BotMatic Review – Automate & Explode Your Traffic & Engagement 2022

BotMatic Review

All-in-one Marketing platform – Facebook & Instagram Chatbot + Automation Tools, Ecommerce, SMS/Email & Social Media Marketing!

We cannot ignore the rapidly expanding chatbot industry.

Instagram bots and automations are completely approved by Facebook. 1.7 billion people use Facebook after-hours, according to a Facebook Messenger bot. Automate your consumer interactions as a result.

  • Using chatbots for communication has
  • 80–100% of Facebook Messenger messages are opened.
  • Rates of click-through in FB Messenger of more than 60%

2-5 times more conversions and at a faster rate than conventional landing page + email funnels

So, after months of arduous work and huge investments in research expenditures, they were able to produce Botmatic.

If you've ever employed artificial intelligence bots or social media automation, you'll want to see this. Many times, people are aware of this service, but they are unable to effectively use it for good sales, marketing, and customer support, much alone monetize it.

All of that is going to alter.

Botmatic is a platform for all types of marketing, including social media marketing, e-commerce, SMS/email, and chatbots for Facebook and Instagram.

With engagement-boosting A.I. bots, it assists you in tenfolding the power of your traffic and profits! You can start your very own successful internet business with botmatic services.

Additionally, it comes with an agency license that will enable you to charge a high price for things like social media automation.

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BotMatic Review


Overview – BotMatic Review

  • Product: BotMatic
  • Vendor: Ankur Shukla
  • Launch Date: 2022-Jun-30
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is BotMatic?

Botmatic is an A.I create visual drag-and-drop Flow Builder-based chatbots for Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger.

Additionally, it has automatic respond and private reply functionality for comments on Facebook and Instagram. The marketing tool also includes a capability for posting text, images, links, videos, slider posts, and carousels on Facebook and Instagram.

Botmatic contains a Messenger Bot that can deliver campaigns and bulk messages. It's accurate to say that the marketing software offers a full-service SMS and email marketing solution. Additionally, it enables bulk posting with only one click to 7 social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, and Medium.

However, it offers a robust Ecommerce platform that can be set up within Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and other similar platforms.

With the Agency license from Botmatic, you may launch a company that offers social media, e-commerce, SMS, and email marketing automation services to clients for a fee.

It is, in a single phrase, an all-inclusive marketing solution for your company. Overall, it's simple to get started thanks to the Flow Builder SMS/Messenger Marketing's single UI and streamlined bot construction process.

These tools are not available in a single product from any other software in our market!

The best-selling goods in JVZoo history have been successful because they were released at the ideal time.

Your clients are currently pleading with you to bring out Botmatic. It is a first-to-market solution that enables your customers to quickly launch lucrative agencies and build engagement-boosting, lead-generating custom bots.

Create Your Own Agency With a Facebook and Instagram Chatbot, Automated E-Commerce Services, and Multi-Channel Marketing in Less Than a Minute on Fiverr, Up Work, Freelancer, and More to Make Money!

  • Without wasting any time, provide automated customer service.
  • Grow Your Business By Increasing Sales.
  • Import leads & Get Free Viral Traffic From 7 Top Social Networks
  • With integrated Facebook and Instagram chatbots, automate sales and leads generation.
  • Profit Purely From Unlimited E-Commerce Stores
  • Full Marketing Automation Including SMS And Email
  • Build Advance Messenger Bots Using Drag And Drop Editor.
  • Search Tools to Help with your Research on your Competition

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What are the great features of BotMatic?

Social Media Poster/Interaction Tool

8 social media networks, including Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Blogger, Medium, WordPress, and Instagram, can be used to generate free organic traffic and engage audiences. To expand your audience, you may quickly share text, image, link, video, and carousel postings. Automate authority & interaction with mass publishing, auto-replies, automatic comment likes, and more.

Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Utilizing Visual Flow Builder, create a BOT (Drag and Drop Bot Builder)

Chatbots assist in boosting customer engagement while lowering customer service expenses.

Chatbot & Automation for Instagram

Increases internal communication, and users receive prompt responses.

Twitter Automation

Personalized Advice For Your Clients. Increase Your Sales Due To Our Fast Response Time And 24/7 Availability.

Facebook Auto Reply & Private Reply for Comments

Control and schedule your auto replies, and interact privately with others completely on autopilot.

Posting in Facebook Group Chat

They unveiled a new tool that makes it simpler for Facebook Group managers and members to begin in-progress talks.

SMS and Email Broadcasting

By raising brand awareness, encouraging customer engagement, and boosting sales, email broadcasting has the potential for greater ROI.

SMS Send – SMS Broadcast

If a customer has one of the aforementioned accounts, they can utilize their platform to deliver SMS messages to their subscribers. They give customers the choice to link their own accounts and utilize their platform for SMS sending.

Campaign to Respond to Many Comments

By using bots to reply to each member, you can save time and effort.

