Clever Messenger 2022 Review – Drag & Drop Chatbot builder

Clever Messenger 2022 Review

Hot Next Gen Tool Responsible for Quadrupling Profits

The average user spends more than 6 hours a day on social media, and 2.5 hours on Messenger. Your customer is using these platforms every single day, so why aren’t you?

Messenger and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms, with 2.9 billion combined active users, and almost every person in the world using them to connect. Are you selling your products or services on these platforms? If not, this course will show you how they can amplify your brand awareness and sales.

Say goodbye to spammy web push notifications! Chatbots are viruses that spread like wildfire on the internet. They’ll go viral, spread virally and then infect millions of users at scale.

The way we interact with technology is changing by the minute. Chatbots are not just for casual conversations, they now allow you to automate anything on your website and scale up!

When you're ready to grow your business, it's time to let Chatbots do the heavy lifting. They're the only way to optimize your current (and new) marketing channels. They help increase reach, boost conversions, maximize your profits, and expand your company.

Clever Messenger is a wonderful Drag n Drop Chatbot Building & Marketing Suite which actually got them into this Messenger/Instagram chatbot thing. If your looking for the best and most comprehensive solutions for Facebook Messenger & Instagram Marketing, then Clever Messenger is perfect for you.

Now you can build your own chatbots and monetize them with this comprehensive and powerful Chatbot Builder. You get access to a full chatbot building & marketing suite for Messenger. This can be put to use in any niche of your choosing, especially when combined with our social proof and web design services.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Clever Messenger 2022 Review for more details.

Clever Messenger Review


Overview – Clever Messenger 2022 Review

  • Product: Clever Messenger
  • Vendor: Stefan van der Vlag
  • Launch Date: 2022-Sep-29
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $199
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Clever Messenger?

Clever Messenger is the easiest way to get started with automatic chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message. It does more than just push visitors to your website, instead it helps build a steady stream of conversions marketing through social media.

This is the only all-in-one chatbot creation & marketing suite that has all of these features, and more. Create the perfect voice and text-based chatbot in minutes with this Dashboard. This Dashboard can create a highly engaging conversation with your customers to encourage engagement, share content and drive sales leads up to 50% better conversion rates!

Clever Messenger is the future of instant messaging. It's already happening all around you, just tapping into traffic streams. You have the ability to make sales and profits on demand now.

Simply simply, Clever Messenger increases the conversion of visitors into leads and customers. with a successful plan to turn more site visitors into devoted, lifelong clients.

This is built on the automating conversations proven idea. Expect a boost in leads, conversions, and revenues as Clever Messenger takes it a step further!

Look, you get the idea; the fact is, this page could actually be lot bigger because it has so much awesome content.

Read more in my Clever Messenger 2022 Reviews.

What are the great features of Clever Messenger?

  • Instagram Features: They're the only platform in the launch sector to offer both Facebook Messenger and Instagram chatbot functionalities thanks to their new Instagram features.
  • They developed a miniseries about the novel idea of “AI-Powered Conversations,” which has been performing incredibly well for us and was therefore added to the Prelaunch.
  • Their intuitive drag-and-drop editor, Flow Composer, helps visualize message flows, which makes it simpler to understand what is happening in a chatbot and significantly speeds up the creation of chatbots.
  • With more than 50 native integrations available in addition to webhooks, Zapier, and Integromat, Clever Messenger is making it simple to connect to current tech stacks, which makes it simple to add more marketing channels and, consequently, make it easier to gain more visibility.
  • Automation of Lead Qualification: The ability to efficiently qualify leads, create them directly from the chatbot, and obtain high-quality phone numbers and email addresses. Sending this information to Google Sheets or a pipeline program allows you to automate appointment scheduling and bring just the most qualified leads to sales calls or sales discussions.
  • Increase Bot Building and Sales with 220+ Chatbot Templates: Customers may utilize their chatbot templates to sell chatbots to potential and current customers while also accelerating their own chatbot development. We're also including over 200 custom Flows as a bonus. And to get them even more DFY treats, you can pick from the semi-exclusives.
  • It is quite easy for them to start integrating Messenger and Instagram Chatbots into their business thanks to the platform's intuitive user interface and support. With a 62 NPS score and the majority of users citing the UI and support as the reasons they're remaining, it's important to note.
  • Customers appear to greatly enjoy Facebook and Instagram's Comment Replies and Private Replies features, which automatically reply to comments AND privately message the commenter.
  • View the Testimonial Reel on the Tools page to see how they are using this testimonial as an advertisement. Since its beginning, it has continued to produce a 5X ROAS.
  • When properly compared to other chatbot solutions based on the number of subscribers, pages, and accounts, Lifetime Deal Angle performs admirably.
  • Have a software or app that they can integrate with, or vice versa? This is always really effective. If you desire an integration, get in touch.
  • Agency Angle: Chatbot sales and client use are quite successful.

