EZLocal Review – A Smart Automated Service Booking System

EZLocal Review

How to win in the local market

Would you want your consumers to be able to book your services online if you were to launch a local service-based business right now?

I know I would, as the more people I could work with the more convenient my business is.

Many people have no problem making appointments over the phone or in person, but some people just don't have the time.

It would be much simpler for those people to simply make an appointment online.

Because of this, firms who use online booking systems get an average 27% boost in income.

In actuality, 46% of all local service appointments are arranged online.

The result is that roughly half of all local businesses' prospective customers are lost because they don't use internet booking systems.

And what's this?

The vast majority of small-business owners in the area are totally ignorant of these facts.

Why then do I tell you this? I'm happy you inquired.

See, you could essentially quadruple these business owners' audience over night if you helped them put up online booking systems to sell their services!

And now, owing to a brand-new program called EZLocal, there is an incredibly simple way that you can do this.

It is presented to you by Neil Napier and his crew, some of my favorite local marketing authorities.

With the help of the fantastic piece of software known as EZLocal, local companies can make simple-to-use online booking pages to promote and book appointments for their services.

Then, they can post links to these pages everywhere online, including on social media and their own websites. Then, in less than 3 minutes, anyone who is interested in the services can book them online.

It is easy, quick, and practical. Normally, scheduling appointments for local providers would entail protracted phone calls, needless form filling, or an in-person visit.

It can be highly time-consuming and frustrating. All of that frustration is eliminated by EZLocal, which also makes it simple for consumers to set appointments for whatever services they require.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my EZLocal Review for more details.

EZLocal Review


Overview – EZLocal Review

  • Product: EZLocal
  • Vendor: Neil Napier
  • Launch Date: 2022-Aug-13
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is EZLocal?

EZLocal is a tried-and-true system that offers the most comprehensive appointment scheduling software for agencies and local marketers of all levels, as well as a step-by-step formula for growing any firm in any niche (up to 120% in some circumstances).

The most comprehensive appointment scheduling tool for businesses and local marketers of all levels is EZLocal.

The best thing is that clients are happy to spend $700 to have it implemented for them because it has been tried and true in the field. Additionally, no specialized expertise, copywriting, or developer abilities are needed. And simply needs a few minutes to start up.

The commercial license is provided, allowing you to easily make money online by providing appointment scheduling services to nearby companies.

Read more in my EZLocal Reviews.

What are the great features of EZLocal?

An all-inclusive lead creation and sales system for your company and your clientele

Automate your company, provide local businesses with a full “set-and-forget” high-ticket solution, and get paid each month.

There is no need for expertise or technical training!

Create customized reservation pages for any service-based enterprise.

enabling 24/7 online booking for customers

With only one click, alter your appointment calendar and booking page.

Share your Smart Booking Link on social media, email, or any other channel to take reservations.

Sync all of your staff members' calendars with the available times.

Notifications are sent to customers to remind them of appointments and to provide bargains, coupons, and discounts.

Staff members should receive automatic notifications.

Utilize PayPal, Stripe, or our POS system to accept cash or credit card payments from your clients online or offline.

Make all client data accessible, including notes, gift certificates, previous services or purchases, and much more.

Create a membership company and add reward points to membership to promote repeat purchases, provide free trials, special promo coupons, or daily offers.

Customers can book services and lessons online through your client portal, as well as purchase products, memberships, gift cards, and packages.

Payable from any location in the world. All of the major currencies are supported by EZLocal.

Free Commercial License: To get a good side income, provide managing booking & appointment services to neighborhood companies.

Simple to use for both new and seasoned marketers

top-notch training and client support. Get unique access to video training resources and customer support for all of your inquiries from our team of experts.

Included is a commercial license. Manage appointments and online bookings for various businesses while charging them a hefty fee each month.

An automated appointment scheduling system may help local businesses do a variety of things, like boost sales, expand staff vacation time, decrease human error, provide data, and reduce back-and-forth email exchanges.

Local businesses that integrated online reservation platforms into their websites saw a 120% boost in income.

Accept online reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using your custom booking website (or an integration with your current website), Facebook, Instagram, Google, or your own custom client app.

Booking system for several locations. View each location's schedule with a single click. Make and modify reservations with a single drag and drop.

Staff scheduling and management with one click. To ensure optimal productivity, automatically assign appointments to staff members based on clever algorithms.

Receive Payments in Several Currencies. Payable from any location in the world. All of the major currencies are supported by EZLocal.

completely cloud-based No need to wait for lengthy downloads. Simply create an EZLocal account on your browser in a matter of seconds.

Self-scheduling was identified as the most crucial element of the appointment booking tool by 43% of respondents in a recent survey.

An online booking system can help you reach them even when you're not in the office since 35% of consumers prefer to plan appointments after business hours.

Businesses can conform to Covid protocols, which are still in place in some places, with the use of online appointment booking systems.

Demo Video

How does it work? – EZLocal Review

Step#1 – SET

In just 3 clicks, create a booking or appointment.

Step#2 – SHARE

Share the URL of your booking page on any social media site, website, or email to allow customers from all around the world to book your services.

Step#3 – GROW

Increase sales, profit, and qualified leads for your company.

Funnel Detail – EZLocal Review

EZLocal Review

Why should you buy it? – EZLocal Review

The fact that so many small-business owners in my area stand to gain a great deal from this software is what I enjoy about it the most.

In your neighborhood, there are at least 100 small companies that would adore it if their clients could quickly book appointments for their services online.

This is where things get exciting because Neil Napier and his colleagues will be holding a unique training call exclusively for you just one hour before EZLocal goes live.

On this session, Neil and his colleagues will demonstrate how you can start making money with EZLocal by assisting neighborhood entrepreneurs in creating custom booking pages to advertise their services.

The approach Neil and his colleagues will discuss is rather simple, especially when it comes to closing deals.

If you already run a company that provides support to local businesses, EZLocal will enhance your brand.

And if you're just getting started, this is the ideal chance for you to offer a valuable service while earning a consistent income.

You can quickly develop online booking pages for any nearby business using EZLocal.

The hard work is all taken care of by EZLocal. You only need to drag and drop the objects. That is why making a customized booking page or link would simply take you a few minutes.

Any service-based firm can easily design customized booking pages with Ezlocal.

With the help of this new app, you can quickly create and share a smart booking link to accept reservations via social media, email, and other channels.

To be honest, thank you for reading my EZLocal Review! See you later.