Hammock Suite Review – Last Online Marketing Suite You’ll Need

Hammock Suite Review

A ‘can't fail' system that's exciting, engaging and FUN

People dream about making money online.

Getting started is hard, overwhelming, frustrating and can SUCK.

This frustration and negativity is bad for the industry as a whole. When people are succeeding they have more money, more hope, freedom and passion!

With “Hammock Suite”, they've removed the frustration and overwhelm by doing 99% of the work for you. And that remaining 1%? They've gamified it in a way they've never seen done before.

When you buy Hammock Suite you'll get your hands on an entire start to finish make money system – plus the option to join their Hammock Suite challenge, giving you tangible missions to complete in order to acheive success online AND win some awesome physical rewards in the process!

  • You'll be rewarded with physical gifts! We'll be sending gifts to your door to keep you on track! (Internationally/No fees)
  • Completely beginner friendly! Literally anyone can do this, even if you've never earned anything online before!
  • Proven system tested on real people just like you with verifiable results. Rinse & repeat simplicity so you're guaranteed to succeed!
  • Everything you need is included in this one-time fee. Software tools, done for you resources, training + more. No hidden fees.
  • And SO MUCH MORE making this a unique & refreshing breakthrough in making money online. New, fresh & NOW!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Hammock Suite Review for more details.

Hammock Suite Review



  • Product: Hammock Suite
  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan
  • Launch Date: 2019-Dec-12
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Hammock Suite?

Hammock Suite is 14 years in the making that will show you how Affiliate Marketing using marketing lists works

  • Why you should be building lists (giving you a done-for-you SaaS)
  • How to do it safely (giving you softwarew access & training to easy traffic hack software tools)
  • And How to get traffic (giving you access to a brand new tool getting buyer leads for as little as a few cents)
  • How to automate, scale and grow
  • They've covered everything and will be looking for great resources to recommend to their members – including products to recommend you promote.

And by following their program (many of the milestones are granted just for showing up in a lot of cases), you'll be able to claim one of their Hammock Suite hammocks.

So once you're set up and automated – you'll be able to chill with a nice glass of something fruity and enjoy the breeze in your very own hammock.

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What are the great features of Hammock Suite? – Hammock Suite Review

  • Receive physical goods and prizes, just for ‘playing’ along and doing the course. Including free shipping to anywhere in the world.
  • Completely beginner friendly! This is something literally anyone can do, even if you've never earned anything online before!
  • Everything is included, from training to lead capture software, keyword research and video editing resources and software.
  • It’s like playing a game, watch a short (3-6 min) training video, complete the short (5-10 min) action and claim your reward. Everything falls into place like a beautiful puzzle!
  • All-in-one online business kit that makes getting online sales fun, easy & highly profitable (everything they need is included for one low fee)
  • TOTAL ‘shiny object syndrome’ KILLER! We give them what they need (training, tools etc) exactly when they need it, keeping things engaging and exciting!
  • It’s very clear and actionable. They’ll get a clear training video (3-6 mins) and an action task (usually 5-10 mins), watch, complete the task and claim your reward.
  • Proven results, people FINISH this course (78% of people who start it complete it with success, all the way to the end!)
  • It’s fun and playful, and some have even said addictive!
  • TRUE step-by-step training. Hammock Suite destroys overwhelm by only giving them exactly what they need when they need it. Each piece comes together to build their business smoothly and very easily.
  • No skills, knowledge or other software tools needed. Hammock Suite is created to have absolutely ZERO prior knowledge so nobody gets left behind.
Demo Video

Demo Video


Funnel Detail

Front End: Hammock Suite Access

Complete start to finish system for making money online, with step by step training and three easy to use software tools to guarantee your success.

PLUS … the deluxe level includes added training materials and an invitation to join the Hammock Suite Challenge. When you’re successful they ship a physical prize to your location, an exclusive Hammock Suite hammock and certificate.

You will receive the following in this all-inclusive suite:

Hosted & Managed DFY Funnels:

Your choice of 5 (with 70 different niche funnels to choose from) completely done for you/managed affiliate marketing funnels (they do EVERYTHING for you, including pages built, hosted and lifetime email promos sent on your behalf with their affiliate links on all pages and in all promos forever)

YT Engine Software Access:

Never-before released YouTube ad targeting software suite (it discovers untapped goldmines for a few cents per lead)

Generate targeted YouTube video channel audits, with export function

Find laser targeted audiences and exact channels for cheap ads

YT keyword generator, dominate niches a month with this add-on (each function has 10 search credits per month for starter members – or 60 per month for our deluxe members)

Traffic Ivy Membership:

Alternative traffic software membership, allows you to test your campaigns with free traffic first and then take winning campaigns to (cheaply) paid for REAL results

Hammock Suite Shortcut (Video Series):

Step by step video training showing you how to use this suite of software, perfect for complete beginners.

