AvatarBuilder Review – World’s First 3D Avatar Customization Technology 2021

AvatarBuilder Review

A New Leap in 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence & Multi-Lingual Video Technology

You know that 3D Avatars are simple, elegant and astonishingly captivating. They command attention and hold it till the end of the video!

Produce superior and impressive videos in minutes and stand out from the crowd.

Put your video marketing on steroids with futuristic 3D avatars and next-generation animated videos.

Evoke emotions, elevate your storytelling, engage and convert audiences like never before with super unique 3D talking avatars.

Save money and replace expensive human spokespersons and voiceover artists.

Boost authority, build credibility and magnify trust to skyrocket your results.

Capture and keep attention to get up to 10X more engagement and slash your advertising costs in half.

Attract more customers, sales and leads WITHOUT any experience, fancy equipment or being on camera.

Create videos in any language for true global reach to multiply your profits.

Imagine leveraging the power of latest 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence and multilingual video technologies to create SUPER UNIQUE 3D animation videos like the professionals within minutes!

Better yet, imagine selling these videos you create for $300 or more each!

I have some good news… you can now cut through the clutter and produce studio-quality animated videos for any marketing goal without any experience or being on camera yourself!

For the first time ever, you can design your own Disney and Pixar style “Talking 3D Avatars” with your choice of hair styles, colors/props and get them to speak in ANY language. (NOT available in any other app.)

Convert ANY text or audio into a beautiful video within minutes or choose from THOUSANDS of done-for-you video templates from the hottest niches.

You also get access to industry-leading multilingual features including hundreds of text-to-speech voices, accurate speech-to-text transcription, 1-click translation inside ONE dashboard.

Next-Generation AI and disney and pixar style 3D “talking” spokespersons will help you produce impressive 3D explainer, animated, educational, ecommerce, social media, Youtube presentations and sales videos within minutes.

This is a perfect choice for content creators, authors, teachers, business owners, digital marketers, freelancers, social media managers and anyone else looking to grow their brand and get better results with their videos.

No need to hire expensive freelancers, voice artists or animators every again! Use this powerful 3D Animation video maker now to 10X your results, slash your advertising costs in half and double your traffic, leads and sales!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my AvatarBuilder Review for more details.

AvatarBuilder Review


Overview – AvatarBuilder Review

  • Product: AvatarBuilder
  • Vendor: Paul Ponna
  • Launch Date: 2021-Jan-06
  • Launch Time: 15:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $67
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is AvatarBuilder? – AvatarBuilder Review

Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar are back with their BEST product to date after delivering EIGHT back-to-back million dollar blockbuster software launches in the last 3 years.

AvatarBuilder is the first of it's kind “multi-purpose” video technology loaded with industry-leading feature NOT available in any other app.

Nothing like this is available in the market anywhere, at any price. They have been listening to customer feedback from their previous launches and included all the most requested premium features into Avatar Builder for a low one-time price.

AvatarBuilder is the only video animation app to feature next-generation 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence and Multilingual Video technologies inside ONE dashboard. No need for expensive spokespersons, voiceover artists or multiple video apps! AvatarBuilder comes loades with all the industry leading features to create videos in any language in minutes.

Read more in my AvatarBuilder Reviews.

What are the great features of AvatarBuilder?

Custom-make your own 3D avatar for any marketing goal to convey your message to the masses and grow your brand in a fun and engaging way.

Build a perfect 3D avatar spokesperson for your brand to fascinate, entertain and get you incredible results!

You have total control over the customization process. Change the colours and look of clothing, hair, skin, accessories and select from a wide variety of props like eyeglasses, shoes, watches, vests and more for unlimited design possibilities.

Never Seen Before: Artificial Intelligence Smart Scene Creator

Automatically turn ANY text into a stunning video with machine learning AI.

The AI automates HOURS of work for you:

  • Within seconds the Artificial Intelligence Engine
  • Converts your text into stunning video scenes with text effects/animations.
  • Produces voice overs with their award-winning text-to-speech
  • No editing, design skills or technical experience needed.
  • And builds a mesmerizing video in a flash.
  • Captivating Pixar & Disney Style Talking 3D Avatars

Choose from a wide variety of 3D avatar spokespersons representing different age groups, ethnicities, professions and backgrounds to deliver your message to the masses.

Avatars are simple, elegant and astonishingly captivating. They command attention and hold it till the end of the video!

Make a memorable, breathtaking impact on your audience without being on camera yourself.

Hundreds of Done-For-You Video Templates

Remove the trial and error / grunt work out the equation. Save hours of time and create videos faster.

Personalize the templates as you like with your own text effects, fonts, animations, watermarks, backgrounds and voiceovers for endless possibilities.

Sell to clients for top dollar with the included commercial license!

First to Market: Revolutionary Logo Mapping Technology

Unlike other apps, the logo you upload becomes part of the avatar and flexes with the avatar’s movements, for a more life-like effect than ever.

Nothing like this is available anywhere!

Brand the 3D avatars with your own logos to boost trust, credibility and sales!

Industry Leading Multilingual Video Technologies

Make your videos more engaging than ever and attract more customers without the need for expensive voice artists or language translation experts!

Create videos in ANY LANGUAGE with total ease!

With a single click you perfectly lip-sync any voice with the 3D avatars and get them to speak in any languages!