Ecommerce Store Builder/Complete Ecommerce Solutions

Create Beautiful Ecommerce Stores For Physical And Digital Goods In Minutes, Take Payments, & Expand Your List.

Send a Single Notification

Once a subscriber has accepted to receive them, you may use Facebook's one-time notification capability to send them one notification message outside of the 24-hour window. Opting into the one-time notification is what this is known as. Even if it's only permitted ONCE! With this upgrade, you gain the ability to send 30 notifications each month.

Insights for Flow Builder

You can make use of this Flow Builder Insights to have a more detailed understanding of how their bots or certain bot components are operating. Each message features a counter for the number of subscribers, percentage of deliveries, and times sent. On the messenger bot, we can examine the insight.

Live Talk

Multiple customers can receive support at once, around-the-clock.

Many different payment gateways

Multiple Payments Gateway For Hassle Free Payments.

Flow Builder Visual

Building Facebook and Instagram bots, as well as online stores, is really simple with the Visual Flow Builder.

Tools for Useful Search

Investigate your competition to find the best hashtags for your online advertising and target audiences. Get features like hashtag search and website comparison.

Email and SMS list export and import,

You may effortlessly import a list of existing contacts using their export and import features from either your email contacts or SMS contacts. The recipients of your subsequent SMS or email campaign can then be chosen from this list of contacts.

Autoresponder and Subscriber Manager

To sync your page and bot subscribers into your dashboard, simply click your mouse. With the built-in autoresponder, you can advertise to your chat subscribers whenever you want and send both broadcast emails and automated sequences.

With the documentation manual, you can get started right away.

The application comes with well-written, regularly updated documentation.

No Manual Integrations Anymore

You'll never waste time waiting or performing manual integrations with this app. Your Facebook and Instagram chatbots, as well as the E-commerce store builder, social posting, SMS/emails, and subscriber tools, all function together seamlessly. Likewise, with your linked social media accounts.

Instagram & Facebook Platform-Approved!

Positive news They successfully obtained full Facebook and Instagram approval for Botmatic, and the app complies with all platform policies. This indicates that you can rely on it now and in the future.

The Profit Power Of Chat Marketing, however, Is The Real Game Changer!

You Can Quickly Create Interactive “Smart Message Flows” With Their Chatbot “Flow Builder” Even duplicate them with just one click to share across numerous pages.

How does it work? – BotMatic Review

Step#1 – Connect

Botmatic integrates with 7 of the top social networks, so you only need to link your accounts once.

Step#2 – Automate

Easily set up online stores, automated messaging, and social media engagement tools.

Step#3 – Profit

Watch Free Traffic From Multiple Platforms Convert Into Leads, Sales, And Profits.

How does Botmatic improve my quality of life and financial situation?

Botmatic Is The One And Only Tool You'll Ever Need For Marketing. This program integrates each essential marketing solution into a single dashboard. You save spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on ongoing subscription fees while also saving dozens of hours of time.

There are no complicated integrations or technical nightmares; everything is set up once and ready to use.

Automated tools, email/SMS/Ecom marketing tools, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram bots built in!

Not everything needs to be done and used right now. Numerous newcomers have used social media tools to get started before moving on to multi-channel marketing when they were ready.

Additionally, the over-the-shoulder instruction talks you through each step in detail.

Botmatic enables you to create marketing automation campaigns that are both engaging and automated. The software offers an A.I-generated visual drag-and-drop Flow Builder, making it easy to create content in a matter of minutes. It allows marketers to schedule actions with each message or post as well as run conversions on social media by automatically replying and liking messages on Facebook and Instagram.

Who Needs Botmatic?

Best For Anyone looking to launch a successful business in this market.

Best For: The millions of digital enterprises that want to automate their marketing, sales, and customer service.

Automate customer assistance and provide it quickly.

Boost interaction and increase your e-commerce store's sales.

Funnel Detail – BotMatic Review

BotMatic Review

Why should you buy it? – BotMatic Review

To compete and be profitable, every business needs social media automation tools and multichannel marketing. Customer support, interactions and leads, traffic and sales all need to be automated.

Businesses attempt to automate their operations with multi-user software but get poor results. The cost of subscriptions is excessive, and switching between many apps is a time waster.

Consequently, They Created An All-In-One Bot Solution Called Botmatic After Months Of Research, Investment, And Collaborative Work!

Get completely automated, then set traffic, leads, and sales to run themselves!

Botmatic can therefore be a straightforward, plug-and-play, automated solution for businesses to instantly meet their customers' needs without losing any money.

Using Botmatic for personal purposes may save your life. Each month, your company pays thousands of dollars for these services.

The Most Simple Way To Build Or Expand Your Online Empire Imagine a single cloud-based platform that provides you with everything you need to earn money online.

Since they are all integrated inside, there is no need to log in and out of various tools or even social accounts.

Set and forget automations can help you save dozens of hours each week. Start fresh income streams while expanding the ones you already have. Everything you need is right here at your fingertips.

To be honest, thank you for reading my BotMatic Review! See you later.