DealCount Review – The #1 Way to Increase Sales with Less Effort

DealCount Review


If you sell anything online and want to increase your conversions and sales with minimal effort, then I'm glad to announce a new tool that does just that.

It's a new app called Deal Count and you won't believe all the high-powered tools that this baby is hiding under the hood.

If you sell your own products/services or even sell other people's products for a commission, then you need to see this.

Seriously, this is one of those times where if you sell anything online, you should break into your happy dance.


Because unlike a lot of other software, Deal Count has built in a ton of features that makes your visitors want to buy your products and fast!

And it's only a fraction of the cost of some of the more overpriced software that's out there, but does way more.

Let's just say that if you put this in a Kia and had to race a Mustang, you'd leave the Mustang in the dust!

But I hear ya… you want to know “What can Deal Count do exactly?”

Listen, I could go on and on about how awesome this new app is, but the best thing is for you to see it in action for yourself.

But you'll need to act fast because the early bird pricing ends soon. And especially while it's discounted for such a low price!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my DealCount Review for more details.


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I. DealCount Review  – Overview

  • Product: DealCount
  • Vendor: Mario Brown
  • Launch Date: 2018-Mar-02
  • Launch Time:  11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is DealCount?

They designed DealCount with all the power of true scarcity built in that forces potential customers to act fast but to be as simple as possible for any online business owner.

With DealCount, you’ll be viewed as a marketer or an affiliate that actually keeps their word when it comes to limiting copies at a certain price or to be sold out completely.

No more support tickets asking if an offer is still open, no more manual updates, time consuming “how many copies left” edits – DealCount handles it for you.

Read more in my DealCount Review.

III. What are the great features of DealCount?

Well, besides make a mean omelet (just kidding), Deal Count allows you to:

  • Update sales & scarcity in real time
  • Gives you perfect positioning control to display your offer anywhere you want on the screen
  • Overlay your sales media ANYWHERE online. (yep, even on sites you don't own.)
  • Choose from 100's of backgrounds for all your offers
  • Customize your offer until your heart's content
  • Automate the entire process from the start!
  • Update your visitors on demand (No going back to change out useless code, ect.)
  • Create specific audio messages for your visitors to help increase sales
  • Create sound notifications in REAL TIME! (updates with sound while the visitor is on the page)
  • Choose your overlay animation to wow and keep visitors engaged
  • Create your offer in 64 different languages
  • Choose from many your favorite payment processors
  • Customize the exact option when the timer hits zero
  • And so much more!
IV. How does it work?

But let me ask you, “which of these benefits can you use in your business?”

  • Being able to update your visitors on number of units left for your product IN REAL TIME
  • Choosing to overlay your message or offer over any site ANYWHERE online
  • Using sound notifications to get more engagement from your visitors
  • Adding a personalized message to your sales offer
  • Creating your offer in 64 different languages
  • Having a ton of templates to choose from to craft the perfect overlay for your product or service
  • Having a library chock full of 100's of backgrounds to spice up your offers.
  • Updating your sales and scarcity effect in REAL TIME – no more fake scarcity
  • Being able to boost conversions on autopilot.

And that's only a fraction of what's available with this amazing brand new app.

Deal Count does all the above for you and more while making you look like a pro as well.

You won't have to fiddle with useless code or software that requires a five million IQ to figure out.

But I do need to mention that Deal Count is only available at a low price for the next 3 days.

So, if you sell anything online or plan to in the future, make sure you grab access to the #1 sales boosting conversion app on the market today.

You won't be disappointed.

Demo Video


V. Why should you buy it? – DealCount Review

So…I'm just wondering…since you've seen and heard of all the amazing things that Deal Count can do, why haven't you signed up and got your copy yet?

Look, I know you get bombarded with a ton of the next greatest shiny objects every single hour, but here's why Deal Count is different:

  • Developed and used by the creator – this means you can expect Deal Count to work a year from now and not just disappear or not have any support.
  • Gives you the ability to add sound notifications to your offers so that you get more engagement and thus make more sales
  • You can record your own audio messages, so it puts more of a personal feel into your selling process. This allows you to connect with your visitors on a deeper level.
  • Everything is easy to setup.You don't have to have a PhD in any programming language to get started with Deal Count.You can be up and running in the next 5 minutes…
  • No searching for just the right image, template or graphic – everything comes built right in with Deal Count.Just plug and play and you're golden.(not the egg thingy)
  • And so much more

Listen, I could go on and on and give you at least another 10 reasons why you should get off the fence and snag your copy of Deal Count today, but I'll choose this one:

You should get Deal Count because you're serious about building a true online business that puts more money in your wallet while giving you more time in the process.

If that's what you want, then go ahead and use the link below.

VI. Conclusion – DealCount Review

To be honest, thank you for reading my DealCount Review! See you later.