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Funnel Detail – Clever Messenger 2022 Review

FRONT-END – $199/one-time – Clever Messenger

An All-In-One chatbot creation and marketing platform for Instagram and Facebook Messenger. including Unlimited Pages, 3,000 Subscribers, and Unlimited Broadcasts Additionally, comprehensive training and a free Pro trial with 10,000 subscribers are included.

Upsell#1 – $299/yr – $399/yr – $499/yr – Clever Messenger Pro

Pro Features, pre-made plug-and-play chatbot templates and flows, and more are available for you to experiment with. Additional exciting features, larger Subscriber plans at a discount, and any upcoming feature improvements.

DOWNSELL#1 – $249/yr – Clever Messenger Pro

The pricing of Clever Messenger Pro remains the same while the subscriber plan is scaled back. As with the Upsell #1, the Downsell #1 grants you access to the Chatbot Template club and all other Pro features.

Upsell#2 – $599/yr – $799/yr – $999/yr – Clever Messenger Agency

As a result, you can operate Clever Messenger as a real agency that provides a service to clients. Agency Holders can control access and logs as well as chatbots on behalf of their clients by using a full client panel, which is available to them when they develop chatbots for their customers.

Upsell#3 – $999/one time – Clever Messenger Unlimited

The option to upgrade their Pro and/or Agency account to Unlimited Subscribers is available to you. Keep in mind that you can only view this upgrade if you acted on prior upsell purchases. This incorporates Domain Mapping and Agency Whitelabel Features.

Upsell#4 – $49/mo – Clever Messenger VIP Club

45 days of FREE VIP Club membership. You receive exclusive bot tactics and training, priority VIP assistance, and additional chatbot templates and flows as a result. updated once each week. You also have access to their brand-new monthly giveaways.

Why should you buy it? – Clever Messenger 2022 Review

There are tons of businesses out there in need of your assistance with all aspects of their web presence. Most anxious and eager to pay you a lot are the lost ones!

And those who entered this market have done well financially! But. However, there are always these 2 issues (which you will probably both recognize):

Finding new prospects and customers is challenging and time-consuming.

Selling customers on your services is really difficult, especially if they are brand-new to the online game.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business and traffic, Messenger chatbots are great for that. The Chatbot Creator is a full set of tools you can use to create a fast, powerful and scalable chatbot in no time. It has an elegant user interface which makes it easy to use so that you can focus on creating engaging conversations with customers instead of trying to figure out the technology behind it.

Clever Messenger is a revolutionary way to tap into traffic streams, without any upfront costs. No long-term contracts, no monthly fees. With Clever Messenger you can make sales and profits on demand while maintaining control over every aspect of your business.

Here are some specific things that Clever Messenger, a drag-and-drop chatbot builder and marketing suite, can do for your company and the local businesses you oversee.

IMMEDIATELY connect and interact with anybody who responds to Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, images, and posts using Clever Messenger. This will continuously produce new leads and clients on autopilot!

After they see what Clever Messenger can do. All of your customers will want you to set it up for their company! Before you even have an opportunity to speak with the clients, the deals will conclude themselves! (Simply demonstrate the templates for an engaging demo!)

You can use Clever Messenger to create an endless supply of high-quality, qualified leads that you can offer to your clients!

What is ideal?

There are countless options with Clever Messenger; these are but a handful of them.

It includes templates for a range of markets and industries. The commercial rights are also included. With these tools, you can already wow any client you're selling local marketing to.

Look, if you don't instantly think of five ways that this chatbot software may boost your local marketing and make it far more profitable, keep reading.

People have already made millions using Facebook pages, Google Places, and other local marketing platforms. Without a doubt, Chatbots for Clever Messenger will lead to the next gold rush.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Clever Messenger 2022 Review! See you later.