your quiz will display beautifully on any device since HyperQuizLists is 100% mobile responsive. Additionally, their software may be completely customized to look as you like!

Support for several languages—add any language you choose!

You can add whatever language you desire to your quiz using their built-in language translation feature. So your quiz can now be seen by people all across the world! No longer do you have to be concerned about language difficulties!

Organize, Control, and Export Leads From One Dashboard

You can effortlessly store and manage all of your leads from a single dashboard thanks to their integrated lead management system. You only need to check in to their program to access a central list of all your leads! Additionally, you may export them into a CSV file with a single click.

Automatic & Manual Emailing Is Built-In To All Subscribers

Create emails that are sent out automatically to participants in your survey. Follow up with them automatically, invite them to share your quiz, sell them things, send them deals, and more!

Additionally, you can manually email participants in your survey. Just sign in, write your message, then email it using their program!

SYNC Leads To Your Desired Autoresponder Automatically

Their software will automatically sync all of your leads to the third-party autoresponder of your choosing once you add it. so that you may get in touch with them after they leave their platform.

Email Campaigns Done For You That Are Ready To Profit!

Uncertain of what to advertise to your new list? You can send done-for-you email promotion campaigns to your list by just logging into their program.

You'll receive the identical offers, swipe copy, and email sequence that has generated over $25,000 in commissions for us and has been shown to convert. Simply copy, paste, and click “send”!

Conversion Boosters That Double, Triple, Quadruple, or Even Fifth Your Profits!

To your quiz, you may quickly include timeframes, attention bars, and unique notes. This instills a sense of urgency and scarcity that will motivate consumers to sign up for your survey. You only need to add a few lines of code to finish off your quiz!

Increase the Level of Polls, Audience Opinion, Feedback, and Targeting

Their software enables you to conduct surveys, gather audience feedback, solicit suggestions, and do much more. Gather important information from your target audience, ascertain their needs, then satisfy those needs! You may make a LOT of money just using this straightforward method!

You Can Get Highly Targeted Traffic With Automatic Lead Segmentation.

Based on their responses, their software will automatically segment your leads. As a result, you may send them emails, material, and offers that are highly targeted and relevant to them. You may now send them personalized emails instead of merely generic ones, which will result in considerably higher open and click-through rates.

With their SMART Share Technology, instantly go viral!

To view their findings and score, encourage quiz participants to share the quiz on social media. People are eager to share their score with their peers and enjoy to see their results!

In just a few days, you can become viral using their SMART Share Technology! This is one of their software's MOST POWERFUL features, and it has the potential to earn you A LOT of money!

Track Everything & Make Changes Right Away

You can keep track of how many people take your quiz, how many opt in, what they answer, and much more. Understanding what is working and what is not working requires the use of this data.

Who is HyperQuizLists for? – HyperQuizLists Review

Affiliate marketers and newcomers that want to begin with lead generation and internet marketing

Quizzes are a great addition for seasoned marketers that want to increase leads, traffic, and revenue.

Blog and website owners that wish to boost their audience engagement & traffic

​Product designers that want to make a big splash with their launches! and increase sales

​Service companies looking to expand their customer base and revenue

​Owners of online stores who wish to boost their conversion rates and average order values

Local business owners who desire to expand their consumer base & revenue

Aiming to increase their clientele are coaches, consultants, and freelancers.

ANYONE who desires to increase leads, traffic, and sales! For anyone looking to increase their traffic and lead generation as well as their sales and commissions, HyperQuizLists is the best option. HyperQuizLists Review

How does it work? – HyperQuizLists Review

In just 3 easy steps, you can create an engaging quiz that increases leads, traffic, and revenue for your business: 

Step #1: Select

Choose the finest quiz template from their five high-converting options.

Step#2 – Customize

Add your own branding, colors, photos, and logos when customizing. Use their dfy question banks or add your own.

Step#3: Make money continuously

With just one click, publish your quiz, distribute it globally, and watch the leads and commissions pour in. It really is that simple! This program alters the playing field. Nothing else like it is available in the market. Even a 10-year-old could use it because it's so simple!

Funnel Detail – HyperQuizLists Review

Front End ($17)

Make viral leads that you may turn into customers and sales.

Five effective hidden app tools to beat the opposition

1-Click embedding of quizzes on any website

Create buttons with your affiliate links to earn large commissions.

Quick lead creation with quizzes' most engaging format

Control leads from a single dashboard

Automatic and manual emailing built-in

DFY email campaigns built-in

Starting Quizzes & List Building in 3 Easy Steps

Built-in timers and scarcity-based attention bars

Take polls, audience feedback, surveys, and targeted

Lead segmentation for better results

A tool for viral sharing is provided.

