Done For You Affiliate Funnel Review – Honest Review

Done For You Affiliate Funnel Review

A Complete “Done For You” Affiliate Marketing Pack

People can get started making money online by recommending other people's products meaning that you don't need to…

  • Figure out the product delivery
  • Create your own products
  • Deal with customer complaints or refunds
  • Do customer support
  • So you know that affiliate marketing is a great business model.

In fact, there are very few business models out there that have as low a cost of entry with so great a reward that can be up and making money in such a short time.

Done For You Affiliate Funnel is An Amazing Done For You Affiliate Pack That Will Get You Up & Running.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Done For You Affiliate Funnel Review for more details.

Done For You Affiliate Funnel Review


Overview – Done For You Affiliate Funnel Review

  • Product: Done For You Affiliate Funnel
  • Vendor: Barry Rodgers
  • Launch Date: 2020-Dec-28
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $13
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Done For You Affiliate Funnel?

Done For You Affiliate Funnel is a complete “Done For You” affiliate funnel promoting a top Clickbank product. Includes rebrandable lead magnet, all pages (inc. legal), email sequence all made for you with web based software.

Component#1 – A Unique Lead Magnet

A well researched compendium of resources and links to articles and videos in the following categories

Component#2 – Two mobile responsive squeeze pages

This one, with a cover graphic covers the whole Gen X age group

This one targets women who are approaching 40 or have just turned 40

Component#3 – A “Thank You” and redirect page

This is the thank you page for people who opt-in.

It tells them that their freebie will be delivered in an email and redirects after a few seconds to The Cinderella Solution sales page using YOUR affiliate link

Component#4 – A Fully Monetized Delivery Page

This is the delivery page for people who opt-in.

It has links to your rebranded copy of the resource cheatsheet as well as an advert for The Cinderella Solution with YOUR affiliate link on the button

Component#5 – A Done For You Email Follow-up Sequence

Most sales come from follow ups. This is someting that many would-be affiliate marketers miss

Here you have a seven email follow sequence – including the welcome email that sends your new subscribers to your monetized delivery page. The remainder all re-sell The Cinderella Solution with YOUR affiliate link

Component#6 – Legal pages all set up and ready for you

A privacy policy page and a disclaimer page* are created with your details on them and automatically linked from your squeeze pages.

Component#7 – Web-based Software Creates The Whole Funnel For You

I don't want you to buy this, download it and never get round to editing it as your own.

So, you only download this funnel when it has been fully personalized .

Simply enter your information into a form and the web-based software will make the funnel for you. You then download all of the pages personalized to you (plus the emails all personalized too).

No coding, editing or fanny-ing about needed!

Read more in my Done For You Affiliate Funnel Reviews.

How does it work?

Your Whole Funnel Set Up Ready To Build Your List And Make You Affiliate Commissions In Three Easy Steps

  • Step#1 – Rebrand the report with one click then copy and paste your information into the software. Download your fully personalized funnel, upload it to your hosting and add the emails to your autoresponder
  • Step#2 – Start building your list and making affiliate commissions
  • Step#3 – Remember, if there's anything you don't fully understand, I have easy to follow step-by-step instructions for you. Simply complete each step and you are good to go!
Funnel Detail

Front End – $12.90

This is a complete affiliate funnel promoting The Cinderella Solution – a top selling Clickbank product targeting GenX women. It comprises of the following:

  • Unique rebrandable lead magnet
  • Redirect Thank You page
  • Two squeeze pages
  • 7 email follow up sequence
  • Monetized lead magnet delivery page

Web based software that automatically brands and personalizes the whole funnel

All legal pages – linked and personalized

Price rises to $27 at the end of the launch promotion period

OTO#1 – $27/month for 6 months/ $135 One Payment or $97/month for 6 months

This is a series of SIX 5-day workshops recorded live by Liz Tomey. They all deal with traffic – something people need when they have a funnel.

The OTO is a choice of $27/month for 6 months or $135 All At Once and when the timer runs down (individual, evergreen) , the page redirects to the full price page ($97/month for 6 months)

OTO#2 & Downsell#1 – $197

This is a full installation offer for the funnel.

OTO#3 & Downsell#2 – $7/month or $77/year leading to $9.95/month or $97/year

The Rodgers Report Monthly Private Newsletter. The OTO page has a timer (individual, evergreen) and will redirect to the higher price when it runs down.

Why should you buy it?

With Done For You Affiliate Funnel, You Will Enter A Massively Profitable Sub-niche In 3 Easy Steps.

This Is A Complete “Done For You” Affiliate Marketing Pack In This Profitable Niche Without Making Lead Magnets, Creating Pages And Spending Hours Setting It Up.

This is all set up in minutes even if you have zero tech skills! And no need for an expensive funnel builder!

To be honest, thank you for reading my Done For You Affiliate Funnel Review! See you later.