ADA Bundle Review – All-In-One Website Accessibility Software For ADA & WCAG Compliance

ADA Bundle Review

Avoid Law Suits, Rank Higher On Search Engines & Tap Into A $650B/Year Untapped Market

ADA’ is the Americans with Disabilities Act which requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities in ALL their web content.

Truly, a lot of website owners are ignorant of this law but trust me, it’ll only be a matter of time before a lawsuit is filed against YOU or your clients.

And as you know, ignorance of the law is not an excuse!

This necessitated a series of research as this law affects virtually ‘everyone’. And like they say, challenges are fuels to creativity; this is how ADA Bundle was born!

ADA Bundle is the first all in one software that ticks all the requirements for ADA & WCAG compliance.

It helps render your website and web contents ‘ADA’ compliant simply by pasting a single line of code on your website.

ADA Bundle helps you and your clients become compliant with the international Web Accessibility Guidelines + the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

If your website is not compliant you’re wide open for a major lawsuit and it costs businesses on average $50,000 to settle them.


There are now over 10,000 websites sued as of 2020 due to non-compliance… greedy lawyers are now going after small businesses so this number is expected to hit 100k by 2022

ADA Bundle not only helps you to become and stay compliant, it also opens up a unique opportunity for you to tap into a brand new income stream.

  • Rank Higher In The Search Engines With Less Effort
  • Avoid Nasty and Costly Lawsuits That Suck Your Bank Accounts Dry
  • Offer ADA Optimization Service To Local Businesses & Influencers And Charge Them Top Dollar
  • Service and Profit From the $650 Billion Disabled Market With A Capital ‘B’.

Use The Accessibility Audit Tool To Run Compliance Audits & Generate PDF Compliance Report Which You Can Use As Lead Magnets To Generate Highly Targeted Leads.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my ADA Bundle Review for more details.

ADA Bundle Review


Overview – ADA Bundle Review

  • Product: ADA Bundle
  • Vendor: Ifiok Nkem
  • Launch Date: 2021-Jun-19
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is ADA Bundle? – ADA Bundle Review

ADA Bundle is the first ‘all-in-one’ SaaS platform that helps website owners improve their website accessibility in minutes and become fully ADA Compliant in ONLY three steps.

  • Is Your Website ADA Compliant? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.
  • Avoid lawsuits (Over 10k websites have been sued this year alone for not being ADA compliant… and this figure will skyrocket in 2021)
  • Rank higher on search engines. (Google loves accessible websites)
  • And tap into a massive brand new market.

Read more in my ADA Bundle Reviews.

What are the great features of ADA Bundle?

ADA Bundle comes with 50+ web accessibility and ADA compliance features that help you render your websites and web contents ADA Compliant. This is absolutely second to none in the marketplace and the simplicity is record-breaking. View full feature list below;

Readable Experience Features

Readability font
Content scaling
Highlight titles
Dyslexia Friendly
Text magnifier
Highlight links
Line weight
Font sizing
Text alignment
Letter spacing
Epilepsy safe mode
Accessibility Mode Features
ADHD Friendly Mode
Cognitive Disability Mode
Visually Impaired Mode
Blindness Mode

Visual Pleasing Experience Features

Light contrast
Dark contrast
High saturation
Low saturation
High contrast
Title colour
Text colour
Background colour

Easy Orientation Experience Features

Hide images
Mute sounds
Stop animations
Virtual keyboards
Highlight focus
Highlight hover
Big white cursor
Big black cursor
Keyboard navigation
Reading guide
Text to speech
Reading mask

Client Acquisition Features

Accessibility Report Generation – PDF
Accessibility Report Analysis
Business Search
And Many More

Widget customization option Colour, size, & animation
Widget placement customization
Drag AND Drop Accessibility Widget effect
Widget sound effect
Widget entrance animation
Use a custom trigger/button for your compliance widget
Create an accessibility policy statement, option to create in-app or use external link

What you will get? – ADA Bundle Review

1) Web Accessibility Compliance Widget – this makes your website accessible and compliant as much as possible, and you can add it to your website with just a single line of code!

2) ADA Bundle comes loaded with a robust Lead Generation app that will make it easy to land clients & to generate profits quickly and efficiently.

This app allows you to find Businesses & Websites that are not yet ADA Compliant.

You get all the Business information on a silver platter.

3) Website Accessibility Audit

You can now analyze ANY website you like and ADA Bundle will show you EVERYTHING that particular website is lacking when it comes to ADA & WCAG compliance!

4) Accessibility Compliance Report

You can now turn the website analysis into a stunning PDF report.

This report sells ADA Services for you AND IT INCORPORATES your clients’ website analysis, so they’ll see right away why they need help with ADA immediately.

You send this report to your prospect via email and you never have to talk to anyone in person, so this works amazingly well ANYONE!.

ADA Bundle makes it easy to land clients & get paid:

1)ADA Bundle finds you Websites that are not compliant
2) Push a button to analyze the Website & Create The Report
3) Send the report via email & get paid for a truly helpful service
4) Use ADA Bundle to optimize your client’s page in Minutes

It’s quite impressive!

