AppointOMatic Review – One Fix To Catapult Bookings & Appointments

AppointOMatic Review

3 Simple Steps to high-converting Appointment booking funnels

Instead of using outdated appointment booking systems, why not create an online meeting system that will allow your customers to connect and schedule their appointments?

Most of the businesses, freelancers, and consultants in the area have tried using various online booking platforms and appointment scheduling systems in an attempt to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Creating an online appointment booking system is a higher cost than creating one yourself. This is where a developer or agency can help.

They need to pay for the service of using an online appointment booking system or they should invest heavily in it. The reliability of such systems is not good enough to warrant the recurring charges they pay.

The entire process is time-consuming and complex. It is difficult to create effective and engaging appointment booking forms and pages.

The complexity of the conversion funnel and the time-consuming process of creating it are some of the reasons why businesses fail to convert at a high rate.

What if you could create an online appointment booking form that your subs could easily manage and submit?

What if they could use it to attract qualified leads and even provide a service that they can use?

AppointOMatic is a powerful automated appointment booking system that enables users to create video booking funnels for any language.

Creates effective & engaging video & lead generating campaigns. Automates the process of booking events & meetings. It saves you time & money by automatically booking events & meetings. It's a must-have for any business owner.

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AppointOMatic Review



  • Product: AppointOMatic
  • Vendor: karthik Ramani
  • Launch Date: 2021-Oct-28
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is AppointOMatic? – AppointOMatic Review

AppointOmatic is a powerful online meeting scheduler that will help you schedule and manage your tribe's events and booking forms. AppointOmatic is the only solution that will automatically create interactive & engaging online booking forms for events & appointments in any language.

Building healthy communication with clients is key to getting them onboard and converting leads into sales. This app is fully loaded with features that will help you get started right away.

The Best Part is that it’s A Golden Ticket that will allow you to start a profitable appointment scheduling agency without any investment.

Instead of using old methods to setup an online appointment booking system, get started with an efficient and secure method.

Instead of wasting your time developing a booking system, just get started creating an online appointment agency business.

Read more in my AppointOMatic Reviews.

What are the great features of AppointOMatic? – AppointOMatic Review

Responsive Appointment URLs

An appointment page is end to end responsive. It allows you to create responsive and end-to-end mobile-optimized pages that are ideal for both tablet and mobile.

Create Online Meetings

Create online meeting systems that can be used for your invitees without any issues.

One-On-One Event Type

It is also possible to schedule meetings between the admin and one person.

Personalized Booking Link

With the ability to customize your booking URL, you can now easily create an online appointment booking system that will give your invitees more authority.

Facebook Share

With Facebook Share, you can now share an appointment with your Facebook friends. This feature is very useful for businesses wanting to expand their reach.

Social Media Icons

You can also customize the social media icons that appear on the booking page of your events.

DFY Templates

Done-For-You appointment booking template is commonly used for various purposes. It can be used to create a compelling and attractive booking page for your business.

Logo Branding

Creating a personal logo on your appointment booking page will help attract potential clients. It will also build trust with the attendees.

Payment Gateway Integration

It is now super easy to integrate booking funnels with leading payment channels like Stripe and PayPal.

Language Translation

With an appointment module that's in a local language, you can easily create and manage your online appointment pages.

Video Appointments

This app allows you to add videos to your appointment pages. It will also help you attract more leads and maximize your sales.

Funnel Detail

Front End ($27-$37)

This pack will help you create memorable and effective booking strategies that will get you leads fast. It features video appointments, which will make them look good.

  • Active event types
  • Meeting scheduler
  • One-off meeting
  • Personalized booking link
  • Group event type
  • One-on-one event type
  • Facebook share
  • Social media icons
  • Appointment profile pic placer option
  • Video appointments
  • Meetings integration on Zoom, Meetvio and Goto Meetings
  • Logo branding
  • Collect payments from paid appointments
  • Auto-responder integration with MailChimp, Aweber and more
  • Custom scripts add custom code for retargeting users
  • Payment gateway integrations on PayPal and Stripe
  • Meeting notifications
  • SMTP integration
  • Cname mapping to help you with customer branding using your own domain or sub-domain
  • DFY appointment templates
  • Manage appointments paid orders
  • Complete analytics of appointments
  • Clone campaigning available
  • Admin notification for new leads
  • Widget appointment provision
  • Embed appointments on your web pages
  • Language translation

OTO#1 ($97) – Professional

This pack features an unlimited number of online appointment campaigns and other powerful features. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to improve their meeting experience.

  • Team pages to host your team event in one place
  • Unlimited appointment campaigns
  • Customize booking page
  • Extra 15 appointment templates
  • Schedule bookings on the date range set
  • Appointment quota
  • Setup automated communications for the events
  • Display your featured products
  • Coupon code feature to provide discounts for paid appointments
  • Bulk email notification
  • Multiple variations for same bookings as per the timings with tier provision
  • 20 members team access
  • Webhook provision
  • Popup banners
  • Popup appointments for exit intent and page load
  • Display related appointments on your bookings page
  • Customer fields for appointments
  • Advance booking appointments
  • Reminders for appointments

OTO#2 ($147) – AppointOmatic DFY Agency

  • Custom logo branding on the dashboard of the client
  • Manage multiple client accounts
  • DFY agency website set up ready
  • Team member access
  • 5 engaging email swipes
  • DFY sales videos to sell appointments as a service
  • DFY phone scripts
  • Facebook Ads

OTO#3 ($37) – AppointOmatic Template Club

This version of AppointOmatic features a number of predefined templates that are available in a flash. It also comes with a number of flexible options for customizing appointments.

  • 5 templates every month for the next 12 months
  • 100 appointments templates available upfront

OTO#4 ($97-$197) – AppointOmatic Reseller

This pack comes with a great opportunity for you to kick off brand new online appointment services and fulfil your wishes of having your own profitable business.

Manage 50 to 250 users – you can create and sell Commercial and Pro accounts in your own branding.

Why should you buy it? – AppointOMatic Review

Have you ever tried to book an appointment using a website that didn't work? You waited for infinite time for the form to work properly, and then, when it did, you were never actually able to book an appointment.

Not being able to convert people into paying customers is the biggest challenge for most businesses. This is the reason why many people avoid doing business with us!

Not having a proper appointment system is a big issue for businesses! In 2021, most businesses still have not implemented this in place!

Karthik Ramani is the creator of AppointOMatic, a revolutionary new solution that will help businesses get more bookings and appointments.

With AppointOMatic, you can easily create & manage your own appointment booking system in 2021. This is a must-have for every business owner!

You will now be able to create and manage online booking forms for your clients, and charge per lead sent or sold as a service!

It means that you get to keep all of the profits from the sale of the product or service. This way, you can start your own profitable online appointment booking business without any fear or obligation.

This app will allow you to focus on your businesses while the subs can focus on theirs. This is also an opportunity to grow.

To be honest, thank you for reading my AppointOMatic Review! See you later.