BinstaApp Review – How to Turn Instagram into a Huge Source of Free Buyer Traffic 2021

BinstaApp Review

“First-To-Market” Instagram Software That Helps You Start Making Money From Instagram Fast

Let me share some interesting statistics with you…

  • 500 million daily active users
  • 1 Billion monthly active users
  • 500 million IG accounts use Instagram stories every day.
  • Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day.
  • Instagram helps 80% of Instagram users decide to buy a product or service.
  • Instagram can generate over 4 x more interactions compared to Facebook.
  • 50% of Instagrammers follow at least one business.

The fact is… If you’re not using Instagram as a primary traffic source for your business, you’re making a grave mistake.

Instagram is where the new spenders are right now.

Instagram gives Influencer a god-like authority over their followers and this makes selling easy. Thousands of everyday Joes are turning millionaires just through the power of Instagram.

It takes an awful lot of time and work or a divine stroke of luck to build a real, loyal community of followers and buyers on Instagram.

Today I want to share with you a faster solution to building a huge community on Instagram that you can monetize over and over again.

It’s so incredible, beta testers have been going crazy over it… but before I let you in on this masterpiece let me share not open secret with you about Instagram.

You see Instagram algorithm is designed to favor engagement and activity.

You need to constantly be active on Instagram, posting, liking, commenting, following, reposting, messaging, viewing stories, and scrolling to be recognized by the Instagram algorithm.

That’s when the system starts putting you in front of your ideal audience and starts getting the followers and traffic you want.

But honestly, no one really has all that luxury of time in the world…especially ifs you got a business to run.

But since you need the traffic and customer from Instagram, let me present a better method to do all this on autopilot while you just sit back and utilize the free traffic you’d be getting from Instagram.

BinstaApp fast-tracks tis journey for you. BinstaApp also comes with complete monetization training from a true Instagram Millionaire to shows you how to turn your Instagram Influence into sales and cult-like domination.

This is the same method top Instagram influencers are using to grow and make 5 to 6 figures monthly on Instagram…only this time, it’s completely automated for you.

BinstaApp is the first cloud-based web app that automates your Instagram activities, engagement and growth, helping you build a huge community of targeted followers so you can start selling to them instantly.

Just set the rules once and watch how the traffic starts rolling in as fast as in 30 minutes.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my BinstaApp Review for more details.

BinstaApp Review


Overview – BinstaApp Review

  • Product: BinstaApp
  • Vendor: Ugoo Carson
  • Launch Date: 2021-Jan-04
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is BinstaApp? – BinstaApp Review

Instagram is designed to be a mobile-only social platform.

Before now, other vendors have tried to built automation software for Instagram. They end up using “cron jobs” for automation which Instagram frowns at.

To make sure they maintain the mobile-only requirement for Instagram, they used AVD technology to build Binsta. AVD stands for Android Virtual Devices.

This means that instead of using the non-compliant cron job solution, Binsta uses the AVD technology to create “virtual android devices” which logs into your Instagram account as if it was logged from a real phone. To Instagram, they see you log in from a phone which is 100% compliant.

Moreover, Binsta has been in use for the past 6 months now! This eliminates any possibility of a shutdown since they're not technically breaking any rules.

BinstaApp is the BEST Instagram Monetization Tool right now with lots of First-To-Market features that will blow your customers away that helps automate your Instagram GROWTH and ENGAGEMENT.


Following the recent Instagram API update, they have developed the FIRST Instagram software that is in strict compliance to the Instagram/Facebook TOS and gives you peace of mind to run your business.

With BinstaApp you can manage all your Instagram tasks starting from posting, following, direct messaging, changing and restoring your profile biolinks on complete autopilot, saving you time and money on getting the services of an agency.

Read more in my BinstaApp Reviews.

What are the great features of BinstaApp?

The Auto Biolinks Scheduler is an incredible feature and one of my favorites. Your biolink the only way to send your visitors to your sales page or store. This feature automates your biolink update. That means you can schedule when your biolink to update automatically without you manually doing that. Set multiple automation schedules and watch how you can direct your traffic effectively to relevant offers and links.

