Forrk Review – Create Websites And Mobile Apps For Restaurants

Forrk Review

App Creates & Sells ‘GrubHub-Like’ Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Over 200,000 restaurants have recently closed down in the US, many of which were struggling due to the lack of touchless menus. Many people simply don't feel safe eating in places that don't have touchless menus.

Many local restaurants that can’t implement mobile ordering & QR-Code menus are struggling to stay afloat. The reason is, they are being charged exorbitant fees by the big tech companies. is a tech startup that helps restaurants thrive in the ongoing pandemic. It lets users run a restaurant marketing agency that sells GrubHub-like technology.

Forrk is a mobile app development company that creates websites and mobile apps for restaurants. It lets users create interactive menus and order food online.

This is an app that runs a marketing agency business for restaurants. Cloud-based and mobile, this app lets new restaurateurs and their marketing team run the whole business in a less expensive and more automated way, with far greater results. Forrk is the first cloud app with AgencyRights included that helps restaurant marketing agencies succeed faster, produces better results, is less expensive to own and maintain, makes it easier to recruit & train new people, & makes it easier to be bought by owners or investors.

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Forrk Review



  • Product: Forrk
  • Vendor: Ben Murray
  • Launch Date: 2021-Dec-16
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Forrk? – Forrk Review

Forrk is a startup that created a mobile-optimized version of the GrubHub-like restaurant menu system. It lets users order and pay for food at local restaurants.

Forrk is the first cloud app that helps restaurants get started with their restaurant marketing agency business. It simplifies the work of restaurant owners by providing them with everything they need to run a successful operation.

This app is a smart way to create mobile restaurant websites, QR-code-based menus, and e-commerce apps that work seamlessly across platforms.

Get started with Reputation Management and enhance your local businesses' online reputation with our proprietary technology. This tool will help boost your clients' local profile rankings and generate more leads.

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What are the great features of Forrk? – Forrk Review

  • QR-Code Touchless Menu & Ordering Systems – Create a smart QR-Code Menu that will allow customers to order and view food without having to enter their email address or phone number.
  • Gorgeous Restaurant & Menu Themes – Menu & Restaurant Themes are the easiest way to get started with a food agency. These are the most beautiful and functional HTML themes for restaurants and food niches.
  • Point-n-Click Easy Customization – Create stunning QR code menus & restaurant websites with point-n-click easy customization.
  • Food Order and Delivery Analytics – Order and Delivery Analytics helps the restaurant owner keep track of all of your mobile payment orders.
  • Integrate Client’s Payment Processors – This module lets users order food and pay for it online from their smartphones. It works seamlessly with local restaurants’ payment processors.
  • High-Converting Product Customization – High-Converting Products Customization allows you to customize all of the features of each product, including descriptions, images, and layout options.
  • Find Prequalified Restaurant Leads – Forrk leads are used by users to find qualified restaurants that require Forrk services. It connects them to users who are looking for local restaurants.
  • Agency + Commercial Rights Included – This app is for sale if you want to sell or get access to it for a monthly fee. It lets users place orders and pay for food in local restaurants.
  • & so much more like
  • No Contact – Help Restaurants Go ‘Contactless’
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Fully Cloud-based
  • Easy to Use + In-App Tutorials
  • Add Product Variations
  • DFY Site & Domain Hosting
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Funnel Detail

Front End:

Forrk Enterprise – $47.00

Reputation Management Software helps you manage and enhance your local businesses' online reputation. It combines advanced technology with proven methods to generate warmed-up leads.


OTO#1: Forrk Professional – $97.00

Forrk is an advanced version that allows you to create unlimited stores, create multiple products & menu items, and add recommended & add-on products.

DFY Site Types: Group products into tiers, add combo offers, send bulk notifications, and more.

DS 1: Forrk Professional-Lite – $57.00

A lighter version of Forrk Professional for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

OTO#2: Forrk DFY – $197.00

Their team will help you get started with your restaurant agency with the proper supplies and one-on-one support. With their help, you will be successful in your restaurant agency.

DFY restaurant agency website comes with an ecommerce cart, which allows you to store products and manage features.

Learn how to run an agency long term using our VIP masterclass. They'll also show you how to create and implement Facebook ads that target local restaurant clients.

50 DFY restaurant stores with common food items already setup to easily plug-n-play. One-on-One help is provided by an experienced team member, who will explain everything you need to know to get started.

DS#2: Forrk DFY-Lite

A lighter version of Forrk DFY with fewer features for a lower cost

OTO#3: Forrk Elite

This most advanced edition of Forrk includes:

Unlimited team member access
Add unlimited agency clients at once
DFY resellers rights – resell Forrk with their DFY funnel
The ability with custom domain, logo, and colors to fully whitelabel the app
Get a set to start getting agency clients.
Agency VIP bonuses

DS#3: Forrk Elite-Lite

A lighter version for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

OTO#4: Forrk – Rewardsly Unlimited Special

Extra features to Rewardsly, a revolutionary cloud app that enables businesses to create and sell loyalty programs and gift cards. It comes with agency rights so that subscribers can run their own private label business.

OTO#5: Forrk – PlayPix Unlimited Special

PlayPix is a revolutionary cloud video creation tool that allows anyone to create stunning and studio-quality videos in minutes. It's a must-have for anyone wanting to create video content for any purpose.

Why should you buy it? – Forrk Review

In the midst of the pandemic, many local restaurants are struggling to stay open. To help them stay afloat, a new app called Forrk is being developed.

New users get monthly fees that allow them to start their own restaurant marketing agency. This app is like GrubHub except with a lot more features and better tech.

Forrk is a cloud app that runs a restaurant marketing agency business for you. It uses human-reviewed ingredients and nutritional facts from its built-in ingredients database, plus what you add yourself via an API key. Forrk then creates all the items you need to run your restaurant business including print & digital ads for you to sell your food via the app.

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