DropBlogr Review – How To Get Buyer Clicks From Adworks

DropBlogr Review

3 Figure Daily With DFY, Fully Fledged Affiliate Blogs & Ultra Cheap Adwords Clicks

When was the last time you actually bought a product and after using it or applying it, you actually made REALLY good money, or at least, exploded your results.

That usually doesn’t happen because most systems are not tested enough, usually are rehashed versions of each other, and they are not designed to change your life, But moreso to be sexy and sell well to affiliates.

Over 96% of online marketers quit even before they make a single dime. Gone are those days when you can just get up a simple page, add some content, add your affiliate link and sales starts to floods in.

With every passing day, affiliate marketing is becoming harder and harder.

And they wanted to change that…

How Exactly?

They took a PROVEN STRATEGY that they and their students have used to make $100-$300/day and made it completely DONE FOR YOU!

The BEST PART – you can setup everything in less than 15 min and start seeing commissions rolling in your account in less than 24 hours.

You don't need to worry about anything – no domain needed, no hosting needed, no website needed, no content needed, no technical skills needed, cheap traffic Google Ads strategy included.

This system is called Dropblogr, and it’s basically a software that creates fully fledged affiliate review blogs filled with professional reviews, content, bonuses, looking like a million dollar,

Looking like respected authority site which people RETURN to..

Hosted on THEIR server, you can create these sites in 1 minute.

And then, Driving traffic using a top secret adwords method that gets buyer clicks for PENNIES on the dollar..

In fact, the traffic method is so unique that there is no way it won’t work for you, especially with how many beginners became successful with this.

This is the most insane, easiest and most REAL income solution I’ve seen in a while.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my DropBlogr Review for more details.

DropBlogr Review


Overview – DropBlogr Review

  • Product: DropBlogr
  • Vendor: Tom Yeviskov | Gaurab Borah
  • Launch Date: 2020-Jul-11
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is DropBlogr?

Dropblogr allows you to create drop dead gorgeous & high converting review blogs packed with unique bonuses, converting products, professional reviews & content, written by professional copywriters to start earning even if you have 0 experience with affiliate marketing.

What’s inside?

Dropblogr is a cloud based software that automates his money making system by creating fully fledged affiliate review sites.

It also comes with his method that makes him $300/daily taught over clear step by step video modules where he also teach his *secret* Adwords formula which gets him buyer clicks for as little as a few cents.

  • No learning curve, get started with no previous experience & no technical know how
  • 100% complete system, all you need to earn & scale is in 1 place
  • No domains & no hosting needed, they take care of that for you!
  • 100% whitehat software & system!
  • Get buyer clicks for cents.
  • High value package for a low one time price (limited)
  • Works for anybody or your money back!

Read more in my DropBlogr Reviews.

What are the great features of DropBlogr?

DFY Product Reviews

The review blogs come preloaded with 40 evergreen top-converting offers and professionally written high converting reviews + Bonuses.

Done For You Review Blogs

Select from their different templates and build your own high quality, professional, high converting Done For You affiliate review blog in just few clicks.

DFY Hosting/Domain

Premium Hosting included – no domain needed, zero monthly costs. You can host your blog on their subdomain or add your own domain easily.

DFY Custom Bonuses

MASSIVE Vault Of Powerful Giveaway Bonuses to customize each promo and maximize your income. Plus each review comes with 5 unique Bonuses.

Monetise With Banners

Add your own banners ads. Link them to affiliate offers, CPA offers, landing pages or anywhere you want.

Fully Cloud-Based System

Nothing to install, just login from anywhere and start using it. All you need is a laptop/PC and internet connection

Full Control Over Your Blog

Add your own logo, select your own domain, add, edit or remove reviews, customise bonuses for your reviews. You have full control over your blog.

Add New Reviews Easily

Want to add your own reviews for any product you promote? Follow their proven template and add your own reviews seamlessly. No restrictions.

Step By Step Training

Full software training included so you don't stuck anywhere. It's super simple and quick. You can setup your own ready-to-profit review blog in less than 5 min.

Use For Any Niche

Promote products from various niches like, travel destination reviews, physical product reviews, ecom product reviews, real estate reviews.