In a single dashboard, complete analytics and reporting

OTO1 ($37)

4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version.

100% Approval

Extra Affiliate Campaigns

Unlimited Custom Domains

100% Commissions

Unlimited Leads

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited SMTP Profiles

Unlimited Automation Workflow

Automated Daily Reports

Advanced Reporting

COMMERCIAL RIGHTS INCLUDED – Provide Services To Others And Charge Them Any Fee



OTO2 ($47)

Create Your Own VIRAL Social Micro Videos From ANY Online Video, Including The Oldest And Lamest

With just one click, you can schedule hundreds of videos for Facebook and Instagram, which will continue to generate free traffic for months.

Suitable For Hundreds Of Other Types Of Video Content, Video Ads, And Viral Videos

Multiple Videos From One (Upto 20) In One Click, Mico-Videos

Edit Every Video in Bulk With Just One Click

Includes Commercial License


Without Commercial License

OTO3 ($47)

Create a ton of captivating, well-liked YouTube videos to advertise your products and websites.

Copy The quickest, simplest, and silliest way to draw tens of thousands of YouTube visitors per day!

You will also get their EXACT step-by-step instructions and BEST technique for promoting your shorts quickly.

Commercial License Included


Without Commercial License

OTO4 ($37)

Build Trust With Your Subscribers/Buyers

Plug-N-Play With Their DFY Emails Today

Provide Quality Content To Your Subscribers

Increase Your Open & Click Rates

Get More Sales & Conversions


Without Commercial License

OTO5 ($147)

Use Their Sales Materials For Best Conversions

Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of HyperLists

They'll Handle Support Of Your All Clients

Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Reseller Dashboard in 1 Click

Low 1-Time Fee During The Launch Period

Why should you buy it? – HyperQuizLists Review

Take advantage of quizzes' ability to go viral and be seen by millions of people!

You may make popular quizzes with HyperQuizLists that have been shown to draw users in and encourage them to take your test. Additionally, these quizzes have been shown to be extremely shareable, allowing you to reach millions of people with just a few clicks!

Get Thousands Of Buyer Leads In Any Niche Within Days!

You can simply generate TENS OF THOUSANDS of leads using HyperQuizLists for any offer, good, or service. Imagine being able to amass a sizable email list of individuals who are eager to learn more about what you have to offer!

Freely Direct Vast Amounts Of Targeted Traffic To Any Offer!

Never again be concerned about traffic! You can quickly drive HUGE quantities of targeted traffic to any offer for FREE using HyperQuizLists. With just a few clicks, you'll obtain all the traffic you require while everyone else is fighting to get any!

10x Your Commissions & Sales!

Utilizing HyperQuizLists' effective quiz funnels, you may 10x your sales and commissions. Any quiz may simply be modified to include buy buttons, upsells, and downsells to maximize revenue per visitor.

Totally Beginner Friendly & Simple to Use. NO Design or Coding Experience Necessary!

HyperQuizLists is completely user-friendly for beginners. To make stunning quizzes that convert, you don't need any design or technical expertise. You'll be up and running in no time if you simply follow their straightforward 3-step method!

Save money and time. No need to hire copywriters, IT wizards, or designers!

By using HyperQuizLists to create your quizzes, you may avoid spending thousands of dollars on technology, design, and copywriting. Utilize their ready-made quiz templates to save countless hours of time. It's the quickest and simplest way to make quizzes that convert well!

View Results in Just 24 Hours!

With HyperQuizLists, results can be seen in as little as 24 hours, in contrast to conventional traffic strategies that might take weeks or even months to produce results. More quickly you

For every offer, product, or service in any niche, get leads!

Regardless of the deal, item, or service you're promoting, HyperQuizLists may assist you in generating more leads and sales! Their effective & viral quiz campaigns have aided individuals in every sector in generating more leads & sales.

Easily Repeatable, Scaleable And Profitable!

You can quickly build numerous quiz funnels with HyperQuizLists for various offers and goods! Additionally, by simultaneously running several quiz campaigns, you can grow your business to new heights. If you put in only a few minutes of labor each day, consider the sales and commissions you could be earning!


They don't simply hand you a product and disappear. They work hard to keep the product getting better. Future free upgrades and new features will still be released by them!

Guaranteed 100% uptime and 24 hour support

Their staff is always willing to assist. They are available to help you whether you need assistance selecting the ideal photograph or video or have a query about one of their products.

To be honest, thank you for reading my HyperQuizLists Review! See you later.