Astonish Review – One Click Astonish Leverage Traffic In 60 Seconds?

Astonish Review

The First Multi-Channel “LIVE Streaming” App in the World

How to Unlock Internet Without Being a Technical Expert?

Video marketing is the absolute best way to get a product in front of your target audience, and Astonish LIVE Streaming is the first and only app in the world allows you to get started fast and efficiently. Bypass all the hard work, and Astonish will do it for you.

Today, we'll talk about how this secret can help you get results online fast and turn things around in just a few clicks that will change the way you live forever.

Getting traffic is the #1 thing that people talk about when it comes to getting results online. However, finding the right traffic source can be challenging.

This new free traffic source is a unique take on an old concept that has been around for a while. Unfortunately, it wasn't used much by the general public.

This new method of traffic acquisition is powered by the latest social media technology. It allows users to stream live traffic from the most visited sites in the world.

During the early stages of the pandemic, live streams became very popular as people became increasingly aware of the effects of COVID. Imagine being able to reach them through an affiliate link. This would be powerful enough to turn heads.

Astonish is a revolutionary new software that will stream videos to your social media channels. These videos are created by Astonish and the beauty of this product is that they’re 100% done for you which means zero time spent taping anything. Astonish video’s are pre-recorded, 1 click creations and can be used in any niche imaginable.

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Astonish Review



  • Product: Astonish
  • Vendor: Billy Darr
  • Launch Date: 2022-Jan-31
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Astonish? – Astonish Review

Astonish is a new software that lets you bypass all of the hard work and just enjoy live-streamed videos. It comes with the ability to automatically convert pre-recorded videos.

You can also choose from 100s of ready-to-go videos that are included in their app, and they're available across ANY platform.

Astonish comes with the ability to create 1-click videos in seconds. It does so by automatically clicking and pointing to the desired video.

The Astonish app is a groundbreaking new software for Internet marketers, with exclusive memorized marketing power to help you boost profits, cut costs and sell more. You can stream live content or broadcast previously recorded videos from your computer or smartphone and reach your market over and over again.

Astonish will be your shortcut to making cash from your website. The Astonish App comes with pre-recorded videos, 1-click videos, high-end templates and much more. Start by designing a landing page that collects your visitor’s email addresses and put them in the hands of Astonish. With 1-click you can create these high converting video’s without ever being on camera. They also have thousands of pre-recorded videos that are ready to go. These are all spread across literally thousands of lifestyle niches which you can setup instantly.

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What are the great features of Astonish? – Astonish Review

3 Billion Free Traffic Sources is the latest app that will allow users to generate 3 Billion streams in just 3 clicks. You will be able to get more exposure to more than 100+ free traffic channels.

Not just for the app itself, but also for the way they charge for it. Imagine being able to do it for half the world's population.

Astonish software is truly something they are proud to have put together. They wanted to give people that have no video experience, or just don't like being on camera the ability to take advantage of a hot topic and actually make money with it. This app comes with several pre-recorded videos for you to choose for each specific category. That's right, instead of having to upload videos one by one, we've taken the time out and made everything ready for you straight away. Plus, they're all relevant while still being watchable by anyone – even if they've never heard of your niche! They're even searchable in Google and Youtube when people look for information on any given topic using keywords.

  • This is unlike anything you've ever seen before.
  • This is a novel concept (never revealed) App for traffic in 2022
  • In only a few clicks, you can get free buyer traffic.
  • It's easy to use and there's no learning curve.
  • No technical knowledge or expertise is required.
  • Three-figure-a-day tutorials were included.
  • All of your traffic and sales issues can be solved with just one app.
  • Stop squandering your time, effort, and money.
  • Finally, receive the results you've been waiting for, and make 2022 your year!
  • The price is rising, and if you wait too long, you'll have to pay monthly.
  • Act today to lock in the low one-time cost.

Demo Video

How does it work?

Click#1 – Purchase

To take advantage of the early-bird discount, click the Buy button now.

Click#2 – Login

It's as simple as going to CNN, BBC, or Netflix to get into the Dummy-Proof App.

Click#3 – Select

In A Single Click, Choose From Hundreds Of Beautiful, Ready-Made Videos

Click#4 – Customize

Enter the URL of the website or link to which you'd like free traffic sent.

Click#5 – Enjoy

They get dozens of visitors and as much as $103.23 every 60 seconds on average from the most recent, free traffic source, which is from 2022.

Funnel Detail

Upsell#1 – Astonish – Unlimited Edition – $39

Multiple Templates, limitless usage, unlimited traffic, and unlimited sales are all included with the Unlimited Edition of Astonish. There are also extra tutorials included.

Upsell#2 – Astonish – Done-For-You Edition – $297

Their goal with this upgrade is to provide you with Done-For-You traffic and sales.

Upsell#3 – Astonish – Automated Edition – $39

With Astonish, you'll be able to activate all of the automation tools.

Upsell#4 – Astonish – DFY Templates Club – $39

You'll get 200 video templates that you may customize and utilize with Astonish.

Upsell#5 – Astonish – 50x Click & Go Campaigns – $39

They'll provide you 50 tried-and-true TikTok campaigns to copy and paste in order to make affiliate sales on TikTok.

Why should you buy it? – Astonish Review

The goal of Traffic is to get people to pay attention to you. With the right app, you can get in front of thousands of people and get them to pay attention to you.

Tired of wasting your time creating Video Marketing content? Astonish takes the work out and gives you all the tools to instantly publish videos, on autopilot.

Astonish allows you to drive free traffic to anything that you like over and over again, which creates an endless supply of sales that just won't stop.

Even if your computer is not working properly, this app will still allow you to get traffic.

You can now stream to over 100 different traffic sources at once, which means that you'll get more traffic than you thought was possible.

Astonish is a Multi-Channel Live Streaming App that allows you to live-stream ANY video from your video library OR any video you record with your device. This app quickly grows your YouTube or Facebook channels and gets you free Buyer traffic by giving away free access to some of the EXCLUSIVE videos inside their app. Another huge benefit is that these videos are created for you, so you don’t have to be on camera – EVER.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Astonish Review! See you later.