HelloNews Review – AI App Creates Profitable News Sites In Seconds

HelloNews Review

Get paid just by sharing the news

The online marketing industry is buzzing due to the launch of HelloNews, a new method of earning that will make it easier for anyone to do. It is a revolutionary change in the way people earn online.

HelloNews is a proven method of making 100% passive profits online. It works the same way as leading online news sites that earn daily income. This is similar to how news-style websites make money. Each website is designed to passively earn through advertisements and offers.

This revolutionary new product lets anyone make money by taking advantage of news sites that are already popular around the world.

HelloNews is an exciting new software product that lets anyone tap into the hottest trend to hit the web in years. As you may know news sites currently dominate the web and many people are making a good income by being news publishers on the web, but until now this was very expensive and hard to set up. What sets HelloNews apart from other news systems is it runs on autopilot and requires no effort on your part. After initial setup, you will never have to log back in again.

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HelloNews Review



  • Product: HelloNews
  • Vendor: Rick Ng
  • Launch Date: 2022-Feb-17
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $18.95
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is HelloNews? – HelloNews Review

Over 12 months of development, this product has been tested and approved by marketers. It is a life-changing & completely passive income generator that will work in ANY niche.

HelloNews is a revolutionary new product that lets anyone make money by taking advantage of the news sites that are already popular around the world.

You can instantly launch profitable websites that can generate passive profits without writing a word of content.

  • 138 Viral Newsfeeds PLUS Custom RSS lets you set up a general or niche profit site for instant authority and ongoing passive profits.
  • Profit from self-updating websites in a variety of niches, such as sports, entertainment, finance, politics, technology, and so on.
  • Create geo-specific sites with material that is appropriate to different countries.
  • Without authoring a single word of content, you may literally monetize any pastime by targeting audiences based on their interests, region or both.

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What are the great features of HelloNews? – HelloNews Review

100% mobile responsive

Sites render perfectly across all devices

Self updating sites

Have your webpages update every 5 minutes, every 24 hours, or whenever you want them to.

List building

Add optin forms that work with any autoresponder.

Translate post

Content can be pulled from anywhere and translated into any language.

Text spinner support

Spinrewriter's direct integration allows you to spin posts into unique material for a major SEO boost.

Customer RSS support

Allows you to plug in any RSS feed for infinite sources of fresh content.

Complete content

Full articles, including feature images, are pulled from the source by the software.

Customer posts

Set specifications for publishing articles based on the length of the material and the keyboard.

Customize contents

Before posting, make changes to the title and content of the post.

Passive income

Increase revenues by substituting keywords with affiliate links automatically.

Custom engagement

For each automatic post, enable or disable comments and pingbacks.

Multiple post options

Any article can be turned into a post, attachment, modification, or menu item.

Funnel Detail

The front end of HelloNews is loaded with a powerful Cloud-based App and their proprietary Traffic Maker software.

This video training will teach users how to create automated websites that will generate leads and profits without paying ads.

Automated, Self-Updating Viral Websites

The Cloud based App lets users create authority news-style websites in any niche without any technical expertise or content creation.

The software pulls articles from 138 top news sites and automatically builds & automatically grows viral sites for users.

It supports both RSS feeds and fresh content.

Site updates are automatically generated and distributed to users from anywhere between 5 minutes to 24 hours.

A Proven Passive Income Solution

You can monetize their News sites through various means, such as: Amazon Advertising, Google AdSense, CPA links, and more.

They can even sell their own products through these sites. The included theme makes it so easy to monetize these sites.

The software also features an automatic keyword replacement tool that will allow users to automatically replace article keyword with affiliate links.

These in-article links are incredibly profitable and can increase your passive income significantly.

Built In Traffic System

Sites are optimized for search engine optimization and social sharing. They can also be spun into unique content with SpinRewriter.

Plus, he includes their award-winning TrafficMaker software on all his clients' websites.

Funnel Detail

HelloNews Review

Why should you buy it? – HelloNews Review

A passively monetized website doesn't involve selling anything. Instead, it pays the people who visit it simply by clicking on ads and checking out offers.

You don't need to create content or update your sites regularly. Just set up the basic framework and it's done.

The traffic is included, and it's 100% free. Unlike other systems, it uses a powerful traffic software that's been around for over 18 months.

HelloNews is a web app where you can set up a news sites in seconds and earn profits without writing any content. It is a complete system built by online marketers, tested with real time audiences that earned thousands of dollars in sales.

This product is perfect for business owners, bloggers, and marketers who want to automate their content creation. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can instantly create sites that drive traffic, leads & sales while generating passive income.

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