FBEngagr Review – Viral FB Traffic, ZERO Ad Budget

FBEngagr Review


Your organic Facebook posts aren’t getting you the traffic you deserve and you don't know why that. The platform is severely limiting the reach of unpaid posts, because it wants you to pay for ads.

Finally, you can discover the secrets of free Facebook traffic here! It's FBEngagr. Now you can grab traffic in any niche. They’ve all seen how well that works and this revolutionary software uses the same tricks Facebook uses… And inside the software, plug in the AUTOMATED funnel builder to convert it into qualified leads and sales. WITHOUT paying another dime on ads. Get quality traffic…viral shares…more leads and sales in ANY niche.

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I. FBEngagr Review  – Overview

  • Product: FBEngagr
  • Vendor: Victory Akpos
  • Launch Date: 2017-Nov-13
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is FBEngagr?

FBEngagr is simply a POWERFUL cloud based software and the First Ever Facebook Poll Engagement Builder Tool In Their Industry.

It boosts Customer Engagement, Increase Sales and Conversion and with a user friendly image editor, that lets you build Eye-catching Poll-Like campaigns on Facebook… It has been proven over time.

And with the ability to as well build a customer list based on the offer in the poll they respond to, with FBEngagr you are able to automaticly set response with sales messages to every potential client that comments on your poll campaigns on Facebook.

Read more in my FBEngagr Review.

III. What are the great features of FBEngagr?

  • Poll Post/Ad Builder With Automated Funnels
  • Instant Campaign Editor
  • Create Campaign in seconds…
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Sell Products, Collect Leads, and Go Viral in a More Interactive Way & on Social Media Instantly.
  • Create Two Type Of Campaign (RATE OR VOTE CAMPAIGN)
  • One Click Post To Facebook Fanpage.
  • One Click Image Upload Option.
  • Access to Over 20 Million High Quality Photos in Image Library.
  • Autopost To All Fanpages and Profile.
  • Private Autoreply to Comments on Post.
  • Online Image Editor
  • Ready Made Campaign Templates In Different Niches.
  • CTA Builder
  • Poll/Vote Stats
IV. How does it work?

By using curiosity to attract your best prospects, this brand new software beats Facebook at its own game, then turn them into leads and buyers.

Here’s how:

  • Users then go through an AUTOMATED funnel that turns targeted prospects into leads & sales
  • FBEngagr creates simple one-question poll posts that are PROVEN to engage your best audience
  • While building your list and making sales … at the same time, so you grab quality traffic WITHOUT paying.
  • This software works in any niche. That you can scale with retargeting and post boosts when you’re ready.
  • Included templates and automation let you set up profitable campaigns in minutes …
  • And because the software uses the SAME psychological triggers as Facebook, it’s update-proof. There’s a LOT more under the hood
  • Traffic, leads and sales on demand … any niche, any time.

Demo Video


V. Why should you buy it?

Why Your Customers Need A Facebook Poll Builder?

Facebook is huge. Popular. And greedy.

So if you want a piece of its massive traffic, get ready to fork over some serious cash for ads.

With every update, Facebook is becoming more “pay to play”.

People are curious – and Facebook got so big by tapping into that. BUT … Facebook grew so fast because of human psychology.

Engaging users on Facebook leads to sales!

That allows you to quickly capture your target audience while scrolling your newsfeed and generate leads, sales and repeated buyers.

This is why they are excited to Introduce “FBEngagr”…

It's The BEST engagement & MOST interactive tool you need to drive hoards of free or cheap traffic, leads & sales.

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my FBEngagr Review! See you later.