CheckIn SociMasters Review – Restaurants Will Pay You Monthly for This

CheckIn SociMasters Review

Build A Simple Recurring Online Business From Home

One of the best online business models is recurring/subscription based… and everyone’s goal should be to establish that income source.

Most people think they have to have a big budget and lots of traffic in order to make sales online…

And two girls, Alicia and Lorette, have discovered a really cool way to offer FB checkin services to businesses, and charge them anywhere from $147-297/month, without doing any cold calling, face to face meetings or leaving the comfort of your own home.

The best part is… They show you tools and techniques for getting clients without needing to leave the comfort of their own home.

This strategy is so easy, you need zero tech skills, and zero previous experience. Cool part is, it requires only 20 min of copy and paste simplicity to deliver this service.

Once setup, it works on its own.

You can build a recurring online business, WITHOUT any cold calling or face to face meetings!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my CheckIn SociMasters Review for more details.

CheckIn SociMasters Review



  • Product: CheckIn SociMasters
  • Vendor: Ivana Bosnjak
  • Launch Date: 2019-Dec-20
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $15
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is CheckIn SociMasters?

CheckIn SociMasters is a full blown course showing you how you can easily land monthly recurring customers WITHOUT ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

It includes step by step method, with full pages of PDF and over-the-shoulder videos, that can turn a newbie into a social media expert, landing them recurring clients by switching on FREE viral traffic using Facebook Checkin service.

Inside CheckIn SociMasters, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on exactly how to find desperate restaurant owners who need you to do this simple 20 minute work on Facebook…

And you can land these clients with simple copy paste emails or Facebook messages – no need to ever meet them or call them!

This system is so easy to follow, and is designed for complete newbies…

Read more in my CheckIn SociMasters Reviews.

What are the great features of CheckIn SociMasters?

Here’s what you’ll discover inside CheckIn SociMasters

  • How to target restaurants that are in desperate need of this service
  • And how to get restaurant owners to pay you between $147-197/month recurring for a simple 20 mins ‘job’ … (even if you’re a complete newbie)
  • How to get clients to sign up immediately without hesitation
  • And how to get clients without leaving the comfort of your home – no need to cold call, or ever meet anyone, just use proven email/FB messages that bring desperate restaurant owners to you
  • How to run your new FB marketing business part-time (perfect for newbies that need something that easily fits around the day job)
Video Demo

Demo Video


What you willl get?

It Will Take You Through 6 Different Modules: Backed Up With A Full Testimonials

Module#1 – The Big Picture & The Impact

How to exploit this new change, so restaurant owners will beg you to set it up the check in service for them

How the recent Facebook algorithm changes have made check ins extremely viral

How you can cash in by using this underutilized check in knowledge to bring an avalanche of new customers to any restaurant you choose

Why word of mouth referrals are valued more highly than any form of commercial advertising

Module#2 – Different Ways To Get Paid

How to use discounts and ‘perceived value’ to make your clients feel they are always getting a bargain from you

Learn two sure-fire ways of making sure your new clients happily pay you, each and every month

Module#3 – How to Get Clients

How to get clients with just one simple email or Facebook Messenger message

Learn their easy, step by step strategies on how to get clients without leaving the comfort of your home

Insider tricks on how to get restaurant owners so hooked, they won’t let you leave until signing them up

Module#4 – How to Run The Program

Step by step Facebook Business Manager guide for complete technophobes

How to manage the entire check-in program with a few rinse and repeat steps that take just minutes per week to complete

How to get access to a client’s Facebook page

Module#5 – The Check-in Template

Step by step tutorials on how to easily customize template to create check in materials that please every client, using free-to-use Canva software

Done for you, fully customizable restaurant template with ‘drag and drop’ simplicity

How to print promotional check in material from home for free, or via cheap online services

Module#6 – Training the Businesses

Done-for-you checklist to pass on to each client so they know exactly what they need to do

How to ‘train’ clients into helping you maximize the check in system

Detailed “scenarios” to give to each client so they can easily train restaurant staff on how to encourage visitors to check in

Module#7 – How to Show The Value to The Client

Step by step instructions on how to ‘report’ your check in results, so clients are always seriously impressed

How to demonstrate the powerful impact you are having on a client’s business, so they happily retain your services and keep paying every month

Full scripts on exactly what to cover, emphasize and highlight

Front End Bonus

How to outsource the entire process

Private members only FB Mastermind Group

How to run viral contests and getting paid a monthly management fee

How does it work?

Here is the thing…they are copy/pasting their way to success using these 3 simple steps:

  • Step#1 – they send a copy paste e-mail or FB message to local restaurants
  • Step#2 – restaurants gladly accept the new customer strategy
  • Step#3 – they set it up in 20 min. with a copy and paste template…
Funnel Detail

OTO#1 – $27 – Done For You Client Prospecting Videos

  • DFY Prospecting Video
  • DFY Copy/Paste Email and FB Messages
  • BONUS: DFY Facebook Ads with “How to Target Restaurant Owners” training video

OTO#2 – $37 – 48 DFY Checkin Templates

  • 48 DFY Checkin Templates in 12 of the most popular restaurant niches
  • BONUS: Additional Checkin ideas for 12 of the most popular restaurant niches

OTO#3 – $37 – Case Studies

Case Studies where you can learn exactly how their students landed clients in some of the biggest restaurant niches, such as Mexican Restaurant, Cupcake Shop and Seafood Restaurant.

Case Studies can be used to give you instant credibility with new clients

BONUS: Brilliant case studies from businesses outside of the restaurant industry, and how to use the same strategies ‘with a twist' for restaurants

Why should you buy CheckIn SociMasters? – CheckIn SociMasters Review

If you’ve given up on trying to make money online, and think you’ve seen it all before… think again… CheckIn SociMasters is designed to help you generate a lucrative income from the comfort of your own home, by offering a service that restaurant owners are desperate for…

If you’re still unsure about this because it involves offering a service to restaurant owners, remember, Alicia shows you how to land these clients without ever picking up the phone to them, or visiting them in person. Alicia hands you her proven client-grabbing emails that do all the work for you!

Inside CheckIn SociMasters, you’ll discover how you can offer a ’20 mins to set up’ service for local restaurant owners, who will happily pay you $147-297/month…

And you can land these clients without ever calling them or meeting face to face!

This is the exact strategy that Alicia uses to make money from the comfort of her home, and she’ll now show you how to follow in her footsteps…


To be honest, thank you for reading my CheckIn SociMasters Review! See you later.