Hammock Suite Challenge:

They have taken each action and broken it down into fun, manageable milestones.

Complete all of these community and mentor supported activities and they’ll ship you an exclusive Hammock Suite hammock (no shipping required).

NOTE: Digital ONLY version of the Hammock Suite course is limited to the following:

You’ll receive the series of step by step videos on one page (not drip fed or gamified) and access to the three easy to use software tools. PHYSICAL GIFTS, gamified challenges and contest prizes are not available at this membership level.

OTO1: Ultimate Survivor Stash ($27/m – $297 one time)

You receive:

  • Upgrades on all three software platforms giving you:
  • The addition of a fully hosted WordPress blog
  • The ability to capture email leads for themselves (instead of only hosted)
  • Added traffic credits for guaranteed/trackable blog shares and social shares
  • More DFY lead capture funnels
  • YT reverse engineering addon tool so you can see everything about your competitors videos including keywords, title, description and other details, and build your own ads based on that information, and do it fast using their inbuilt spin rewriter software tool
  • AND… Double challenge points for their ‘Caribbean Survivor Cruise Challenge’
  • In Jan 2021 one of their Wildfire Concepts community members (+1 friend) will join myself, their team and hundreds of top online marketers in an all expenses paid cabin on the most prosperous holiday ever … the marketers cruise!
  • This is an ongoing contest they are running in their Facebook group, you’ll earn twice as many points as other members (entries are earned based on engagement, completing challenges etc)

OTO2: Hammock Suite Whitelabel ($97 one-time)

Whitelabel members receive:

  • Export your YT Engine channel analysis reports
  • Unlimited searches unlocked for all features of the YT Engine software
  • Commercial licensing to distribute unlimited whitelabeled exported reports
  • Automatically whitelabel the exported reports with your own logo
  • Add-on: YT Editor, find and edit images and spin/rewrite descriptions and add CTA’s
  • Add-on: YT Backlinks, one click backlink finder from YouTube search engine
  • Channel Art: 120 (In all Major Niches)
  • Video Thumbnails Images: 500+ (In all Major Niches)
  • End Screen Template: (20 Alternatives)
  • Subscribe Animation: (20 Alternatives)
  • Logo opener Template: (20 to customise)
  • Lower Third Template: (500 To Choose From)
  • Countdown Timer Video Templates: (10 templates)
  • Motion Elements & Video Transitions: (30 templates)
  • All Come with Developer License

You can edit thumbnails, jpg’s, png’s etc in their inhouse image editor. All other Templates come in Power Point (PPT) file format ready for people to use/customise and create your ads.

NOTE: Their software provides unlimited searches, however each user’s account relies on connecting to Google’s API which has a generous cap of 5,000 daily searches (per account).

OTO3: Hammock Suite Reseller ($197)

Earn 100% commissions on all one-time products in the funnel, plus 50% lifetime commissions of all recurring products in the funnel.

Why should you buy Hammock Suite? – Hammock Suite Review

If you think the only way to succeed online is to slog away, harder than you do already at ‘work’ then it’s time to change up the tune

Its gonna change the face of doing Online Marketing FOREVER!

You already may have seen the BUZZ going around this from the beta group who’ve gone through the course, claiming their goodies and excitedly seeing a full online business pop up in front of their eyes!

Hammock Suite is a complete start to finish system for making money online, making the old style of learning look like a total money-sucking and time consuming joke.

This is everything you need to scale your business without turning your hair grey for… because there’s no need to worry about:

This easy to follow ‘game’ makes affiliate sales, list building and floods of traffic as simple as “go here, click this, paste there”.

  • Expensive monthly tools
  • Hiring third-party agents
  • Hit-and-trial methods
  • No product or training creation
  • Zero tech skills

It’s all included + delivered in a way that will blow your mind.

I’ve never seen anything faster, easier and smarter than this.

No messing around, no guesswork and no tricky complicated bits.

You’ll receive gifts like downloadable, done-for-you resources and high end software tools… as well as real, actual physical gifts shipped to your home.

Best part?

During this special Earlybird offer, you’re getting this complete training with super-awesome gifts for a low price that’s much lower than your coffee date.

So, I highly recommend you to get your hands on this like all serious & success hungry marketers do.


To be honest, thank you for reading my Hammock Suite Review! See you later.