Holiday SociPacks Review – Become a Local Hero This Holiday Season

Holiday SociPacks Review

Become a Local Hero This Holiday Season By Boosting Local Business Profits

My friend Alicia Lyttle was told it is impossible to make recurring income from local businesses without doing a ton of fulfilment work… she has proven everyone wrong!

Holiday SociPacks is a genius strategy where Alicia shows you how all it takes is just 45 minutes to set up this simple 3 step formula …that churns out buyer traffic, month after month…

Holiday SociPacks has become very popular with overworked local agency consultants.

That's because it's the perfect recurring income business, without the backbreaking monthly fulfilment for busy business owners…like you!

In only 45 minutes you can be generating new customers that desperate local restaurant owners will happily pay you monthly retainers for YEARS, directly impacting your bottom line.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Holiday SociPacks Review for more details.

Holiday SociPacks Review



  • Product: Holiday SociPacks
  • Vendor: Ivana Bosnjak
  • Launch Date: 2019-Nov-21
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Holiday SociPacks?

Holiday SociPacks is a Done-For-You package created for agency owners and their restaurant clients. You’re going to discover a secret method to churning out buyer traffic on complete autopilot, month after month, so that local restaurants happily pay you monthly retainers for YEARS.

1 – 50 done-for-you graphical posts in the 5 major events that happen in the Holiday season: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

2 – 32 done-for-you video posts for the holiday season: Christmas, Thanksgiving, General Holiday Theme.

Read more in my Holiday SociPacks Reviews.

What are the great features of Holiday SociPacks?

It will be a tour de force of actionable content like you've never seen!

So many marketers claim to have the answers… and maybe they do – but they aren't SHARING those answers with you.

They may give you a piece or two of the puzzle, but they never (in my experience) give you the full picture. That's what's different about Holiday SociPacks.

This is your chance to discover the EXACT and COMPLETE strategy that allows you to make Pay Her Monthly Retainers per client on autopilot, with this simple 3 step formula.

Take just 45 minutes to set up, and make recurring income from grateful local restaurant clients, month in month out.

This is a total gamechanger in the world of local marketing and a winning strategy to:

  • Get Recurring Local Clients With NO Selling Or Cold Calling
  • Charge Monthly Per Client For YEARS
  • Easy 45 Mins. Set Up
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Zero Out of Pocket Expense
  • Passive Income Without Leaving Your Home
  • And so much more…
Here's What You’ll Get Today

35 DFY Graphical Posts

35 Done-For-You Graphical Posts wishing customers a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year – perfect for keeping your client’s business at the top of their customers’ minds. Christmas, ​New Years

30 DFY Video Posts

30 Done-For-You Video Posts wishing customers a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year – video gets twice the engagement compared to images, so these professional videos will be sure to please your new clients

10 Promotional Images

10 Promotional Images for special offers at Christmas and New Year – these are ideal if your client has a seasonal discount or promotion that you want to promote for them.

30 Done-For-You Industry Specific Images for Christmas and New Year

Each one tested and optimized to generate the maximum amount of attention from customers on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Plumber, ​Roofer, ​Carper Cleaner, ​Pest Control, ​Dentist, Chiropractor, ​Auto, ​Spa, ​Accountant, ​Eyecare, Moving, ​Lawyer, ​Painter, ​Realtor, ​Restaurant

Live Masterclass

LIVE Masterclass on how to run effective Christmas & New Year Holiday marketing campaigns for local businesses

  • How to use these done-for-you graphics to get new clients
  • Foot in the door strategy to contact local businesses
  • Out of the box ideas to help local businesses with their Holiday marketing
  • How to use these done-for-you graphics for your current clients
  • And How to use the Holidays to showcase your skills to gain you long term clients
  • How to incorporate our other programs (Checkin, Viral) into the holiday season
Demo Video

Demo Video


Why should you buy Holiday SociPacks?

If you like the idea of creating a simple online business that runs 24/7 and you get paid by desperate local restaurants for sending them new customers then this is for you.

No products to sell. No complicated techie stuff you have to learn and you don't even have to personally create content if you don't want to.

This is a brand new training that can easily generate you $2,500/week or more.

Perfect For Newbies

This is the perfect way to get your foot in the door of any business you choose over December. Business owners will be anxious to make the most of the Christmas period, but unsure as to how to drive more profits…

Enter YOU as their superhero!

And, if you already have access to one of our other foot-in-the-door programs, such as CheckIn SociMasters, Viral SociMasters, Restaurant SociGraphics or Local Coupon Formula, but still haven’t got started….

Adding in this Holiday service will make you so irresistible, small businesses won’t be able to resist taking you on.

Perfect For Existing Local Consultants

If you already have existing local clients, do you think, by increasing their profits over the Christmas season, you could ask for an increase in your monthly retainers?

You bet!

This is the perfect way to substantially boost your monthly retainers, without any objections from your clients….

After all, how can they resist when you’ll boost their profits by up to 20% in one month?


To be honest, thank you for reading my Holiday SociPacks Review! See you later.