7 Day Digital Landlord Review – How To Get Into Real Estate Without Getting Into Real Estate

7 Day Digital Landlord Review

The World's FIRST Turnkey ‘Digital Landlord Agency’ Platform

Peter and one of his students turned the local marketing agency world upside down when they discovered that local “brick & mortar” businesses would pay BIG bucks for simple eCommerce stores that would allow them to sell their products & services online (like Amazon).

Since then, Peter’s students have been crushing it by “RENTING” these “Digital Storefronts” to local businesses for 4 figures per month BUT… They kept asking Peter for a store builder app that would allow them to build these Storefronts for businesses fast – with no technical skills.

Team Todd was able to help Peter create that store builder software for them, and they’re super happy with the results.

“The Rapid Storebuilder” app will have your customers stamping out NEW “Digital Storefronts” they can rent to businesses in any niche for recurring 4 figure payments…in just a few clicks. Really – they can have a new storefront live and ready to rent out in 5 mins or less!

But it’s NOT just this awesome new storebuilder software your customers are getting. NO way.

They’re also getting step by step training from Peter on how to do this inside “The Digital Landlord Academy”.

Finally, you can now build & RENT “Digital Storefronts” to local businesses for Recurring 4 Figure Rental Payments in just a few clicks.

Giving them the ability to generate recurring income from home WITHOUT meeting with clients and WITHOUT any technical, sales or marketing experience at all.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my 7 Day Digital Landlord Review for more details.

7 Day Digital Landlord Review


Overview – 7 Day Digital Landlord Review

  • Product: 7 Day Digital Landlord
  • Vendor: Todd Gross
  • Launch Date: 2021-Jul-12
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is 7 Day Digital Landlord? – 7 Day Digital Landlord Review

The 7 Day Digital Landlord is The World's FIRST Turnkey ‘Digital Landlord Agency’ Platform Quickly Builds and RENTS Ready-to-Go ‘Digital Storefronts’ To Businesses For Recurring 4 Figure Rental Payments In Just A Few Clicks!”

The 7-Day Digital Landlord allows ANYONE, regardless of experience, to quickly “BUILD” & RENT “Ready to go” Digital Storefronts to businesses in ANY niche…

For recurring 4 figure rental payments…in just a few clicks!

Their powerful new software is almost entirely automated, meaning there’s no meeting with clients, no selling, and no tech skills needed.

You can be up, running, and ready to rent out your first digital storefront for $1,000+ month in 5 MINUTES.

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What are the great features of 7 Day Digital Landlord? – 7 Day Digital Landlord Review

You don’t need any tech skills or prior experience building online stores to make this work.

You just need to want to help people and have about 5 hours a week focused on making HUGE profits.

The business model is simple:

You build “Digital Storefronts” for local businesses needing to come out of the dark ages and start selling their products online.

Brian charges a $5k setup fee, and believe it or not, he’s not done there…

Then he upsells them into a 1k/month “maintenance package” for recurring income or “RENT.”

Getting the whole digital landlord thing yet?!

Now, here is the best part:

This business model was working super well BEFORE the pandemic… now, POST-PANDEMIC it is blowing up!

Local businesses are biting Brian’s hand off to set up digital storefronts AND FAST.

Which is fine because what he’s doing requires ZERO technical skills or marketing experience. It’s only about 5 hours of work per week.

Mainly because the entire process can also be 100% automated – including client generation and even setup of the online stores.

I know what you’re thinking: $1,000.00 isn’t crazy numbers, right?

Right. Until you realize, if you ONLY secure 5-7 clients per month (which is a breeze), you’re earning $120,000.00/year with around just 260 hours work compared to 1,924 hours of a “regular” 9-5 job.

And, there’s no real CAP on how many clients you can have at any one time because the setup is SO fast!

How does it work? – 7 Day Digital Landlord Review

Step#1 – Launch Your Storefront

Launch your Storefront in 5 mins or less by selecting from over 90+ “Ready-to-Rent” Storefront Designs in the HOTTEST and most profitable small business niches w/ just a few clicks of your mouse (YES, really!).

Step#2 – Rent Out For Recurring Revenue

Rent out your Storefront and start generating recurring revenue by selecting from a virtually unlimited supply of 125+ Million small business “tenants” who NEED & WANT a way to offer “Touchless Online Ordering” to their customers!

Step#3 – Rinse & Repeat

Rinse & repeat as many times as you want to grow your monthly recurring revenue by RENTING an UNLIMITED number of Storefronts to an UNLIMITED number of businesses for UNLIMITED earning potential!

