[PLR] Goal Setting Quotes Review – New Set of Social Posters with PSD Files

Goal Setting Quotes Review


I have some super valuable for you today…

I'm sure you've seen the “quote images” posted on blogs, Facebook, or anywhere else on the web.

Sometimes these quote images are fancy, and other times they're just a plain background and simple text.

What's most interesting is how powerful they can be for generating tons of viral autopilot traffic.

You post a few social posters on a Facebook page, and maybe sponsor the post (with paid advertising).

The ball starts rolling and then all of a sudden, people are sharing your post, spreading it around, and it's going viral.

You no longer have to pay a cent for traffic, and tons of people are seeing your post. It's evergreen, so it gets shared for months, and even years to come.

There's your brand name or URL on the quote image. And you're easily pulling in passive traffic all from that one small initial boost.

That's exactly what's being offered to you today. For under $10 total.

100 “quote images” or “social posters” based around the super evergreen topic of setting goals. All kinds of relatable, catchy quotes placed on top of images.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Goal Setting Quotes Review for more details.


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I. Goal Setting Quotes Review  – Overview

  • Product: Goal Setting Quotes
  • Vendor: Darren Ross
  • Launch Date: 2018-Apr-26
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $10
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Goal Setting Quotes?

A quote poster image is simply an eye capturing photo with a catchy and relatable quote or saying placed on top. People share them everywhere. You've probably even seen them.

By taking the images, they can share them anywhere they want, change them and add a URL or logo, or anything. After sharing them, they can market them and watch as they go viral. People see the image(s) and share with their audience. It continues to spread endlessly. Have a look at the

In this case, the package is based around the topic of Setting Goals and everything related to it. ​Planning, preparation, staying focused, habits, etc.

I personally hand picked these quotes, and with that in mind, you should know that I spent an extra bit of time finding quotes, saying, and statistics that will be the most enticing to audiences.​

​What this means is that they have more potential for being shared a ton and then of course going viral after that.

Read more in my Goal Setting Quotes Review.

III. What are the great features of Goal Setting Quotes?

Better yet, aside from traffic generation, you can do even more…

Here's a simple breakdown of the modules you'll receive in this graphics package.

  • Module#1: 100 Social Poster PNG Files
  • Module#2: 100 Social Poster PSD Files
  • Module#3: 100 Quotes XLS Spreadsheet

On top of that, you're also receiving a reseller kit and the PLR license to this package. This allows you to resell it as your own package while keeping 100% of the revenue generated.

Here are the reseller kit modules:

  • Module#4: Graphics Package w/ PSDs
  • Module#5: Front End Sales Page & Thank You Page
  • Module#6: HD Sales Video w/ Voice Over
  • Module#7: 5 Email Swipes For Promo
  • Module#8: Camtasia Video Project File
  • Module#9: License Package
  • Module#10: Setup Guide
IV. How does it work?

Demo Video


IV. Why should you buy it? 

The quotes used on the images were hand-picked to be the most marketable and viral-worthy. Meaning more people will end up sharing the inspiring images you post.

And then those people thare share your post will have people in their audience share the post, and the process continues to repeat.

All of this happens to spread YOUR image(s) and message.

There's even the editable PSD source files for Photoshop. Allowing you to easily change them, put your logo or URL on them, and anything else.

V. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Goal Setting Quotes Review! See you later.