Eezygram Review – The Secret Way Of Profitable Instagram Strategy

Eezygram Review


I have something really exciting that I want to show you. This the new secret to create high-quality instagram content easily.

It’s called Eezygram: All in one Instagram Graphic Suite. An app which has been never released before. Support for Windows & Mac OSX.

In fact social media has grown significally fo the last time years.

In 2017 instagram:

Has over 400 million daily users 2 million new users & 600 million monthly users in the past 12 months

Engagement levels are 52 times greater than facebook & 127 times higher than twitter

It makes sense why we should utilize Instagram to increase our business profit.

We are not the first. Based on the fact above some companies have did it first.

You can see NIKE, The Kardashians & Red bull willing to spend millions on advertising & management. It is showed that instagram has good impacts for business.

One of marketing community explain that if you want to utilize instagram to incrase your business profit, then we have to do several things below:

  • use high quality images
  • tell a story
  • engage with your followers
  • build your brand

Unfortunately, there was one major problem.

There was no way at all to manage our instagram accounts from computer.

We all know, instagram is a smartphone app and it simply sucked to find the high quality images, create a instagram content to tell a story, engage with our followers, and build a brand/personality.

I have to design instagram content manually by using image editor apps (such as adobe photoshop) then transfer the file to the smartphone. This is so bored and waste the time.

That’s why my colleague, Agus Sakti presented a solution by developing Eezygram.

Imagine if you can search high quality images then you design the instagram content to deliver your messages and directly post to your instagram account only with one display work.

No need adobe photoshop or the others advance image editor apps, no need any design skill.

You can also arrange a scheduled post to some accounts easily.

Certainly it will help you to increase your profit potential on instagram.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Eezygram Review for more details.


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I. Eezygram Review Overview

  • Product: Eezygram
  • Vendor: Agus Sakti
  • Niche: Software
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jul-30
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Eezygram?

Eezygram is desktop app who allow you to create your own content on image and you can post it directly from your computer.

Eezygram is not a video template, wordpress theme, or powerpoint template.

You wouldn’t believe that this application can help you to create pro-level instagram content and you can post it to instagram directly just in a few minutes!

It’s called Eezygram. A desktop application which support for windows & Mac os x.

Eezygram will help you to:

  • create a instagram content and post it to instagram directly.
  • create professional instagram content easily without any advance image editor help.
  • find high quality image easily from online image library such as pixabay & unplash.
  • post an attractive content with only one click without moving the content to the smartphone.
  • Eezygram can also help you to do schedule post.

Read more in my Eezygram Review.

III. What are the great features of Eezygram?

Here is How Eezygram is Going to Help You Create GURU-Level Instagram Content and Start Increase Your Profits Easily

  • Import Image from Local Drive
  • Post or Scheduled Post Easily
  • Find HD Image from Online Image Library
  • Multiple Accounts Supported
  • Schedule Posts for 6 Days to Come Instantly
  • Smartphone Post Features
  • One-Time Login Security
  • 50 Template, 150 Colorable Shapes, 700 Google Fonts
  • Easy-to-Use Image Editor
  • Full Training

Eezygram is fresh on the market and currently priced at a verry affordable low price.

IV. How does it work?

Demo Video


V. Why should you buy it? – Eezygram Review

Instagram has grown significantly as a social media platform since their launch in 2010.

With over 600 million active members worldwide and over 100 million members utilizeze their Stories features, it is not only a place to post selfie and cat photos.

Many businesses thrive on Instagram as their main selling platform, particularly in the clothing companies, fitness gurus and make-up artists.

However, there is no limit for what business it can be achieved, so take the advantage of a versatile platform and make it your own.

The challenge is, if we want to utilize instagram we have to do it massively.

Create an attractive content, posting high quality image, and posting it consistently.

Unfortunately, there was NO WAY AT ALL to manage my Instagram accounts from my computer.

To find high quality images we have to search into online images library which have a free license so it can be free to take. After that we transfer it to the image editor.

To create an attractive post, we have to design it in the computer. We require an advance image editor then we have to transfer the file to our smartphone.

Meanwhile, to create a consintent post, we have to have separated application to make a schedule post.

This is so wasting time!

This is the main reason Eezygram is developed by my colleague, Agus Sakti.

By using Eezygram, you summarize all of the complicated process above become simple.

VI. Conclusion

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To be honest, thank you for reading my Eezygram Review! See you later.