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Connect 365 Review


A good open rate these days for emails is 15%.

That means 85% of the people you send mass emails to don’t bother opening it at all. In other words, your prospects are ignoring it for the most part, and it’s not moving the needle. The old way of doing email is no longer trusted.

Connect 365 is really a big deal, especially headed into 2020.

Josh Turner will show you how to change that. He’s hosting a training on how to make email automation work for you, while maintaining trust with your prospects, attracting, and nurturing quality leads – and how to do it while saving yourself time every single day.

The emails you send through Connect 365 look exactly like personal, 1-on-1 emails… no unsubscribe link, no “sent via Infusionmail”, etc. so it doesn’t hit the promotions tab… leading to huge reply rates and results… but your prospects don’t know that it’s all automated. And in many cases it has DOUBLED or TRIPLED open rates!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Connect 365 Review for more details.

Connect 365 Review



  • Product: Connect 365
  • Vendor: Josh Turner
  • Launch Date: 2020-Feb-03
  • Launch Time: 0:01 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $67
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Connect 365?

Connect 365 is a proven software + training program that is designed to help businesses automate the most critical pieces of their online marketing…to get more sales, more high-end sales appointments with their exact target clients, to automate sales follow up, to get more traffic, and a lot more.​

This is a client attraction and sales automation tool that offers a more personal, intimate experience to the recipient. It cuts through the noise of the modern email inbox and stands out in a sea of “marketing” and “advertising” emails that your prospects receive on a daily basis.

The result? More people will read your most important emails without you having to send each one manually.

This system is truly proven. They do this work for hundreds of clients every day. This is not a quick rich quick scheme or bullshit bizopp program. It gets results.

Everyone who enrolls into Connect 365 will get lifetime access to the course curriculum, access to an advanced bootcamp (after the launch), unlimited email support, access to a private Facebook community, and loads of bonuses …as long as their monthly membership continues.

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Here's What You Need to Know About Them?

Founded by CEO Josh Turner, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, LinkedSelling is the world’s foremost B2B marketing and lead generation company.

They have made the INC 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States for FOUR years running and, most recently, have been listed as one of Entrepreneur’s 360 top entrepreneurial companies in America. Featured in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, Mixergy, Entrepreneur magazine, and more, They are also Digital Marketer’s go-to LinkedIn experts for their DM Faculty Program.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with a team of 50+ employees, they work with clients from around the world, in over 19 different industries. Across all of their divisions, they have helped their clients generate over $1 Billion in sales.

What are the great features of Connect 365?

With Connect 365, you will learn a new cutting edge strategy to get more sales leads, clients, referrals, jv partners, traffic, authority, influence, and more. And most importantly, how to automate the entire thing…so that you can have your marketing working for you…while you focus on the things you really love doing.

Included with the free book will be a complementary 3 hour masterclass, where they’ll work hand-in-hand to help you implement this automated marketing system and get it up and running DURING the pre-launch phase. By the time cart opens, you’ll already be getting results!

This masterclass has been extensively tested over the last year (with not just internal traffic, but cold Facebook ads, as well as JV traffic), and was constructed to be a true implementation experience for your audience that is interactive from start to finish to ensure that, no matter what level your peeps are at, you leave each and every day with tangible work completed. By the end of the session, you'll be seeing results and have a lot of the system up and running.

What you will get?

More Specifically, When You Activate Your Account You'll Get:

  • A Full 2-Week License to the Connect 365 Email Software: 14 days of unlimited access to Connect 365. Including 65% off list price ongoing after your test-drive ends and over $10K in bonus resources and training (see below).
  • Connect 365 Sales Automation Training Library: A comprehensive archive of their best email strategies used by their company, leading marketing and sales experts, and their clients. As They continually develop new strategies, techniques, and systems, they’ll upload them into the library for you to access. Exclusive to Connect 365 members only.
  • Live Email Support: Real help from a real human on technical topics as well as email marketing strategy.
What Connect 365 Will Do For Your Business – Connect 365 Review


Since your emails through Connect 365 are sent exactly like you manually typed out every single one, your prospects will believe that you personally composed their message.

It's as if you calmly walked up to them and handed them a personal letter marked “Priority.”


Only 14% of emails sent from big box email marketing tools get read.

But since your emails sent through Connect 365 actually come from your own personal or professional Gmail or Outlook account, they get priority delivery to your prospects’ main inbox. Never again get trapped in the email graveyard that is the “Promotions” inbox…. starting on your first send.


No need to sit down for hours writing email copy or hiring expensive copywriters to craft the perfect message.

As a Connect 365 member you'll have access to our Connect 365 Sales Automation Library, an archive of our top performing email campaigns, proven to get results.

Which means you'll have dozens of campaign templates that you can add into your Connect 365 campaigns with a single click of a button.


Microsoft found that 50% of businesses and sales professionals give up after just ONE follow-up message. According to HBR, 71% of qualified leads are not followed up with at all.

Connect 365 automates your outreach and follow-up efforts so you can be sure that nothing slips through the cracks. When your prospects are ready to buy… you'll be the only one who has continued to stay in front of them.


Time is quite literally our most finite resource so it's imperative that you focus as much time on the things that matter.

Connect 365 automates your prospect outreach & follow-up so you can focus on running your business, spending time with your family, or just relaxing.

Why should you buy Connect 365? – Connect 365 Review

Here's the big question. Well, there's a big problem in their industry. For many Service Providers, Coaches, Consultants, Manufacturers, I.T. Firms, Commercial Construction Contractors, Accountants, etc., creating big, overly complex funnels are not the right fit. Their prospects are hard to reach. They require a more precise, personal touch in world of cold, faceless, automation.

That's where Connect 365 comes in, and solves a huge problem that these business owners, sales people, and marketers face.

They help their clients consistently land 5,6, and 7 figure contracts and break free from the cashflow roller coaster for good.

You may have heard about or used other email automation tools. Connect 365 offers a completely different and more personal kind of email marketing. That’s why it’s great for prospecting and sales, because your emails sent through Connect 365 literally look like a personal email from your grandma (and everyone opens those, right?).

In all seriousness, on a human level, a personal looking email is good for building trust because it makes you look approachable and trustworthy (not like a cold corporation sending out mass sales emails).

On a technical level, your email provider registers personal emails differently. This means that Connect 365 emails give you improved deliverability and engagement rates. In fact, we’re pretty confident in saying that it can double or even triple your open rates!

Plus, the platform is super easy to use, AND They don’t leave you hanging – you get in-depth training, scripts, and templates (and as part of this promotion only, a daily implementation bootcamp you can follow to help you set up your client attraction machine so you can get massive results for months to come.)


To be honest, thank you for reading my Connect 365 Review! See you later.