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CreateProfitz Review

Create Top Quality Articles Without Lots of Typing

We all know that posting new content several times a week is the simplest strategy to increase free Google traffic to your website.

With the help of the cloud-based software CreateProfitz, you can easily produce a ton of original material on any subject for any niche.

To identify existing pieces of material that can be repurposed and transformed into a brand-new post, you just utilize the built-in search feature.

Use the software's powerful drag and drop editor to easily create new articles. Text, image, video, and other information are simply dragged and dropped.

Additionally, CreateProfitz has a tool that enables you to monetize your content by adding relevant affiliate products.

The software will automatically add all the product characteristics, including your affiliate link, when you enter a keyword and select the product you think fits the situation the best.

The best thing is that you are paid commission each time a someone clicks and makes a purchase.

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CreateProfitz Review


Overview – CreateProfitz Review

  • Product: CreateProfitz
  • Vendor: David Williams
  • Launch Date: 2022-Aug-12
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is CreateProfitz?

CreateProfitz makes it simple to identify, customize, and publish relevant, high-impact content to many blogs, websites, and social media platforms concurrently, without the usual hurdles of generating content from scratch or hiring a writer to do it.

Additionally, CreateProfitz has a monetization feature that enables it to monetise content completely automatically and easily drive visitors to it.

By offering a drag-and-drop curation software with the dual functionality of posting to your blogs and social media at the same time, CreateProfitz addressed all of the aforementioned issues.

Everything from articles to memes to Amazon purchases can be curated.

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What are the great features of CreateProfitz?

Unlimited Content Access

Find trending material from more than ten of the most popular social media and viral content sharing platforms, including: Commission Junction, Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Pocket, and Facebook. You're no longer required to strain your brain to create just one post!

Ready-To-Publish Articles

Along with a collection of 150000 articles in various genres, they are providing you with more than 500 RSS feeds that you can integrate. With no speculating, writing, or editing, instantly fill your website with high-quality material.

Convert Videos To Text

CreateProfitz transforms YouTube/Vimeo videos into completely formatted pieces of content with only one click.

Curate Content & Engage Your Audience

Content comes from one or more sources that are motivating. With CreateProfitz, you may gather concepts from many websites that relate to your target audience and then present them using our built-in editor in an organized way.

Post to Your Own Website & 4 Other Channels Simultaneously

Connecting your website to CreateProfitz is simple as pie. However, it doesn't matter if you don't have one. Other robust platforms that you can use to get started are, Blogger, Tumblr, and Twitter. To get back on topic, by posting to these 5 locations, you may give your material the exposure and attention it deserves.

Monetization Opportunities For Publishers

If you know what you're doing, creating online content could be a lucrative side business. using CreateProfitz to create content, whether or not you're producing blog entries. To earn money, you might employ a variety of methods: Selling merchandise, sponsorships, Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing.

Industry Leading Text Spinner

With CreateProfitz's cutting-edge technology, you can continuously produce new material without being concerned about copying.

Correct Grammar & Spelling Mistakes

Proofreading and editing written material require time. Your work will be made simpler and faster by their thorough grammar checker. Grammar and spelling mistakes can be detected by 1click's software, and CreateProfitz improves the output by making it more accurate and grammatically correct.

CreateProfitz In 10 Languages

Utilize CreateProfitz's power to translate the material into 10 different languages, which will result in 10 times as much targeted visitors and sales.

Add Images & Videos

The days of being noticed by publishing a text on social media are long gone. Now, in order to get a high level of interaction from your audience, you must use beautiful photographs or intriguing visuals. You have access to a collection of 500,000 images and 200,000 videos to improve your post.

Content Planner

It's crucial to plan your posts to go live at the appropriate times. You can keep track of all your forthcoming and prior blog posts and social media posts using this tool. To keep ahead of the competition, schedule your content posts in advance.

Smart Automation For A Steady Flow Of Traffic

Create set-and-forget sites by automating the creation of content with no human involvement using flexible posting parameters and scheduling choices. Keep your websites and social media accounts updated automatically so you don't miss the window of opportunity when your blog post can have a significant impact and receive a flood of free traffic.

More Income Streams With Commercial License

Offering design and creation of marketing content to eager customers in order to profit 100%.

Free Hosting & Domain Included

You will receive a free domain name in addition to having the hosting fees paid for.

Works On Windows, Mac & Mobile Phones

Any gadget you choose, as long as it's online, will operate with this bad boy. Its web-based nature explains why.

No Monthly Fees

For a brief period of time, you can purchase CreateProfitz once and use it without incurring any more costs.

Demo Video

How does it work?

Step#1 – Look Up Popular Stories

About the most popular themes on the internet, there are more than 150 000 ready-to-use articles. Additionally, CreateProfitz surpasses the restriction by producing material from the URLs you enter, videos, or keywords.

Step#2 – Watch As CreateProfitz Generously Creates Original Content For You From Nothing

You don't even need to write a word! CreateProfitz eliminates all the headaches associated with building. Do you want your post to have greater appeal? Add high-resolution pictures and videos right away to your writing (from our huge library). Do you want more exposure for your post? Simply click “Translate” to instantly see the text in another 10 languages.


Send your content out to the big traffic-generating platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Don't forget to use the “Planner” tool to upload content while you're sleeping, traveling, or otherwise occupied.

Step#4 – Drive traffic, convert it into devoted subscribers, buyers, and sales

You may use CreateProfitz to provide your visitors with engaging material that inspires confidence. Then you can make tons of money from your stuff.

Funnel Detail – CreateProfitz Review

CreateProfitz Review

Why should you buy it? – CreateProfitz Review

The main issue facing all bloggers is content. Writing new content yourself can be extremely monotonous, and hiring writers can be pricey. But not anymore.

Without the usual hurdles of generating content from scratch or hiring a writer to do it, Createprofitz makes it simple to identify, customize, and publish relevant, high-impact content to many blogs, websites, and social media platforms concurrently.

Even the posts to your WordPress site are automatically spun by it. Your site will receive greater visitors if you add hundreds of new content each week.

With Createprofitz, you may use thousands of sources to automatically generate new material for your website every hour of every day.

Additionally, you may monetize this fresh content with banners, affiliate links, and adverts to leverage your blogs to make passive income.

No matter what niche you are in, this applies to any type of website in any category.

Regardless of your area of expertise, this is applicable to any form of site in any category that is now offered. If you could make $100 each month from just one of these sites, how many would you build?

Did I mention that you have no restrictions on the number of articles, photographs, or videos you can submit to your websites? You can publish as many articles as you like and build large websites, but keep in mind that more content equals more visitors.

To be honest, thank you for reading my CreateProfitz Review! See you later.