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eCom Email Academy Review – Step-by-step Email Marketing Course

eCom Email Academy Review

The Ultimate Step-by-step Email Marketing Playbook For eCommerce marketers

We all know with eCommerce, the #1 challenge you’ll face is the rising cost of advertising which makes it a challenge to grow your business.

But let me ask you something

Did you know your repeat buyer (aka your best customers) are 60-70% MORE likely to convert?

The question is – how are you making that happen in your business today?

Sure, we all send our simple weekly email newsletters with our biggest and newest sales promo, but how do you nurture your leads? And how do you share your brand story? How do you keep someone interested in your product?

Answering those questions are what can give you that higher conversion you are seeking.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Jimmy.

He’s a long time email marketer, an ex- eCommerce owner, and an email marketing platform founder who used his expertise to create an entire framework – a playbook, really – designed to help you understand the deepness of what can be accomplished in email marketing.

It’s called eCom Email Academy and you can learn more about it here…

eCom Email Academy is specifically designed to teach you how to make email your #1 growth engine and revenue source for your business. And how to properly create a customer nurturing ROI turning machine.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my eCom Email Academy Review for more details.

eCom Email Academy Review



  • Product: eCom Email Academy
  • Vendor: Jimmy Kim
  • Launch Date: 2019-Nov-19
  • Launch Time: 00:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $247
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

eCom Email Academy


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What is eCom Email Academy?

eCom Email Academy is a step-by-step email marketing course that helps marketers understand how to turn their email marketing into a customer nurturing, ROI turning machine.

10 Powerful action packed modules that contain 57 lessons in over 8+ hours of video content PLUS 11 downloadable checklists, 8 quizzes, 30+ pages of case studies, and email marketing certification!

You see, when the marketer has a deeper, more meaningful understanding of email marketing, it can help a business grow and flourish by giving their subscribers and customers the experience they want and deserve.

Which is a true personalized experience from the day they visit your website, to the day they become a lead or customer with the goal of making them a repeat buyer.

Of course, all as hands free and automated as possible.

So if you’re ready to maximize your email marketing ROI, automate your ecommerce business, learn more on deliverability, content, data, and turning your leads to repeat buyers. AND generate more ROI by turning your leads into repeat buyers with eCom Email Academy…

Read more in my eCom Email Academy Reviews.

What are the great features of eCom Email Academy?

With the rising cost of advertising combined with the growing number of eCommerce brands, they noticed a large gap in the marketplace for education for email marketing…

Finally, You’ll have a step-by-step playbook to turn your email marketing into… A Customer Nurturing ROI Turning, Machine!

eCom Email Academy is a step-by-step email marketing course for eCommerce marketers & owners that you will discover how to make email your #1 growth engine & revenue source.

Here’s what’s included with the course In depth video lessons, expert interviews, PDF downloads and more!

2+ Hours of Expert Interviews

Get access to exclusive video interviews and learn from top eCom marketers

57 Video Lessons

10 course stages from content & copy to automated funnels (over 8 hours total!)

11 Printable Checklists

Keep your email strategy on track as you apply the course to your marketing

Automation Demo

Watch an automation funnel built out from start to finish

10 Course Quizzes

Test your knowledge along the way & unlock each Module as you go

30+ Pages of Case Studies

Printable case studies of how brands like Starbucks & TOMS leverage email marketing

The Full Course Breakdown

Finally, a step-by-step course for turning your email marketing into an ROI machine. Here’s the full course breakdown… A total value of $1,864!

Module#1 – Intro to eCom Academy – Personal Introduction to the course from your instructor, Jimmy Kim

Introduction to the course and breakdown each Module and the overall flow of eCommerce Email Academy.

Module#2 – Email Marketing vs Automation – 8 video lessons (42 min) + Module final quiz

  • Email vs. website tracking
  • The core differences between email marketing & automation
  • Revenue, action & event attributions
  • Single channel vs. cross channel
  • Solving your business needs
  • The goals of marketing automation

Module#3 – Intro to Email Marketing – 9 video lessons (48 min)

  • Different ways to collect emails
  • The goal of email marketing
  • Understanding & analyzing data
  • Mass emails vs. transactional & automated emails
  • Best time to send & best practices
  • Tracking: goals & actions (UTM)

Module#4 – Content & Copy – 7 video lessons (60 min) 3 checklists

  • Sender names & from emails
  • Content marketing in email
  • The “perfect” message
  • The power of subject lines
  • 8 emails your eCom store should have
  • CTA’s: when, where & how many

Module#5 – Deliverability Best Practices – 9 video lessons (58 min)

  • Frequency & timing
  • Understanding reputation
  • SEO for email marketing
  • Spam & trigger words
  • Understanding gmail & tabs
  • Link cloaking & control
  • Clean up & hygiene

Module#6 – Data-Driven Marketing (Segmentation) – 6 video lessons (35 min) + 3 checklists

  • Intro to data-driven marketing
  • Deep dive into segmentation data points
  • How to use segmentation to make data-driven decisions
  • Use cases for segmentation
  • Data & behavior personalization

Module#7 – Newsletters, Drips, Coupons & More – 9 video lessons (44 min) + Modulefinal quiz

  • Newsletters
  • Drip campaigns
  • Surveys, coupons, loyalty & rewards
  • Product release/launch
  • Best practices

Module#8 – Event Based Marketing – 6 video lessons (30 min) + 3 checklists

  • What is event based marketing?
  • The goals & advantages
  • How event based marketing is used in eCommerce
  • Setting goals for event based marketing
  • Automation funnels

Module#9 – Email Marketing Funnels – 9 video lessons (52 min)

  • Deep dive into automation funnels (to support marketing funnels)
  • Building out automation funnels with a data-driven marketing focus
  • Building out automation funnels with a behavior-based marketing focus

Module#10 – Wrapping It Up

  • Congrats you’ve made it! Module wrap up
  • Final quiz, test your knowledge
  • Receive your formal certification
Why should you buy eCom Email Academy?

In fact, 80% of eCommerce businesses ignore this one strategy only because they are too busy fighting day and night over the same channels of advertising as all their competition… sound familiar?

As an eCommerce marketer, you’re probably tired of the rising costs of advertising and your weekly email newsletters aren’t getting you the ROI it once did..

And you’re searching for ways to quickly scale your revenue, without adding a ton of budget for advertising and praying for ROI with the rising costs of advertising.

Today, I want to tell you the ONE source of sales that is right in front of you, but you just aren’t using it. No ad budget needed. No approvals. No costs…

It’s all there but the key is you have to do it RIGHT – the reward?

If done right, it can quickly drive at least 30 to 40% of your monthly revenue.

The best part? It comes with ZERO acquisition cost tied to it.


To be honest, thank you for reading my eCom Email Academy Review! See you later.

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