Cloud Defender v3 Review – Complete Cloud Site Security For You

Cloud Defender v3 Review

Complete Cloud Based Site Security For You & Your Clients

Since last year Google Chrome started adding warning labels for any websites asking for passwords and/or credit card information which haven’t yet added SSL protection.

In case you’re not familiar with SSL, it’s a type of encryption which prevents any communications between the visitor and the site from being read or forged by a 3rd party.

So, in other words, visitors on SSL secured sites are protected from hackers trying to their steal passwords or credit card data.

This is why you MUST add SSL certificates to any of your websites not currently secured with them.

Ignore this warning at your peril, because visitors arriving at non-secured sites via the Chrome browser will begin seeing ‘Not Secure' in their browser!

And when they do, they won’t be sticking around long enough to enter their passwords… and they’ll be even less likely to enter their credit card information!

Which means income from your non-SSL secured sites is about to take a significant hit.

And if you think for a moment you can ignore this warning because few visitors use the Chrome browser, think again.

Chrome is reported as by far the most popular browser [from 55% to 63%] by a number of sources…

Discover how to make your site secure for free, AND how to charge clients for the same service.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Cloud Defender v3 Review for more details.

Cloud Defender v3 Review



  • Product: Cloud Defender v3
  • Vendor: Matt Garrett
  • Launch Date: 2020-Jun-08
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $15-$17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Cloud Defender v3?

No website is perfect, but many lose money in ways most site owners don’t even know about.

The losses can be minor – like slow load times and weak conversions.

Or they can be MAJOR – meaning downtime, lost traffic and EVEN loss of money-making content.

The fix is surprisingly simple, once you know where the leaks are.

Updated for 2020! Cloud Defender v3 is a tested and proven system for setting up the ultimate in server security, creating a virtual ‘cloud’ based fence that will protect your site from Bad Bot Traffic, Site Scrapers, DDOS attacks and more…

It will not just lock down your entire server, but will also speed up your site load times, meaning an overnight boost in conversions, as well as increasing your SEO score with faster page time loads.

Includes Developer Rights, with complete process and Cheat Sheet for providing as a service to your clients.

This complete software and training package INCLUDES developer rights … so right out of the box you have a service that can make you recurring monthly income.

You won’t need experience or tech skills – everything is explained step by step. And the market is absolutely massive and growing every single day.

Read more in my Cloud Defender v3 Reviews.

What are the great features of Cloud Defender v3?

  • Secure your present AND future profits by protecting your most valuable online assets
  • Get an OVERNIGHT boost in conversions and free targeted organic traffic
  • Step by step to protecting YOUR money sites with the most comprehensive security system available today
  • Earn FULL TIME passive income with included developer rights
  • No technical skills, previous experience or budget for paid tools needed!
Why should you buy Cloud Defender v3? – Cloud Defender v3 Review

Google went and changed the rules again… as of July 1st, with the release of Chrome Ver 68, ALL http URL's will be displayed as “Not Secure”

This is a good thing, providing your site is setup as httpS

If not then you're going to be losing visitors, commissions and customers.

The problem is paying for an SSL certificate [the bit that let's your site become httpS) isn't cheap

AND it's usually a tech nightmare to get it all setup correctly!

There is of course a simple solution, and it's one that you can not only use on your own sites, you can also do this for clients, offering it as a much needed service…

And it's pretty easy to find clients that need it, simply check the https version of their website to see if it comes up, if not then they need this and they need it RIGHT NOW! 😀

and even better, the service that you use to accomplish that all important httpS is free to use, you just need to know how to set it all up correctly

which is where Cloud Defender comes in…

This simple to follow video training course guides you through the process is simple steps, and has a client checklist for providing the service to your customers!

The guys behind it realise that not everyone is up to date with the July changes, so they've pulled the price back down to the original launch offer price for a few days…

Google have given us a massive opportunity to provide an essential service to local businesses!

It's a service any local business with a website needs… it also doesn't cost you anything to provide this service… whilst it has massive value to your clients! And better yet, it's REALLY simple to find clients…

  • Step#1: check local business sites to see if they have this in place, most won't
  • Step#2: grab a screen shot to show them the problem
  • Step#3: send them the screen shot and offer to fix it for them

+include a link to an order/payment page (e.g.

then you just wait for the orders to come in…

Note: you could also easily outsource the setup process so you get someone else to do it for you!

To be honest, thank you for reading my Cloud Defender v3 Review! See you later.