Avatar Builder gives you UNLIMITED access to all the multilingual technologies to convert global audiences and reach 10x more customers!

How does AvatarBuilder work? – AvatarBuilder Review
  • Step#1 – Select from a wide range of 3D avatars and ready-made video templates.
  • Step#2 – Change colours, styles backgrounds, fonts, animations, music, voiceovers and more with total ease.
  • Step#3 – Share & sell your videos to boost revenues, leads and sales.
Demo Video

Funnel Detail – AvatarBuilder Review

FRONT END: AvatarBuilder | Personal LICENSE ($37 One-Time) – Commercial LICENSE ($47 One-time)

There are no limits – you get UNLIMITED access to all features for low ONE-TIME price.

  • Artificial Intelligence Scene Creator
  • Visual Custom Avatar Builder
  • Thousands of Ready-Made Video Templates
  • Disney & Pixar Style 3D Avatars
  • Open-Canvas Custom Video Maker
  • Logo Mapping Technology
  • 1-Click Language Translation
  • 200+ Award Winning Text-to-Speech Voices
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images & Videos
  • Speech-To-Text Transcription
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Built-in Copyright Free Music Library
  • 6 Minutes Max Video Length
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Commercial License
  • UNLIMITED Video Renders
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Sell The Videos
  • 8 Week Training Webinars
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access

UPGRADE#1 – AvatarBuilder Elite Upgrade ($49 One-Time)

Get access to additional features worth thousands. 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of other AvatarBuilder customers!

New 3D Avatars Monthly For 1 Year (One-Time Price): Brand new customizable 3D avatars added to your account each month for 1 year (no monthly fees).

  • Premium Text Effects, Animations & Fonts
  • 5 New Premium 3D Avatars Unlocked Immediately
  • Unlimited Background Removal
  • Premium Stock Image / Video Asset Library
  • 200 Premium Music Files Library
  • Premium Slide Transitions
  • Premium Rendering Amazon Cloud Server
  • VIP Customer support
  • Priority Access To Future App Updates
  • Priority Video Rendering

UPGRADE#2 – AvatarBuilder Agency Upgrade ($67 One-Time)

Skyrocket revenues and start selling your videos for $300 to $500 each with the powerful agency upgrade.

  • Double Your Video Length (12mins)
  • Ready Made HUMAN Voice Overs For All Templates
  • 1080p Video Renders
  • Save the CUSTOM Avatars You Build – Reuse Customer Designed Avatars For Future Videos.
  • Convert Any Audio To A Stunning Video With Speech-To-Text transcription.
  • Done-For-You Client Contracts
  • Done-For-You Video Agency Package – Comes with done-for-you sales video, brochures, business cards, ready-made emails, flyers, letterheads, invoices, client contracts and a whole lot more!
  • 150,000 Video Scripts & Articles (create videos on any topic or niche with ease!
  • 5 Extra Accounts For Virtual Workers & Family
  • Step-By-Step Videos On How To Sell Videos For Top Dollar

UPGRADE#3 – AvatarBuilder Template Hub Upgrade ($39 One-Time)

Unlock 500+ New Templates Immediately (50 per category)

Brand New Video Templates From The Hottest Niches Added To You Account For 1 Year (No Monthly Fees)

UPGRADE#4 – AvatarBuilder VoicePro Upgrade ($29 One-Time)

Instant Download To 400 Human Voiceovers on Hottest Niche Topics. Can Download The Voice Overs And Use it in Other Video Apps.

Unlock 100+ Premium Male & Female Text-to-Speech Voices In The Most Popular Languages and Accents.

Why should you buy it? – AvatarBuilder Review

To celebrate the launch, the creators Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar are hosting a special webinar to unveil this futuristic technology to the world!

You can now create spectacular studio quality 3D animated videos for any marketing goal within minutes with technologies and features NOT available in any other app!

For the first time ever, AvatarBuilder app merges next-generation 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence & industry-leading Multilingual Technologies into ONE powerful video app!

ONLY 1000 spots are available, so lock in your spot now before this software giveaway expires forever!

Hundreds of people have already signed up.

You are going to see some MIND BLOWING case-studies on how how you can create 3D animation videos for clients and charge top dollar for your services!

  • World's First Visual Custom 3D Avatar Builder For Effortless Video Creation.
  • Artificial Intelligence Smart Scene Builder To Turn ANY Text into Stunning Videos.
  • Open-Canvas Video Builder For Custom Videos From Scratch.
  • Thousands of Done-For-You Video Templates For Total Automation.
  • Accurate Speech-To-Text Transcription To Turn Any Audio into Text For Multilingual Videos.
  • Award Winning Text-to-Speech With Hundreds of Voice in All Popular Languages and Accents
  • Millions of Copyright Free Images, Video & Music Assets To Spice Up Your Videos!
  • Next-Generation Logo Mapping To Brand 3D Avatars and Boost Credibility / Sales.
  • Ability To Add Watermarks To Your Videos To Protect Your Work and Charge More.
  • Dynamic Scene Transitions & Video Backgrounds For Unlimited Design Possibilities!
  • Unlimited Video Renders With No Limits!
  • HD 720P Videos To WOW your audiences

To be honest, thank you for reading my AvatarBuilder Review! See you later.