Agency Studio Review – Easiest Way To Land Agency Clients 2021

Agency Studio Review

What if you could sign agency clients on auto-pilot?

Selling services is the best bet in 2021 especially video services. With businesses moving online and expanding their social presence, the need for videos is increasing exponentially.

Here are some cool facts to support that:

  • 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching social videos created by brands
  • 1/3rd of the online activity is spent watching videos
  • 80% of video marketers say that videos directly link to increase in sales

But creating videos is costly, time consuming and takes a lot of skill & effort.

That’s why business owners and individuals turn to local agencies & freelancers to create videos.

The problem with creating & Selling Videos:

  • Though the demand is high, agencies are still struggling to sell their video services.
  • Old school methods of going back & forth on emails and phone calls doesn’t cut anymore! When you have a visitor on your landing page, you need to convert them into a customer right there.
  • Agencies do not have a cutting edge video solution that they can provide to businesses struggling with videos.

Agency Studio solves both these problems:

Get Reccuring Orders

Create a great experience for your customers with the client management dashboard which makes it a breeze to get repeat orders.

Convert visitors into paying customers

Take them on a never-seen-before customer journey and then provide them with an incredible video service that converts boring lifeless videos into profit pulling videos.

Makes ANY video grab attention

Provide an incredible video service that makes ANY video grab attention, delivers your message, engages your audience and drives them to take action.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Agency Studio Review for more details.

Agency Studio Review


Overview – Agency Studio Review

  • Product: Agency Studio
  • Vendor: Karthik Ramani
  • Launch Date: 2021-May-29
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Agency Studio? – Agency Studio Review

Imagine if you had a way to convert agency clients without ever sending an email or picking up the phone?

Now, you can. Agency Studio is an easy to use app, will literally help you sell video services or any other service to clients on auto-pilot.

It’s really that simple. The cool thing is it will work with any website. Don’t have a website – no problem.

With Agency Studio you get your own beautiful, high converting website that can give you the only professional presence you need.

It’s that easy. This is the same tech they use to close clients in their own business. Plus, the best part is you never have to make a call. Never send a ‘cold email’. Your Agency Studio ‘closing machine’ does it all for you.

  • Embed the services on any website
  • Create buyer journeys for ANY service you want to provide.
  • Share as a URL anywhere
  • Add as a widget to any website
  • Close clients effortlessly
  • Use in combination with our DFY Agency Website to explode sales
  • Manage & deliver orders efficiently
  • Collect payments effortlessly
  • Create & deliver unlimited attention grabbing videos
  • Manage customers easily
  • Timeline editor to add elements at any point
  • Video Wrapping Technology with DFY Wrappers
  • Customize with creatives from Gifs, Emojis, Images & More!
  • Progress bars & countdown timers to max conversions
  • Included commercial license to sell videos for top dollar
  • Automated captions & Transcriptions at no additional charge

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What are the great features of Agency Studio? – Agency Studio Review

Demo Video – Agency Studio Review

How does it work?

If you can follow 4 simple, easy to follow steps – you can land video agency clients, and snag a piece of a pie that is forecasted to hit $100 billion by 2023.

  • Step#1 – Create or Customize any service that you want to sell
  • Step#2 – Add embed code / widget to any website or use their DFY website
  • Step#3 – Get high-paying Clients like a clockwork even with Zero sales skills
  • Step#4 – Fulfill the services effortlessly with the powerful, easy to use video software.
Funnel Detail

Front End – My Agency

  • Create ProjectCreate Service/Product
  • Agency Studio – Client management portal
  • Widget code provision for service and product
  • Client Order Management Dashboard (Live, Completed and Cancelled )Embed code provision for created service/ Product
  • Hosted URL for the created service/product
  • Agency Website for video service
  • Ability to add branding logo for the project
  • Ability to add FAQ for the created service/Product
  • Customer Management Dashboard
  • Ability to add retargeting codes
  • Ability to add buyer email notification. Ability to add order delivery email notification.
  • Export Customer as csv file
  • Payment Integrations – Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay
  • Cname Mapping Provision for Own Branding
  • SMTP Integrations
  • Autoresponder Integrations

OTO1 – My Agency Professional

  • Unlimited custom font uploads
  • Convert your video in multiple layouts in 1 click
  • Upload own transcription file
  • Create your own Template
  • Clone Campaigns
  • Download caption to use in Website/blog
  • Upload your own Mov file for Wrapper
  • Additional Pro Templates
  • Assign specific projects to Team members
  • Collaborate with upto 10 Team Members / Virtual Assistants
  • 200 high-converting Wrapper text / Captions from Videos with million of Views
  • Monitor Status of all Projects
  • Directly Share on Social Media
  • Priority Rendering
  • DFY Fiverr Gigs
  • 10 DFY Social Media Ads to sell your Services
  • Cold-calling Script
  • High-converting Email Swipes
  • Contract Document
  • Client Presentation

OTO2 – AgencyStudio – Template Club

  • 25 Instagram / Facebook Story video Templates
  • And 25 Facebook Ad Video Templates
  • 25 Meme Video Templates
  • And 25 E-commerce Video Templates
  • 25 Facebook Post Video Templates
  • 25 YouTube Video Templates
  • 20 New Templates Every month for 12 months
  • 100 Local Business Video Templates
  • Share Template Feature to sell your Templates to other Agency Studio Users
  • 5 Custom Template Request
  • Access to list your Templates in Template Marketplace for selling to other users
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Template Club Members

OTO3 – AgencyStudio – Reseller

  • Sell 100 Agency Studio (FE + Pro) access
  • Sell 250 Agency Studio (FE + Pro) access
Why should you buy it – Agency Studio Review

Video marketing is forecasted to hit $100 billion by 2023, and I’m about to show you how you can get a slice of that marketing with your own video agency.

But, wait. Don’t worry. You don’t have to send cold emails or phone up strangers.

In fact, you don’t have to make calls, send cold emails, and you can create this ‘client conversion machine’ from any website.

And, if you don’t have a website – they even give you one.

Using Agency Studio you can create buyer journeys to offer any service in a few simple clicks.

You can embed these buyer journeys onto your existing Agency websites or use in combination with the DFY Agency website that is included with your purchase today.

So what happens when these are embedded with your pages.

In simple words prospects get answers to all their questions and can even place their orders.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Agency Studio Review! See you later.