DIY Lead Magnets Review – Create UNIQUE Lead Magnets In Minutes

DIY Lead Magnets Review


I'm sure you've often heard the cliche: ‘The Money is in the List'

It's become one of those standard cliches everyone talks about, BUT – For good reason!

Every successful marketer I know has a list. They all have multiple optin forms offering free reports & more in order to build those lists. But how does a little guy or gal, with no writing skills, and limited finances available to pay others to do the work, get those lead magnets created?

You could:

  • Hire a Writer (Usually reserved for the big money players)
  • Outsource them (But the cost for each may be a little steep)
  • Buy PLR to use (and have the same lead magnet as hundreds of others)
  • Write them Yourself (Great if you love writing, but how many can you create before you get writers block)
  • OR….

You could use DIY LeadMagnets software, to create as many as you would like, without ever having to write a word!

  • 20,000 Articles Built In
  • Insert images (directly from the software)
  • Create a Ecover (One of the Amazing included bonuses)

It's an amazing piece of software that enables You to create stunning Lead Magnets to use in your business and list building efforts… WITHOUT EVER having to write a word!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my DIY Lead Magnets Review for more details.


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I. DIY Lead Magnets Review  – Overview

  • Product: DIY Lead Magnets
  • Vendor: Mediakettle
  • Launch Date: 2018-May-22
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is DIY Lead Magnets?

DIY LeadMagnets is an online app that allows you to create stunning PDF's with Articles, Images, links etc. The same sort you've probably given your email to grab.

The Difference here is – DIY Lead Magnets does it all – WITHOUT YOU having to write a word!

Read more in my DIY Lead Magnets Review.

III. What are the great features of DIY Lead Magnets?

  • No Restrictions – Create as Many Lead Magnets as You Wish
  • Create Your Own Lead Magnets Quickly & Easily
  • Build Multiple Mailing Lists Quickly & Easily
  • You Can Add Affiliate Links Inside Your Lead Magnet to Generate Commissions
  • Perfect For Newbies & Struggling Marketers
IV. How does it work?
  • 1. Login to the Dashboard.
  • 2. Click create new ebook – Enter Title & Author details along with Select an Image from the many categories available. (or upload your own) & Press Submit!
  • 3. Click Add a Chapter, (and Add New Chapter for as many as YOU choose.)
  • 4. Click Add New Article(s) from the A-Z of article types, Add an Image, click submit.
  • 5. REPEAT step 4 until you’re happy with the content.
  • 6. Tweak and add your bio/links etc.

Demo Video


V. Why should you buy it? 

Seriously, When you search fiverr (which most folks consider is a place to get CHEAP outsourcing done)

Using the term ‘write a lead magnet' I discovered a heck of a lot of gigs…

The thing is – they ‘Start' from $30-50, with some even being up front and saying $1500!

BUT, and here's the thing… There is a word count limit, an extra fee more words, and extra fee for a quick turnaround, and extra fee for images to be included… and the list goes on!

WHY BOTHER? When you can create Unlimited Lead Magnets Yourself!

No limits on how you use it, and no extras to pay to include your images, ecover, and as many articles as you need!

Take a look at the demo video to see how simple it is.

And for less than ONE GIG on Fiverr, (Even after the special launch price, it would be cheaper than a fiverr gig)

You'll Never Outsource this again! (Plus – There are NO LIMITS to how many You choose to create!)

You get to create Lead Magnets with ease. As Many As You Want, Without Writing a Word!

The software comes with 20,000 articles you can use, as well as images to insert, and bonus access to some pretty cool ECover software.

Imagine creating a new leadmagnet every day in a huge variety of niches that You choose, and building your lists Faster than you thought possible.

How much would that help your online efforts? (A LOT, I suspect)

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my DIY Lead Magnets Review! See you later.