Durable Review – Finally Break Out of Shiny Object Syndrome

Durable Review

Take you step by step through the process of finding a way to make money and turning it into a full fledged income

My buddy Eric came up with a course which is just crazy. In Durable, Eric is going to show you how to find money making ideas right now, so you can make money in time for Christmas.

Then, he’s going to show you how to take those ideas and turn them into a serious $10K per month business. Plus, Eric even added a done for you feature to the product, where you get his exact sales pages so that you can customize them as needed. It is truly one of the most complete courses I have ever seen.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Durable Review for more details.

Durable Review


Overview – Durable Review

  • Product: Durable
  • Vendor: Eric Hammer
  • Launch Date: 2019-Dec-04
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $8-$10
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Durable?

Durable Is The One Course that takes you by the hand and gets you from newbie to product owner with a method that just plain works.

He's Going to Give You A Real Method to Finally Break Out Of Shiny Object Syndrome. It Starts With Simple Money Making Methods and Only Then Progresses to Turning it Into a Launch!

Read more in my Durable Reviews.

What are the great features of Durable?

The best part? You don’t need technical skills and quite literally ANYONE CAN DO THIS and Build a True Job Replacing Income!

  • Start Making Money Right Away
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Finally Get a Buyer’s List
  • Build a Job Replacing Income
  • Done for You Sales Pages
  • Zero Techy Stuff
Demo Video

Demo Video


Funnel Detail

FE $7.95 to $9.95

Full Over the Shoulder Video Training Course & Done for You Sales Funnel

Durable is unlike anything ever attempted before. Instead of teaching a single method or trick for making money online, this course takes the “teach a man to fish” approach.

They start by showing you where to find money making ideas you can put into action right now and then they continue by showing you how to turn it into a launch product and take you step-by-step through the entire launch process, including finding affiliates, creating JV pages and JV Docs and even how to monetize your list post launch.

OTO1 $37/$27

10 Make Money Online Courses

While Durable shows you how to find money making methods online, this package includes ten ready made money making courses you can implement immediately.

This way, those who don’t want to do the work (and let’s face it — that’s most of them) can dive in immediately and start to make money right away.

OTO2 $9.95/mo $1 Trial

His No Pitch Newsletter

This was a huge hit on his last launch — his no pitch newsletter with over 30 pages of useful content every single month. It converted at 18% for affiliates and they have had all of one cancellation, meaning those affiliates are getting easy recurring money for months and years to come.

OTO3 $67/$57 – His Bonus Page Generator

This is a brand new piece of software he commissioned to give you a leg up when you are ready to create your first product launch.

We all know that having a bonus page increases conversions and the biggest affiliates have your own custom built bonus page generators. Now, you can have one too.

Plus, this generator is unlike anything you have seen before. It includes the ability for affiliates to customize the video and even to add your own custom bonuses.

Of course, for those affiliates who just want to plug in your affiliate link and name, it can handle that also. It’s designed to be super easy to use but also extremely flexible.

OTO4 $67/$57 – 100% Commission Bump

This upsell is always a crowd pleaser. You get to drive traffic and keep 100% commission across OTO1-OTO4 ! Basically, it’s a license to steal his money (legally) and it is always a high converting offer

OTO5 $247/$197 – 6 Figure Coaching

He admit it. He's new in the IM business. And yet, he has consistently put together great launches that get great conversions for his affiliates.

He has also been able to consistently make sales in excess of $10,000 per month even though he's a fresh face.

How did he do it? He's going to take you on a deep dive and teach you everything he knows about building a business from the ground up and then help you plan your first launch product.

He'll even offer you the chance to leverage his list for your own launches when ready (of course must be a quality product that fits his list).

Why should you buy Durable?

You know how it is – you pick up another course, another piece of software, another something. You go through it, think it’s interesting and then move on to the next shiny object, the next cool product.

Why is that? Well, the reason is quite simple: most courses and software are only pieces of the puzzle. They are gimmicks designed to help you with one specific problem. They don’t show you how to build a sustainable online business.

All that changes today. My friend Eric just released Durable and it’s truly unlike anything you have ever seen before. Eric designed this course to take you from zero to hero in as little as 30 days. The course assumes nothing and shows you how to get started making money online as soon as today and then shows you how to make that into a sustainable income online.

It is truly a one of its kind course and something you really need to see.


To be honest, thank you for reading my Durable Review! See you later.