Gyphio Review – The Most Unique Video Creation Software 2021

Gyphio Review

App creates videos that get passive traffic & earnings

“ChilledCow” are YouTube channels that post videos that consist of a static (usually animated) image and some kind of music on-going.

Whether you're familiar with the popular channels like ‘ChilledCow' or not…

The purpose of these channels and videos is to provide people with music to listen to when they want to ‘chill’ or study, work, meditate, sleep, etc. They aren’t really ‘watching’ the videos – but rather, listening to the music.

These videos then get a revenue share from YouTube, making upwards of $1,300 per video in some cases.

Just know that this brand new software does even MORE than allow you to create similar videos.

GYPHIO, their software, allows people to create similar videos/channels but takes it so much further.

This lets you rank on YouTube, Google and get traffic for free. These types of videos are getting MILLIONS of views. Create a video for ANY NICHE. Push the traffic and monetize however you want!

It allows them to choose an animated GIF, and royalty-free music in order to INSTANTLY create a video that they can upload to their YouTube channel!

The subsequent upsells unlock features that allow them to do even more things, such as host longer videos and even do 24/7 LIVE streams like ChilledCow.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Gyphio Review for more details.

Gyphio Review


Overview – Gyphio Review

  • Product: Gyphio
  • Vendor: James Renouf
  • Launch Date: 2021-Mar-29
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Gyphio? – Gyphio Review

Gyphio is the hottest software of 2021. Works for anyone that wants to get traffic to push to whatever it is they want online. Get millions of views for ANY niche.

Everyone listens to music and this works with ANY niche! There are so many ways. You can use this for ANYTHING!

GYPHIO is perfect for the little-known but lucrative “chillout” niche, it gives anyone the ability to produce short- and long-form videos with animations and background music!

GYPHIO is for anyone who wants to profit from easily and quickly producing unique “chillout” videos for themselves or clients.

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What are the great features of Gyphio? – Gyphio Review

With Gyphio you get Youtube and Gifs all in one and on demand. It is the largest potential viral possibility that exists.

These also rank incredibly well on Google. Google which owns YouTube wants what?

They want people on their platform. With videos like these people are watching and listening way more than any other type of video. Google rewards you for that.

Now you can rank for any niche! Nothing else ranks like these types of videos.

There’s probably a moment in your life where you’re struggling to focus on your business. You decided to search up “study music” or “concentration music” or “relaxing music” or “sleep music” on YouTube and there’s a high chance that you’ve come across these videos already.

EVERY niche would want to listen to music with the background gifs relating to them. It is a no brainer.

Maybe you like pump up music or death metal. They aren't here to judge. That is the beautiful thing. This works for ANY niche! Literally combine music with any niche and there will be people that want to watch and listen to YOUR videos.

You want to have relaxing music with images of local churches no problem. You want to show bodybuilders in the background with music go for it!

You think of it you can do it!

There are literally gifs that Gyphio will pull for ANY NICHE or keyword! The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Demo Video

Funnel Detail


  • Up to 3 minutes in length
  • Generate unlimited videos
  • Embed call to action
  • Use built-in GIF/music search
  • Commercial license

Upgrade#1 – GYPHIO PRO – Upsell $39, Downsell $29

  • Up to 10 minutes in length
  • All features of Front End plus
  • Generate title/desc/tags
  • Upload own GIF/mp4/mp3

Upgrade#2 – GYPHIO BOT – Upsell $39, Downsell $29

  • Autofetch title/desc/tags
  • Scheduling option
  • Perfect for large scale ops
  • Multiple YouTube accounts

Upgrade#3 – GYPHIO EVENT – Upsell $39, Downsell $29

  • Go live at same URL with OBS
  • Create events
  • Live event marketing training
  • OBS training included

Upgrade#4 – GYPHIO NICHE – $9

  • Monetization strategies
  • Niche ideas

Upgrade#5 – GYPHIO 100%

  • Paid throughout the funnel
  • 100% commission

Upgrade#6 – GYPHIO DPOD – $497

  • Full high-value training
  • Product creation course
Why should you buy it? – Gyphio Review

Most Of Them Don’t Even Have Any Movement. They Just Have A Static Image.

The Ones That People Truly Love However Have Some Type Of Movement Happening.

Usually It Is A Simple Graphic Repeating. Those Graphics Cost Thousands Of Dollar To Make! The Barrier Of Entry Is Huge.

Now You Can Get Into The Game In Minutes With Gyphio!

Look At The Views To Some Of These Types Of Videos!

People charge thousands of dollars in courses on how to try and make videos like Chilled Cow.

Now you can get millions of views on demand and for free. Push the viewers to whatever way you want to monetize! You can get it with no prior knowledge and with a click of a button!

Will you take the next step and invest in this epic shortcut, or will you back away and leave here today wondering WHAT COULD HAVE been?

To be honest, thank you for reading my Gyphio Review! See you later.