Demo Video

How does it work? – DropBlogr Review

The System Is Broken Down Into 5 Simple Steps:


This first module is a basic module where you learn what are the best niches, how to grab your affiliate links, what offers convert the best, and then, they move into showing how the entire system will work, including traffic and understand WHY it works.

This module may be basic, but it is very important.


In this module you’ll jump into the software, create your sites, follow the instructions on how to connect everything, you’ll add in their top “conversion” boosters taught in the training and they will also reveal a cool CASE STUDY which generate us an exceptionally high return on investment.

This module is the longest because you need to set everything up with the software and the system, but even this being the longest, it’s less than 20 min work.


By this point you will be locked and loaded to start earning, and you just need to start getting traffic.

Now this is the most exciting part of the system, because getting traffic in such a competitive space such as Google Ads is very hard normally.

You must know what you’re doing or else you’ll throw hundreds and even thousands just on testing.

They cut through the B.S. and tell you EXACTLY what audiences they use, how to find your own, how to really quickly get traffic into the hundreds of clicks for cents each.

And of course, this is not any traffic, this is traffic that BUYS, and that is the key to his success, real buyer traffic.

Step#4 – EARN!

This is the part where you’ll be making money if you follow all the steps, traffic will start rolling in, your site will be amazing, professional, fully ready to receive and convert that traffic, and of course, if you want, build your list.


And finally, once you invested just a tad bit of money, made it back and went into profit, they tell you how to slowly but surely SCALE so you never lose money, you will always be in profit, and this is the part where you’ll make the full time income.

The potential is UNLIMITED.

Funnel Detail – DropBlogr Review

Front End – DropBlogr – $27-$37

DropBlogr is a 2-in-1 product.

First, it provides you and your customers with a 100% DONE-FOR-YOU Affiliate Review Blogs that's proven to generate sales and commissions. The blogs are fully stacked with content, product reviews, graphics, videos – THE LOT!

Secondly, it comes with a proven traffic training that teaches users how to get buyer ready traffic via paid ads for pennies. And the training has been used for dozens of students and they’re banking 3 figures daily using this same strategy.

This system gives you the exact tools & systems used by top earning affiliates: Winning products, Professional reviews, and Custom bonuses.

All wrapped up inside an authority blog that’s point & click easy to customize.

On each review post, you have the opportunity to give away BONUS PRODUCT from their product vault to entice people to purchase affiliates products through your links.

The review blogs come preloaded with…

  • 40+ evergreen top-converting offers & professionally written high converting reviews.
  • 10 Sites Licences
  • ​DONE FOR YOU Bonuses To Go With The Reviews
  • ​Premium Hosting included – no domain needed, zero monthly costs.
  • MASSIVE Vault Of Powerful Giveaway Bonuses – to customize each promo and maximize your income.
  • 100% FREE traffic built-in + Training on a powerful traffic method.
  • Very Simple System – just login, customize and you’re good to go!​
  • Ability to create new reviews yourself.
  • Sleek blog designs.
  • Ability to add banner ads.
  • Ability for users to add their own domain (optional)

Upgrade#1 – DropBlogr Pro – $47

4x Your Traffic & Earnings Potential With The Pro Upgrade

xSocialy: is a Social AutoPost Software that helps post and syndicate the affiliate review blog posts via to over 5 different social media networks to drive maximum social media traffic.


Additional Product Reviews

Case Studies

20 More DONE FOR YOU Bonuses To Go With The Reviews

xSocialy to drive free traffic from social media sites

Upgrade#2 – DropBlogr Booster – $47

Unlock NEW & Unique Lead Generation, Sales Boosting And Ranking Features & Get A GUARANTEED Explosion In Leads & Sales! Use email opt-ins, slide-ins, pop-ups and social sharing to grow your business.

Upgrade#3 – DropBlogr CLUB – $37/Month

Monthly Affiliate Marketing Reviews: They will identify 10 solid products that are to launch monthly then write reviews for you with high converting reviews for you stacked with bonuses so you can just copy and paste into your review blogs.