Demo Video

Funnel Detail

Option1: “The Hobbyist” License – $27

  • Build and RENT up to 3 Digital Storefronts
  • 40 Stunning Storefront Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy with 1 click
  • ​All Standard Features

Option2: “The PRO” License – $37

  • Build and RENT an UNLIMITED number of Digital Storefronts for yourself AND for your clients
  • 100+ Stunning Storefront Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy with 1 click

All Standard Features

  • Standard Features:
  • Lifetime Access to “The Digital Landlord Academy”
  • ​The Automatic Rental Scripts
  • ​FREE Hosting w/ UNLIMITED bandwidth and storage for ALL Storefronts – for life!
  • Use your own (or client’s) domain names
  • Optional SSL Certificate
  • ​FREE “Storefront Guard Dog Technology” for Unmatched Storefront Security and Protection (virtually un-hackable)
  • ​Rapid Ranking Technology – provides advantage over competitors in Google search results
  • Complete design flexibility
  • Automatically creates Desktop & Mobile friendly Storefronts – increases conversions
  • Easily convert ANY existing WordPress or Wix website to a Digital Storefront
  • ​Built in Digital Storefront Ecommerce Technology for easy online ordering capabilities
  • Easy Point & Click Interface with multiple device views for effortless Storefront editing
  • ​Video backgrounds
  • ​Add UNLIMITED products
  • Custom CSS & Javascript for professional customization
  • Social Media links
  • ​No recurring fees!
  • ​Fastest page load speeds in the industry!

OTO#1: “The Food Delivery Hero” – $67

20 NEW “Restaurant Storefront” niche designs

Powerful online food ordering & delivery system

Allows restaurants break free from dependency on expensive food delivery apps like Postmates, Grubhub, UberEats and DoorDash (which take 15-30% of profits from restaurants)

FINALLY! You can offer restaurants their OWN independent food ordering & delivery system, saving the restaurant thousands of dollars and collecting 4 figure setup fees in the process!

OTO#2: “The Realtor Hero” – $67

4 NEW “Real Estate Storefront” niche designs

Powerful real estate listing, management and marketing system
Tens of thousands of Americans are flooding the market right now to try their hand in real estate for the first time, but most have NO clue, NO online presence and NO way to list, manage and market their properties…

FINALLY! You can profit from the RED-HOT housing market by RENTING “Real Estate Storefronts” to the tens of thousands of HUNGRY new agents flooding the market right now!

OTO#3: “The YouTube Client Induction System” – $297

Peter's coaching program normally sold for $997-$5,000

They'll help you design, build and launch a high converting YouTube ad campaign that brings them new high paying client leads on 100% autopilot

Gives you instant credibility and positions them as THE go-to expert in their niche practically overnight!

OTO#4 – “The Digital Landlord Marketing & Sales Kit” – $47

Helps you launch your new Digital Landlord business with confidence with done for you marketing and sales assets that build trust and turn prospects into paying clients, like:

  • Done For You client getting video ad
  • 2x “Agency Storefront” niche designs
  • Proposal and Invoice System
  • High Ticket Sales Script + Training
  • ​Done For You Agency Contract
Why should you buy it – 7 Day Digital Landlord Review

No matter who you are, as long as you show the SLIGHTEST ounce of entrepreneurial spirit, someone will say:

“You need to get into Real Estate.”

They’re not wrong… but they ARE living in the dark ages.

Because for all the good that comes from traditional Real Estate, there’s also a lot of the bad.

Like evictions, expensive overheads, burst pipes in the middle of the night, contractors, a load of legal stuff – the list goes on.

That’s all after you’ve found a way to even get into Real Estate without a hefty inheritance or having to put everything on the line.

So, what if you could get ALL the benefits of Real Estate with none of the drawbacks?

I’m talking about getting paid rent, month in, month out, without owning a single property or even stepping into one.

Because that’s the life of a Digital Landlord.

Here’s how it works: In the current climate, where businesses are scrambling to sell their products/services online, you build them “Digital Storefronts.”

They pay for the setup fee, AND they pay “rent” in the region of $1,000.00 every month.

Having just 7-10 clients can generate you $100,000.00/year with around just 5 hours work PER WEEK.

Take it from the two genius brains behind the concept of becoming a Digital Landlord, Peter Beattie and Todd Gross.

To be honest, thank you for reading my 7 Day Digital Landlord Review! See you later.