Demo Video – ADA Bundle Review

Funnel Detail – ADA Bundle Review

Front End: ADA Bundle Plantinum Licence – $47

ADA Bundle is the first of its kind “all-in-one” SaaS platform that helps website owners improve their website accessibility in minutes and become ADA compliant. It comes with a full-blown Lead Generation App that finds Websites that are not yet compliant, and then generates an accessibility report you can use to close clients on the go.

Rank Higher In The Search Engines
Avoid Nasty and Costly Lawsuits
Lead Gen App – finds Websites that are not compliant & generates Accessibility Reports
Service and Profit From the $650 Billion Disabled Market

Users get access to:

ALL the web accessibility features
Visual Pleasing Experience Accessibility Features
Readable Experience Accessibility Features
Easy Orientation Experience Accessibility Features
Accessibility Mode Features
Access to the Client Acquisition Features
Add to 20 Websites
Generate 100 Accessibility Report
And more!

Upsell#1: ADA Bundle Pro Unlimited – $67/Onetime

Users get access to use ADA Bundle on UNLIMITED websites.

PLUS this upgrade unlocks the most requested ADA Bundle feature: “Whitelabel Widget” which allows you to remove the ‘powered by ADA Bundle’ logo and link on your widgets.

Upsell#2: ADA Bundle Agency & Consultant ToolKit – $67/Onetime

Users get access to a robust agency dashboard to create and manage client accounts. Full customization rights of the accessibility report;
i. Add your own custom logo
ii. Add your company address

Plus get all the assets needed to start and run a 6-Figure ‘first-of-its-kind’ ADA Compliance Service Agency.

Animated Sales Video
Telemarketing Script
Professional Agency Website
Proposals[Ms Word & Powerpoint Slides]
Email Swipes
Contract Agreement
Web & Marketing Graphics[Biz Card, Letter Head, Brochures, Receipt, etc.]
And Lots More!

Upsell#3: LocalAgencyBox + Local Agency Video Kit Lifetime Deal – $97

LocalAgencyBox allows YOU to start and scale a profitable agency that sells 10 services to local businesses. You get a ready-made agency website, prospecting kit, brochures, proposals, etc… for 10 local niches.
Done-For-You Websites, Proposals, Graphics, Contracts & More Designed To Skyrocket Your Results!
Get 10 New State-of-The-Art Agency Kits in One Awesome Package!
Their ‘Tested-and-Trusted' List Of Service Providers For Drop services
Exclusive Rights To Use OUR Testimonial & Case Studies to Impress YOUR Clients

PLUS… Get 10 ‘Done for you’ animated agency sales video for each of the 10 niches. Each video comes with;

Professional video slides
Proven to convert sales video script
Real human voice over.

Play these explainer videos for any local business owner… ask for $2,500 and they’ll bite your handoff. FACT!

Upsell#4: ADA Bundle Reseller – $297, $497

RESELL ADA Bundle app as your own and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products.

Upsell#5 – Local Agency Apps – $297, $497

Get Reseller Rights to FIVE High-Quality Software Apps with Professionally Designed Sales Pages and Marketing Materials. You Can Start Making Sales IMMEDIATELY! Sell them to LOCAL BUSINESSES & keep 100% of EVERY sale you make.

App#1: Socicake All-In-One Social Media Marketing Suite
App#2: Designbunlde 10-In-One Design Suite
App#3: LeadGrow Done For You Lead Generation Funnel
App#4: Uduala eCom Domination Platform
App#5: AgencyBlitz – 4 Done For You Local Agency Marketing Package

Why should you buy it – ADA Bundle Review

ADA compliant lawsuits aren’t going anywhere. They are only going to get worse. Therefore, these local businesses are going to pay someone to make sure they are compliant.

Why not let it be you and you get paid a king’s ransom for helping them become ADA compliant?

ADA Bundle will help you get it done easily with only a single line of code you copy and paste.

  • EVEN BETTER: This app comes with a brand new Lead Generation feature AND a slick Reporting Tool.
  • BEST PART: You can do all of this from the convenience of your home So this works great for anyone looking to start a side gig.

This will help you convert prospects into clients quickly.

This means it finds you websites that are not ADA compliant yet quickly And it then provides you with a Report that you can send to all your Prospects.


But here’s where the opportunity lies.

And on this training, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily get all YOUR websites compliant and in addition, how to do the same for your CLIENTS.

On average, businesses spends $3k – $50k to get their website fixed.

You’ll then discover how to sell this unique service to businesses, from the comfort of your home.

Now, how cool is that?

This is great for Agencies, Local Marketers, Online Marketers – really anyone with a website and anyone that wants to be able to generate some good revenue online.

The last thing any business needs right now is a lawsuit by a greedy law firm so you’ll be providing a service that is truly helpful, needed and a service that is unique – more importantly it’s a service that can save your clients tens of thousands in legal fees & headaches.

To be honest, thank you for reading my ADA Bundle Review! See you later.