Upgrade#4 – Agency License – $197 – $297

Upgrade#4 is the Agency rights to sell DropBlogr. One of the most crucial aspects of a sustainable online business is multiple streams of income and having your own offers. With this insane package you get the rights to sell DropBlogr offer at any price.

Here Is Why This Is So DIFFERENT THAN EVERYTHING Else Out There? – DropBlogr Review

Dirt Cheap Buyer Traffic

Because their system is reliant on starting small and scaling big, they have very low risk of entry.

You need just $5 – $10 on paid traffic to make money, and then you re-invest. You can get traffic as cheap as $0.10 per click and that’s BUYER traffic.

It works this well because the traffic is buyer traffic, and it’s super cheap, into the cents!

Hosting & Domains ON US!

Back when he was doing this manually without a software, he had to buy a domain and hosting for each site version.

It was terribly expensive and risky upfront, and it’s a recurring payment as well, so you end up committing to large expenses before making any money.

In his vision he wanted to create something that removes that initial risk for you, so that all you need to do, is load the template and make money.

Professional Sites You Can Be Proud of!

He's talked about this earlier, many of the sites there by sellers aren’t actually used by the sellers.

They have a short term vision, they never made money with them, they are usually ugly or very very simple, so simple that visitors will be turned off by them.

Since he is making passive income with his sites, this same logic went into his software, he created these sites from 0 to passive income, and his software duplicates it.

All Site Content Created By Professional Copywriters, Not Curated!

Most systems and softwares out there simply curate videos and text as content for your site, as if your traffic will engage or care about it.

With Dropblogr, they hired professional copywriters to create the reviews, the bonuses, the content and the sites content!

You will have top notch high converting sites that will BLOW your traffic away and get you incredible feedback, and sales!

He Himself Have Been Doing This FOR Months Successfully & he KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO.

Like he said before, the #1 reason why most methods don’t work is because many of these software sellers and developers create them to sell them, not to actually use them.

He has been doing this before he created the software, he maked passive income daily with this.

He mastered this method, at least to a point where he can’t go backwards, he can only grow from here.

And that’s the way he teaches, and the foundation on which the software was built upon.

This way, you are truly learning how to become mega successful with a much higher chance of succeeding that some random software or rehashed method.

Why should you buy DropBlogr? – DropBlogr Review

Creating each blog manually was a nightmare, tons of design work, tons of text work, tons of copywriting, hosting each time, domains, lots of content, figuring out offers.

It was a nightmare.

One of the most common misconceptions is that blogging is DEAD or A WASTE OF TIME.

Basically that blogging isn’t profitable enough, and isn’t worth your effort.

Well what If he told you, his friend Ashish who is NOT a guru, NOT a vendor, DOESN’T have a list, just recently had $0 to his name, AFTER years of trying, is now making $316/day in commissions from an automated blog that took him 1 minute to create.

AND he drives traffic using a method which allows him to get dirt cheap BUYER clicks from adwords FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR..

This is quite possibly the best collaboration in the industry ever, his friend Ashish brought the traffic secrets and teamed up with millionaires Tom Yevsikov & Gaurab to bring a software that builds fully fledged affiliate review blogs in 1 minute that have content, bonuses, reviews and text created by PROFESSIONAL copywriters..and to top it off, it looks like a million dollars.

Together creating a complete money making system like never before.

Where in just a few minutes you can have an entire blog with amazing unique content, bonuses, monetization, EVERYTHING, DONE FOR YOU.

And have $0.10 BUYER CLICKS coming to you from adwords, CRUSHING your pocket with insane ROI.

This collaboration is called Dropblogr, and it just went live for a super low price.

This SAVES Time On Trial And Error, Finding Out Traffic Sources, Setting Up A Site, Figuring Out Copy, Graphics, Products, Bonuses, Creating Reviews & Content And More!

Blah – So Much Work, So Little Leverage, Sucks! This SAVES Time And Allows For Faster Results With No Risk.

Remember, $5 Is All You Need On Traffic To Start And The Software Takes Care Of The Website For You.

This Is The PERFECT Storm.

To be honest, thank you for reading my DropBlogr Review! See you later.