Facebook Local Raider Review – Rank Place On Facebook’s New ‘Local Directory’

Want an in-demand service that sells itself to local consulting clients?

Then you need to read the case studies on this page carefully because I'm about to walk you through a simple service that rookie consultants are being paid $3,000/month to provide.

This service requires, you don't need:

  • SEO
  • Spending money on Facebook ads
  • Complicated software
  • Hard selling or cold calling
  • Coding or technical knowledge
  • Previous experience
  • Meeting biz owners in person

In fact you can get hired by as many clients as you want each paying $3,000/month to provide this service from your home computer… without ever even having to speak to the biz owners who are paying you.

You see, in order to compete with Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Places – Facebook has launched its own local directory and local marketing services. This move have been getting a lot of press, and local biz owners are taking notice:

Facebook's local platform is so new that none of the big social media marketing agencies are even offering this service yet giving smaller consultants the opportunity to get in on this early.

 Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Facebook Local Raider Review for more details.


I. Facebook Local Raider Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Luther Landro
  • Product: Facebook Local Raider
  • Niche: Software
  • Launch Date: 2017-Apr-25
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

II. What is Facebook Local Raider?

Here are 3 Local Facebook services that top consultants currently offer clients for a total fee of $3,000/month (plus an initial set up fee of $5,000):

Facebook local service 1: Facebook nearby places directory

Facebook has created a mobile directory similar to Yelp that shows users nearby restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops, and anything else that a user might want right on their mobile device

This is fast becoming THE go-to way for patrons to find restaurants, hair salons, bars, and many other ‘in the moment’ businesses. These are customers who are READY to walk in and do business, there is NO hotter prospect for a business owner!

Facebook Service 2: Location based push notifications

Facebook has also introduced a system that allows a business owner to reach out to people who are nearby their location with a special offer.

Anytime a customer is within range of an establishment, they see the establishment's special offer right on top of their mobile newsfeed:

Facebook service 3: Local business check-in

Like 4-square and yelp, Facebook has introduced a check-in system where customers can check into a location and share it with their friends.

When a customer checks in using the facebook app on their phone, they get subscribed to the business's page, and recieve regular updates and promotions. This is the fastest way to turn every customers into a repeat customer, growing your client's business. (PLUS: When a customer checks-in, their Facebook friends see it on their news feed, providing social proof and free advertising for you client.)

Read more in my Facebook Local Raider Review.

III. What are the great features of Facebook Local Raider?

The Facebook Local Raider System is a complete Facebook local marketing agency in a box. This is everything you need to find clients, sell clients, and provide them with a service they keeping paying for month after month.

Take a look at just some of the things you are getting inside this system:

First you are getting my ‘fast rank' Facebook directory checklist.

This checklist is guaranteed to rank your client's page to the top of Facebook's local directory if you follow every step

In my Facebook Local Raider Review, you can follow this yourself to quickly service clients, or give it to an outsourcer or virtual assistant to do all the work for you.

Clients will be amazed and happy to pay your monthly fee once you get them ranked in Facebook’s new directory.

IV. How does it work?

Consulting clients want RESULTS.

The Facebook Local Raider system includes a checklist that you can follow to get any business owner’s location showing up at the top of Facebook in as little as 2 days.

The included flyer templates will have their customers using Facebook's ‘Check-in' system as soon as your client starts using them.

YOUR clients will see more customers and more revenue within days of using the materials in this course.

Sure, you could try to ‘figure out' the steps in this checklist, or pay some designer $500 or more to create these flyers for you. You could try to find an outsourcer who provides even half the services that you are getting done for you in the Facebook Local Raider System…

But why spend all that time and money trying to figure it out when I have already done the work for you?

Why risk failing to deliver for a client on your own when you could have just used this system to get RESULTS for you clients in days rather than weeks or months?

V. Why should you buy Facebook Local Raider?

Why being a ‘Facebook Local' consultant is easier than an ‘SEO consultant' – SEO is competitive and has gotten nearly impossible over the last few years. Unlike trying rank a client in Google, Facebook's local directory requires:

  • NO Backlinks or Offsite optimizations – Every step to ranking a client's business is done right on their page.
  • And NO Waiting to see results – While SEO can take weeks or months to see results, with Facebook Local, your clients see results in days.
  • Or NO Competition – This service is brand new and NO ONE is currently offering it to business owners.
  • NO Guesswork – Facebook has spelled out what a business needs in order to appear in their results (unlike Google which changes constantly)

VI. Conclusion

Click on the add to cart button below, fill out your PayPal information on the next page and click buy button. After you complete your checkout, you will be given immediate access to The Facebook Local Raider System

To be honest, so thank you for reading my Facebook Local Raider Review! See you later