Post Now/Schedule. This feature helps you to directly post to your Instagram or schedule unlimited posts to go off at specific times. You can automate posts to your Stories or Albums and Newsfeed. You can automate video posts or photos. You can also schedule posts for as long as you want.

The Lead Search module helps you to search for leads by hashtags, places or influencer usernames. This generates highly targeted audiences based on hashtags, places and popular Instagram influencers. You can easily plug this audience into your campaign to drive sales.

The Hashtag Creator tool is used in creating hash tags quickly before use, thus saving time and generating trending hashtags.

The Auto Follow feature automatically follows relevant targeted audiences as if you were doing it yourself. All you need to do is select your target audience’s interest, location and influencers and it will automatically identify people who match these demographics and follow them.

The Auto Like is one of the best tools to interact with posts of new Instagram users or users you follow. It increases account activity. It automatically helps you like posts randomly depending on your target settings.

And The Auto Repost is a very useful feature to re-post random temporary posts. The feature will select random posts according to selected targets, re-post them and will remove them after a stipulated time. This is good for engaging your followers nd building rapport.

The Auto Unfollow feature does the exact opposite of the Auto-follow feature. It naturally unfollows a select part of the people you are following so that you can maintain a healthy followers to following ratio. Remember that Instagram rewards accounts with a high follower to following ratio with more organic visibility.

And The Auto View Stories helps you to automatically view stories of people and account they are following, thus encouraging them to view your profile back and eventually follow you..

The Auto Comment module helps to automate the commenting process on Instagram. This feature can put you in the eyes of your target audience right in the comment section of top influencers. Simply set your target influencers and niche and it will automatically post comments to their post as if you were the one doing it.

And The Auto Welcome DM automatically sends welcome messages to new followers thereby building rapport and trust in your brand.

The Auto DM feature is used to directly interact with Instagram users. Helps you to reach and sell your offers right in the Dm of your customers. They can see and reply to the Instagram DMs in real-time.

How does BinstaApp work? – BinstaApp Review

Demo Video

Funnel Detail

Front End: BinstaApp Pro – Personal & Commercial Licence – $17

You get access to all the tools you need to grow your Instagram account and drive traffic to your offers, sales pages and stores.

Upsell#1: BinstaApp Platinum – $37

Add unlimited Instagram accounts to your BinstaApp. Get in depth analytics to make better informed marketing decisions and over 6 more upgrade features.

Upsell#2: BinstaApp Performance – $67

Get all the tools you need to run sweepstakes and giveaway campaigns to drive massive viral referral traffic and sales.

Upsell#3: Binsta Videos $67

Create stunning Instagram videos to capture attention and drive traffic.

Upsell#4: Binsta DFY $97

They will build out winning growth campaigns for you to grow your Instagram account 10X faster.

Upsell#5: Binsta Reseller

Why should you buy it? – BinstaApp Review

Right now, Instagram is the most viable traffic source online and if you’re not using Instagram to drive traffic and generate sales then your’re missing a lot of opportunities.

But the problem is that growing your Instagram influence and beating the algorithm to drive you traffic takes a lot of time and work but with Binsta you can automate everything and get to where you can start making money right away.

BinstaApp is a cloud-based Instagram Automation, Growth and Sales Software that helps automates your Instagram activities to generate you hordes of targeted traffic.

You can automate all your Instagram tasks from posting, following, direct messaging, changing and restoring your profile biolinks on complete autopilot, saving you time and money on getting the services of an agency.

Instagram is the most viable source of free and engaged traffic right now. With Facebook and YouTube getting more saturated as a source of traffic, businesses have become desperate to find new affordable and effective traffic sources. And Instagram is the best alternative right now.

Binista is currently on a launch discount and it’s the best time to get it because the price will increase every 60 minutes.

And BinstaApp is the first of its kind Instagram automation software that helps you engage, grow and onnetize your Instagram traffic.

Binsta helps you manage your engagement on autopilot, grow your followers 10X faster and helps you focus on making money.

To be honest, thank you for reading my BinstaApp Review! See you later.