BuzzSumo tool – Powerful Content Search Tool For Anybody

BuzzSumo tool


I. Preface

If you are looking for a great app that can help you search all the hottest keywords/information for your purposes, then you are in the right place. Keep reading this post to know more about BuzzSumo tool – A fantastic search tool.

Great content search tool

  • BuzzSumo allows the display of information, documents, articles, news. That are most interested in the period: within 24 hours, last week, last month, last six months and for a year.
  • Ability to capture the content and will of the user. BuzzSumo supports an improved search engine that exploits all related content based on only the keywords: Name, Location, Author, Domain, or any word.
  • And BuzzSumo displays the share of search information on all popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
  • Optimal filtering, including: Article, Infographic (Graphic Design), Guest Points, Giveaways, Interviews, Videos …
  • Show the most popular Backlinks, including all shared domains or pages.
  • Allows direct sharing of content displayed via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …

II. BuzzSumo Tool ’s Highlights

Amplify the influence

  • BuzzSumo allows you to search for authors, journalists, politicians … or any person in the world who is having a great impact on the community. At the same time, users can follow them directly right on this site without having to use the personal web page.
  • Display content, video, domain, website … that famous people have shared.
  • Support export search results to CSV or Excel files for personal purposes.

Support for content warnings

  • BuzzSumo will provide keyword-related notifications to users when new updates or announcements about new books/authors are made.
  • Users can customize their warnings. This smart feature allows the user to limit the number of junk messages or other uninteresting news.
  • Supports content analysis reports on a topic or domain, including content such as release date, the amount of information, social sharing times… Also, it also provides reports and charts comparing the content. That is developed or built between the brands, creating favorable conditions for strategists to form ideas.
  • BuzzSumo also supports many search parameters that allow for more and more accurate searching such as adding words or removing words.
  • BuzzSumo's professionalism is not limited to allowing display of the most shared sites and information, but also the ability to bypass sites that share information that helps keep users from getting bothered by the junk internet marketing data.

Therefore, BuzzSumo is a powerful content search app for bloggers, marketing professionals, journalists …

III. Conclusion

To use BuzzSumo, users need to create an account or register a membership with their email account. However, users are only can search five times for free, and if you want to use this helpful tool, you are required to pay a fee.

If you are not a professional marketer or do not need a lot of advanced features then using email is the best way. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have multiple email accounts to use them for free several times.